After pregnancy, the face was covered with spots, and see how this mother did it!

Since pregnancy, the original fair and pink skin has been tragically "defiled", which has troubled countless expectant mothers.Many prospective mummy found that not only had spots on the face during pregnancy, but even the neck, underarms, abdomen and other parts had spots.What to do during pregnancy?Let’s share some little tricks today.

During pregnancy, the skin becomes black, which is mainly affected by hormone changes in the body.The changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy have enhanced the mobility of melanocytes, so the phenomenon of melanin precipitation is prone to occur.

The long spots are caused by hormones caused by hormones

During pregnancy, the common facial pigment is called melasma. Because it is the most prominent nose and two cheeks, it is symmetrically distributed. It looks like a butterfly, also known as butterfly spots.In addition, due to individual differences, some pregnant women have a bit heavy and some are light.

In fact, many women will have long spots after pregnancy, so the prospective mummy does not have to be too anxious for this.Generally speaking, pregnancy spots disappear 3-6 months after production.If it does not disappear, most of them are caused by endocrine or too much acceptance of sunlight.

In a happy pregnancy life, as long as the pregnant mother pays attention to the laws of their diet and schedule, pay attention to sun protection, and maintain the joy of mood is the most beautiful.However, it should be noted that if it is exposed to the strong sun at this time, those freckles will be fixed and become real freckles.

The original smooth skin, because of pregnancy, has been pregnant, so many beautiful pregnant moms seek various recipes.But what is the degree of remedy?

Do you believe in those words of freckle deviations?

1. Boy urine, wherever there is spots?

The ancients had clouds: Tongzi urinating the main cure of cold and hot headaches, warm gas, and boys You Liang.Today, someone said: After the baby was born, the first urination was caught with toilet paper or diaper. Wipe where there is spots, Mummy no longer has to worry about pregnancy.

Reliability: Low.From a scientific point of view, urine is an excretion of human metabolites. 95%is water, and the other 5%is a combination of urea, uric acid and inorganic salt. Among them, urea is the end of protein metabolism and has certain toxicity.

2. White vinegar+light salt water, do you have no pigmentation during pregnancy?

Some prospective mummy believes that white vinegar can soften the cuticles of the skin and have a certain inhibitory effect on the deposits of pigments. The white acetic acid is strong. Therefore, it can be diluted with warm saline and washing the face daily.

Reliability: Middle.From the perspective of composition, white vinegar and light saline have obvious side effects on the five pregnant mothers and fetuses.White vinegar is sour enough to soften the stratum corneum, but the skin also needs a certain stratum corneum to protect, otherwise it will be "too thin and more likely to hurt", and the effect of white vinegar freckle removal is not obvious in the short term. It is recommended to use this during pregnancy.Pharmaceutical.

There are countless recipes for freckle removal, and all kinds of freckle foods, freckle self -made masks, etc. are seen.You cannot overturn in a pole to identify the reliability of these recipes.Although there have always been brave beauty love mommy, most pregnant women are more cautious about this: for the baby, then you can always facing the sky.But you can’t let the "stains" be arrogant, let science destroy it!

1. Sunscreen

Pigmentation of nipples, areola and underarms is difficult to prevent.However, the color spots, freckles, and pregnancy -induced liver spots caused by the influence of ultraviolet rays. If you pay attention to sunscreen, you can prevent the color of the spots from darker to a certain extent.

Pigmentation during pregnancy, let science eliminate it

When going out, you should wear a hat or umbrella to prevent the sun from directly illuminating, apply sunscreen or use sunscreen with cosmetics to block ultraviolet rays.The effect of sunscreen cosmetics blocks ultraviolet rays, that is, the higher the SPF value, the better the effect, but the higher the SPF value, the stronger the irritation, and it is easy to cause the skin to dry.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers choose sunscreen products with a lower SPF value and less irritating. As long as it is repeated, it will have a good sunscreen effect.

2. Pay attention to daily diet

Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and protein. All kinds of fresh vegetables are rich in vitamin C. They have the effects of fading and fades. The vegetables represent tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, cauliflower and so on.

Vitamin C in kiwi can interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent melanin, and keep skin fair.But not all pregnant mothers are suitable. For pregnant women with cold spleen and stomach, kiwi should not eat more, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.

Eat less greasy, spicy, sticky foods, avoid tobacco and alcohol, and do not drink strong coffee.

Pigmentation during pregnancy, let science eliminate it

3. Rinse hot and cold water

Persist in the use of cold water and hot water to rinse the spots on the face, not only to remove the aging keratin on the surface of the skin, promote skin metabolism, but also regulate sebum secretion, and the skin deep dirt is cleared, which effectively prevent melanin from depositing in the pores.At the same time, it can also better maintain the elasticity of the skin, and the good skin elastic foundation will help to withstand changes during pregnancy.

4. Stable mentality

Emotional fluctuations will have a certain impact on the baby’s development, and it will also affect the skin’s skin and deepen the pregnancy spots.Pregnant mommy!

After production, the secretion of male grogrubs in the body returns to the normal balance of pregnancy. Most people’s faces will naturally reduce or disappear, but some people are still the same. These mothers think that this is a symbol of mothers.

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