After pregnancy, many small things should be paid attention to, pregnant women can’t care

After women are pregnant, all behaviors usually affect the fetus in the abdomen. There are many small things. Usually pregnant women can’t notice it. Here is a awakening to the sisters. Many small things can not be ignored during pregnancy.Essence

After pregnancy, pregnant women are always sleepy and sleeping. Generally, how to sleep comfortably and how to sleep, but after 4 months of pregnancy, the stomach gradually bulges, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable. At this time, you can take a cushion to put your foot pads.Get up and sleep on your back, so that your legs will be more comfortable. After 7 months of pregnancy, your belly will become larger. At this time, it is recommended that pregnant women choose to sleep on the left side.Blood supply.

\ In order to increase the nutrition of the fetus after pregnancy, pregnant women will eat very rich every day, which will easily cause constipation. During pregnancy, you must pay attention to a reasonable diet. Eat more foods with high fiber content, exercise more, increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, alleviate pregnant womenConstipation, also develop a good habit of defecation during a fixed time every day. Do not have too long to squat to the toilet, which can also alleviate the constipation of pregnant women.

If the pregnant woman has a cold after pregnancy, try not to take a cold medicine. Generally, the cold can allow pregnant women to drink more hot water. Generally, the symptoms of colds will disappear after a week.Then go to the hospital to find a professional doctor. After explaining the situation of pregnancy with the doctor, take the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions to minimize the effect of the drug on the fetus.

Early pregnancy should be avoided as much as possible to avoid abortion.Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, it is relatively easy to have a miscarriage. During this period, it is best to stop sexual life.

When pregnant women have diarrhea, the family should be vigilant, because diarrhea may cause abortion or premature birth of pregnant women. Once the pregnant woman is found to have diarrhea, do not eat when they are at home.Go to the hospital to find a professional doctor to help treat the symptoms of diarrhea. At the same time, pay attention to the situation of the child in the stomach.

Pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy. During pregnancy, pregnant women’s underwear and panties are easy to dirty. It is best to change the underwear every day to maintain good personal hygiene. Usually change clothes and dress up.Wearing high heels to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

Usually pregnant women with stomach pain, or blood on the underwear, should go to the hospital for examination immediately, and ensure the healthy growth of the fetus on time.

During pregnancy, there are many things that pregnant women cannot do. Everyone must persist until the baby is born smoothly. The health of the baby and pregnant women is the most important.

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