After pregnancy, it is not a bad thing to become ugly in these places of pregnant mothers. Don’t worry about pregnant mothers!It implies the health of the baby

Pregnancy is the most memorable moment in a woman’s life. I feel that the baby grows up a little bit from the embryo. The sense of happiness is really "just unreasonable."However, when pregnancy is also the most changing, not only does the belly become "ball", but some parts of the body are changing quietly.Many women feel that they are "ugly" during pregnancy. In fact, this is not a bad thing, but a manifestation of the healthy development of the fetus. If you don’t believe it, let’s look down!

1. Whees in the skin

After pregnancy, the hormone in the woman’s body will change "turbulent". Some women have better skin after pregnancy, and the white in whiteness is different; while some women have different skin after pregnancy.Many spots.These are normal reactions during pregnancy. The so -called "ugliness" indirectly indicates that the fetus is healthy in the body, and pregnant mothers should not worry too much.

2. Bad nipples

In the early stages of pregnancy, the stimulation of hormone changes in pregnant mothers will generally increase a cup.Over time, pregnant mothers will find that their nipples will become darker and darker, and the color of the areola is deepened a lot.This change is closely related to hormones. During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen secretion, they will constantly stimulate the development of the breast, which will cause the nipple to turn black.Do not worry about pregnant mothers, this phenomenon will gradually return to normal after giving birth.


From the end of pregnancy, each pregnant woman’s abdomen has a long line, or thick or fine, and it looks really ugly anyway.Many pregnant mothers are curious, why is the president of pregnancy abdomen?In fact, this appearance is also caused by uneven hormone secretion.In essence, it is a pigment precipitation, which is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. It has no impact on the baby. Generally, it will gradually fade after giving birth until disappear.

4. Long stretch marks

Compared to the above three changes, the most afraid of pregnant mothers is long stretch marks, because other changes will gradually recover after giving birth, and stretch marks will accompany their lives.Why do stretch marks?As the belly during pregnancy gradually increases, the skin will gradually be opened, and the elastic fiber in the skin will form stretch marks.It is precisely because of this break that cannot be repaired that once stretch marks grow, it will accompany life.Under normal circumstances, most of the stretch marks during pregnancy are pink or purple -red, and the postpartum will gradually fade into silver -white.If you want to prevent stretch marks, you can use some products that prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. You can also eat more foods rich in collagen. The effect is very good.

Pregnancy is a long process. The changes in hormones in the body will bring various changes in the body. The short -term "ugliness" actually reflects the baby’s development well, and the pregnant mother should not worry too much.Moms, what changes do you have during pregnancy?

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