After pregnancy, is the breasts of pregnant mothers changed normally?See what the experienced Baoma said

Guide: After pregnancy, does the breasts of pregnant mothers change a little bit?See what the experienced Baoma said

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and it is also annoying and embarrassing. I have some changes in the body after pregnancy, and it feels ugly than before pregnancy.For example, such as some changes in the breast, the shy expectant mothers dare not go to the doctor at all, so they have to secretly check information on the Internet or ask netizens to see if these changes on their bodies are normal?

So what changes will the expectant mother’s breasts after pregnancy?

1. The breasts become larger and painful.After pregnancy, the expectant mother’s breasts become larger or two cups, mainly because the expectant mother has secreted a large amount of estrogen hormone since pregnancy, which stimulates the breast and the breast root increases. At this time, the breasts will not only become larger, butIt will also be painful. It is recommended that expectant mothers change a bra to wear a bra. When bathing, apply hot water to relieve this pain.

2. The areola becomes bigger and black.Although the areola is a bit dark when I am not pregnant, the areola around the nipple is not so dark. After pregnancy, under the stimulation of prolactin, sex hormones, and lutein, breast hyperplasia, areola, areas expanded due to the increase of the sebaceous glands and the pigment precipitation.As a result, the isola becomes bigger and bigger. This situation will continue the entire pregnancy and lactation. After the breastfeeding period, the areola will slowly become smaller and lighter, which can almost return to the previous appearance.

3. There will be some small bumps when the chest is close to the armpit.This is because after pregnant women are pregnant, several hormones secreted in the body are unbalanced, causing small bumps around the chest.It is necessary to see a doctor. In addition, these small bumps generally disappear slowly after giving birth.

In fact, I also had a similar experience. At that time, I did not dare to see a doctor at the beginning. The secret communicated with the mother of the Bao mother around. Later, when I was more bold, I consulted the doctor to confirm that these physiological phenomena were normal.We just need to adjust the mentality and accept it, it is good!

Key tips: The change of breasts is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Today’s topic: After pregnancy, what are the troublesome changes in your breasts?

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