After pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body will have these changes. See if you have any

Pregnancy is a very happy thing, but it feels very stressful to think of it for ten months of giving birth to a baby.And due to the secretion of progesterone after pregnancy, the body has begun to change different changes, and the mentality will change.Some expectant mothers will become fat, grow stretch marks, edema and so on.So what are the changes in the body?

Decrease vision.

Xiaotong often felt that his eyes were blurred when he was six months old. At that time, he was not scared. He felt that he was weak. If he was born, he couldn’t see what to do.The night before deciding to go to the hospital with her husband did not sleep well at all, I was worried all night.I went to the hospital for examination that it was because the lutein secretion in the body was too much, which caused the water in the eyes to increase the increase and a little pseudo -myopia.However, this situation is generally good after giving birth.However, you still need to pay attention not to be tired with your eyes during pregnancy, take a rest, and eat more foods containing vitamin A.

Teeth are loose.

Many people who prepare for pregnancy must check their bodies before pregnancy to see if their physical condition meets the conditions of pregnancy.When preparing for pregnancy, most doctors will recommend that women must be treated if they have tooth diseases, because after four months of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is stable, but the nutrients they need will be more and more.EssenceBasically, calcium supplementation will be supplemented at four months of pregnancy. If the teeth are ill and there is no calcium supplement, the first is that it will affect the bone development of the fetus, but will cause the expectant mothers to loosen and even lose their teeth.Therefore, you must pay attention to replenishing calcium in time and drink more milk.

Allergic rhinitis often occurs.

Now that the autumn and winter seasons are, some expectant mothers are with a mask when they go out. In addition to the poor control quality, the nose is easy to allergic and allergic rhinitis.This is because during pregnancy, the estrogen in the body rises. Under the action of estrogen, the nasal mucosa is vulnerable to external stimulation, allergies, and runny nose.And after pregnancy, I am afraid of cold, poor immunity, and vulnerable to infection.In this way, expectant mothers must pay attention to supplement vitamins, protein, enhance immunity, and improve rhinitis during pregnancy.Drink plenty of boiled water, don’t get too easy to get angry.

During pregnancy, women must also learn more delicately, and do not do something that cannot be done. After all, it is ten months. To bear it, it is worthwhile to see the baby.

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