After pregnancy, it is best not to attend the wedding and funeral, not superstition, this is a scientific basis

A few days ago, I heard some netizens say what happened to her. Some pregnant women were unexpected because they participated in the funeral:

A friend of me participated in her grandfather’s funeral, and the child had a miscarriage after that.A sister -in -law’s sister -in -law attended the funeral and gave birth to mentally handicapped. I do n’t know if it ’s catching up with or really bad, but do n’t take your child improperly. Pay attention.

Of course, in rural areas, there will be various claims about this phenomenon, but they are all superstitious.In fact, aside from these superstitions, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers to participate in this banquet of great tragedy and joy. The main reason is that the following points are:

1. Prevent emotions too excited

In fact, during pregnancy, even if the pregnant mother does not participate in any banquet, there may be a large emotional fluctuation, which is related to the hormone changes in her body.And if you attend a wedding or funeral, you are either too happy or too sad, which will undoubtedly stimulate the pregnant mother to have excitement, which may affect the fetus in the pregnant mother’s belly.If the situation is serious, it may cause contractions, which occurs prematurely.

2. Prevent more people from being bumpy

Whether it is a wedding or a funeral, there are more people participating in, and there are more people, and natural scenes are easy to mess.And if the pregnant mother is in it, even if she is careful, she will inevitably be accidentally hit by others.Especially those children who are alive and jumping are easy to hit the pregnant mother without paying attention.

3. Avoid too tired

Pregnant women go to weddings and funerals, and friends and relatives will inevitably be there, so there will always be some communication entertainment.If you do n’t deal with people on the grounds of pregnancy, it ’s a bit impolite, but if you go to entertainment, it’ s easy to get tired. Therefore, whether it ’s a wedding or funeral, the pregnant mother is best not to go, so that you do n’t have to fall into a dilemma.

4. The air quality is not good

Whether it is a wedding or a funeral, it is a grand ritual. Therefore, it is a common phenomenon to set off fireworks and firecrackers, and such air is not good for pregnant women.Furthermore, people are crowded and air is not very circulating. Pregnant mothers who are sensitive to smell are even more likely to cause discomfort. Therefore, you can avoid going to these occasions and try not to go.

Below, let’s take a look at what netizens look at:

@: When I was 5 months pregnant, my dad died unexpectedly. I always remember the kind of sadness, but I had to bear as much as possible, afraid that I would have an impact on the baby in my stomach.Now the baby is four years old, smart, healthy and cute.I do n’t believe it in superstition, but the grief of losing my loved ones does affect the baby ’s baby.

@机: We are also not available for weddings and funerals. Some friends have gone for 2 months of pregnancy. As a result, the child is really gone.

@: Try to avoid, not superstition, if you are a person you care about, you are afraid of emotional influence.

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