After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must learn to steal 3 "lazy", which is helpful for the healthy development of the fetus

After pregnancy, a new life was kicked in the stomach, and many Baoma became the baby at home.This is not allowed to touch it on weekdays, and that can’t touch it.All the housework stops, hoping that she can keep her fetus with peace of mind.However, there are also some pregnant mothers who feel that it doesn’t matter if you do some housework during pregnancy.However, the fact is not as simple as pregnant mothers think.Some housework, pregnant mothers learn to "lazy" and do not do it, it is the best.

Xuan’er has not done much housework since she was pregnant.Coupled with the impact of this year’s epidemic, I haven’t went to work. I have nothing to do at home all day.A few days ago, she was really boring at home, so she wanted to clean her home.Because of her pregnancy to the present, her family has protected her very well, and every time she checked the doctor, she also said that the fetus developed normally, so she didn’t think too much, and she started to work.

Because Xuan’er’s most often staying at home is the bedroom, so she cleaned her bedroom first.Go to the bookcase to the floor, and scrub it several times.It is estimated that after half an hour, she felt a little tired.I plan to lie down and rest for a while.I didn’t expect that it didn’t take long to lie down, I felt a little pain in my abdomen.After more than ten minutes, I felt very uncomfortable.So I called my mother and asked my mother to take myself to the hospital to take a look.

After a check from the hospital, the doctor said that she was moving the fetal gas.However, there are no big problems. Go home for a few days and take a few days. Don’t do it again.Xuan’er listened to the doctor’s words, and then let go.After getting home, I no longer want to do housework.

Although the appropriate exercise during pregnancy can indeed promote the healthy development of the fetus.But I have to say that some housework is really not suitable for pregnant mothers to do it in person.

1. Need to climb high and low work

Crazy climbing high, even for ordinary people, is not a complete safe thing.For example, when you need to clean the curtains, you need to climb up the high ladder.If you stand unstable on the ladder, or if you don’t stand up when you come down, it will be easy to fall.Ordinary people may be injured and may not be injured, let alone the baby’s pregnant mother in the stomach.The pregnant mother is injured. In severe cases, it may also threaten the safety of the fetus.Therefore, when pregnant mothers encounter such a work that climb high and low, don’t try it with luck. Stability is the most important thing.

2. It takes a long time to compress the work of the abdomen

The ground and table at home are the easiest places, and it is also where we need to clean the most every day.But when sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, or wiping the table, the whole person needs to bend over for a long time.In this posture, the abdomen may be compressed.Therefore, when the pregnant mother is bent over, it is actually the baby who has been squeezing her belly.After a long time, it may cause dyspnea in the fetus.Therefore, for this kind of might prescribe the work of the abdomen for a long time, the pregnant mother must be free.

3. I need to bear the work that has been under pressure

The pressure here refers to not only physiological, but also psychological.Physiological pressure generally refers to those overweight items.If the pregnant mother gets heavy objects, tired and not to say, it may cause her legs to soft legs, slippery steps, and risk of falling.The psychological pressure is for some pregnant mothers who are still working.If you suffer from relatively large work pressure during pregnancy, it is not only not conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers, but also not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, no matter what level of pressure, pregnant mothers must learn to refuse.

Pregnant mothers can understand because they are resting at home during pregnancy.But it is best not to relieve your boring by doing housework.If possible, pregnant mothers can report a yoga class to cultivate their body.If you don’t want to do yoga, you can also take a walk appropriately every day. These can promote the healthy development of the fetus.

It is just that the pregnant mother is doing exercise or when going out, you must be accompanied by family.If the family is busy, it is recommended that the pregnant mother goes downstairs to sit downstairs, or turn around at home. Don’t go too far away.After all, it is what to do with the health of the fetus is what every pregnant mother must do.

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