After pregnancy, it is best not to eat these 5 kinds of vegetables, which may cause a bad effect

Pregnancy is a particularly happy thing. After each pregnant woman is pregnant, she will take care of the babies in the stomach after pregnancy, so they will pay special attention in all aspects, especially in eating, But various effects are not very good for pregnant women, and even dangerous, so you must be careful about eating during pregnancy, and pay attention when eating these foods. Do not eat too much.Yes, although you should eat more vegetables and fruits after pregnancy, it is best not to eat these five kinds of vegetables after pregnancy.

1. Leek.

It is rich in nutrients in leeks, of course, including cellulose and sulfides. For pregnant mothers during pregnancy, chives can replenish the minerals that the body needs.It will strengthen uterine contraction. After eating leeks, there will be symptoms that are not easy to digest, so you must not eat more passwords when eating leeks after pregnancy.

2. Eggplant.

In our family life, eggplant is a very common dish on the table. Because the eggplant is cold, it will cause a lot of damage to pregnant women. There are also malnutrition, diarrhea, or those pregnant women with cold spleen and stomach.Don’t eat more eggplant.

3, fungus dishes.

Fuer fungus contains a large amount of calcium substances. The content of calcium can be said to be 2 to 3 times the spinach, and the fungus also contains a small amount of oxalic acid.Cold, it has the effect of smoothing intestines. Pregnant women in the early pregnancy and pregnant women with habitual abortion cannot be eaten. Pregnant women can only increase the chance of miscarriage, so it is best not to eat this kind of dish.

4, kelp.

As a deep -sea plant, kelp has high nutritional value. Of course, it also contains the familiar points, and the content is still more. During the process of eating kelp during pregnancyIt is easy to cause fetal thyroid dysfunction, which will cause abnormal thyroid function of the newborn, so you must eat less kelp after pregnancy.

5. Vaca.

In the spinning vegetables, it not only contains rich calcium, but also contains a lot of oxalic acid. It is precisely because this oxalic acid will precipitate in the human body and affect the absorption of calcium. Therefore, pregnant women should eat less, especially in the third trimester.It is best not to eat it when giving birth, because the spinach also has the effect of giving birth. After eating in the third trimester, it is likely to increase the uterus to shrink.

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