After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is unwilling to do the birth checkup?These reasons are very sad after reading

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for every mother.Pregnant mothers may be enjoyed or worried in the process of breeding of life.They enjoy the process of giving birth to life, and they are also worried about whether the baby can develop in the uterus.In fact, at the moment when medical technology is becoming more and more developed, pregnant mothers can do regular production checks to learn about the development of the baby baby.However, the current status quo is increasingly unwilling to do a birth checkup. What is the reason for this?

In fact, most of the reasons why pregnant mothers are unwilling to accept the birth inspection are mostly because of the following points.

1. Worried about the money that will cost more money

First of all, the delivery test can not only help pregnant mothers reduce the healthy development of the baby’s healthy development, but also check some of the bad development of the baby’s baby in advance and help them be healed in time.According to common sense, pregnancy examination is a very necessary examination.However, because the hospital costs a lot and the types of production inspection are relatively complicated, various pregnancy tests during pregnancy will cost a lot of money.In addition, many middle -class household income is limited and accounted for relatively large, so this has led to more and more pregnant mothers to abandon the production examination.

2. Afraid of hearing the doctor’s exaggeration

Although medical technology is now more developed, doctors will still encounter the disease that they are difficult to answer, and often at this time, doctors will answer more vaguely.In addition, the pregnant mothers at this time generally have an overly worried psychology to the development of the baby, so when they hear the vague speech of the doctor, they will become extremely nervous. This is why pregnant mothers refuse to refuse to refuseThe reason for the checkup.In addition, doctors are habitually used by some professional households in ordinary conversations. These incomprehensible professional account words will also make pregnant mothers resist for delivery.

3. Worried about the doctor asking some private questions

First of all, doctors often ask some privacy issues in order to conduct more accurate production inspections.Pregnant mothers are often accompanied by her husband or mother -in -law during the checkup, so these privacy issues will make pregnant mothers hate the birth checkup.After all, these privacy questions mentioned by doctors can neither answer or answer them. Therefore, these sensitive privacy questions will embarrass pregnant mothers and even destroy the happiness of the original family.Therefore, in order to protect their privacy and family harmony, many pregnant mothers will conflict with production inspections.

4. I think my physical condition is in good condition, and I don’t need to conduct a checkup

Many pregnant mothers think that they have not performed a birth test when they have a tire, but the baby born is still healthy.Therefore, it will unilaterally think that you are healthy, and there is no need to do these miscellaneous pregnancy inspections.Moreover, many older generations often preach that they have not had a birth check in that time, and they will still give birth to a lot of healthy babies.Over time, more and more young pregnant mothers will give up regular production inspections.But here you need to remind you of pregnant mothers. In the age of people’s lives, there will be great differences in physical health, so the necessary check -up must not be ignored.

After reading this article, what do you think of these situations?Did you conduct regular check -up?

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