After pregnancy, I found my ex -party, but the predecessor said that he broke up for three years. He did not take over the man …

On the day of pregnancy, I went to find the former boss.

"You’re a father, give the maintenance fee."

His eyes looked at me indifferently: "Break up for three years, happy dad?"

Before I had time to speak, his mother rushed in directly, and slapped on his brain.

"It’s okay, he doesn’t raise me!"

Later, after the child was born, he began to compete with his mother, who brought the child.


On the day of pregnancy, I ignored the doctor’s various instructions, and went to find my former boss in a hurry.

That’s right.

When they are pregnant, they are looking for my ex -boyfriend. I am looking for the former boss.

When he rushed into the conference room, he was going to meet.

At the moment of seeing me, Cheng Yan’s face flashed obviously, and what he didn’t know thought he was a ghost.

I continued to ignore it, took out the pregnancy checklist that had been rubbed from the pocket, and threw it directly on him.

"I am pregnant."

The expression on Cheng Yan’s face changed at all, and he glanced at my lower abdomen lightly.


"So you are a father, give it to the maintenance."

I stretched out a hand at him, and it took it for granted.

And the expression on Cheng Yan’s face became extremely weird, as if he was saying: Are you okay?

Anyway, it is impossible for me to raise this child alone.

Now, I have to rely on Cheng Yan.

Immediately after, the man crushed the pregnancy checklist that was wrinkled, and said with a sneer: "Zhou Ziwei, we have been breaking up for three years."

"Three years ago, you walked so simply for the money. Now you want to make me be the same as the evil species that I do n’t know.

"Cheng Yan, you dare to say that your biological and fleshy is a siny species?" I raised his tone and couldn’t wait to hear people from the whole company.

Although I know this is outrageous, it is so outrageous.

If it wasn’t for the pregnancy report, I wouldn’t believe it.

When we broke up three years ago, the one I walked was a decision. Cheng Yan even let me say ruthlessly at me, so that I would not appear in front of him in my life.

This is not a fierce face.

But for the child in the stomach, I endure.

But men are still standing in place.

"Zhou Ziwei, do you start dreaming during the day?"

I couldn’t be angry, and I grabbed a document and threw it on Cheng Yan’s body.

"Okay, you don’t even recognize your son now, right? You better remember what you said!"

If the child asked in the future, I would tell him relentlessly that your dad is dead!

Cheng Yan always looked cold and stood in place without saying.

When I was about to leave, the door of the office was pushed away again.

Cheng Yan rushed in, and slapped Cheng Yan’s head.

"You dog, but you don’t even recognize your own children? I think you are really a bag!"

After speaking, Cheng Yan quickly changed his face on his mother’s face and came to me softly.

"It’s okay, he doesn’t raise this child, I’ll raise it!"


How long did Cheng Yan’s mother listened to?

I hesitated to look at Cheng Yan with my eyes. The man frowned fiercely. He heard the words and said, "Mom, don’t mix us about us."

"Good, let’s ignore him!" Cheng Yan fucking disappointed, be careful to help me go out of the way, and asked me how big the month is now.

When I walked to the door, Cheng Yan caught up and stared at me with both eyes.

"I can raise it, but I have conditions."



It is also necessary for raising children. Is this your son?

Cheng Yan paused, staring at me, saying, "Marry me."

After hearing her words, Cheng’s mother was happy, and she looked at her son’s eyes.

"Good idea, I will choose a good day when I go back."


Looking at Cheng Yan’s expressionless face, he didn’t get angry from the ground.

"I don’t recognize my children just now, and now I have to get married again. Cheng Yan, you’re getting fast enough!"

It is said that women’s hearts, submarine needles.

I think these six words are more appropriate to describe men.

When Cheng Yan frowned, the jaw line was tighter, always giving a sense of oppression.

"Since you say that the child in the stomach is mine, I don’t want him to be born in the name of an illegitimate child."

Yo, this is a bit humane.

If it wasn’t for the child in the belly, I wouldn’t want to marry him.

As just the temper of us, we must fight together within three minutes when we stay together.

Cheng Mu saw some eyebrows, and smiled and said with a smile: "Good, let’s not deal with this dog, I will accompany you to see the wedding dress. While your stomach is not obvious, it is best to look at the wedding dress.If you want to wear it, you will not be able to wear it. "


But when I thought of the marriage target was Cheng Yan, I was even more unhappy.

Cheng Mu seemed to see my mind, and then said, "I know, you are worried that you are not good at getting along with Cheng Ye after marriage, right? You can rest assured that if he dares to give you angry, I will not interrupt him.leg!"

After hearing the words, I laughed and moved, and at the same time I was full of movement.

"Aunt, thank you for enlightening me."

"Harm, what is this enlightenment. Also, what aunt is, how kind to call mother!"

Looking at her face with a kind eyebrow, I tried several times and opened my mouth again: "Mom."

"Hey! It’s really intimate child, much stronger than me!"

Cheng Mu was boasting that I did not forget to damage Cheng Yan while she was boasting.

I don’t have many times with Cheng Mu, but every time she sees her, she treats me like a biological daughter.

I was curious and puzzled. How could I give birth to Cheng Yan as an indifferent and paranoid personality like Cheng Mu?

Cheng Mu also encouraged me to move to live with Cheng Yan.

I waved again and again, "No, I won’t go!"

Live with him, and get sick without illness!

Mother Cheng: …

I realized that it was not good to avoid her son in front of others, isn’t it good?

I laughed twice, "I and Cheng Yan … I was a little unhappy, I was afraid I wouldn’t live together."

After hearing her words, Cheng’s mother was seriously considered for a few seconds, and she said amazing again: "Would you like to move me to me? In this way, it is also convenient for me to take care of you?"

Ah … it seems more inappropriate!

"How can this do, me, me …"

Cheng Mu nodded thoughtfully, "I understand."


What did she understand?

"Your young people are inconsistent with their living habits like my elderly people. You must be afraid of too much scruples, right?"

I nodded again and again, thinking about the reason for pushing away for me. This future mother -in -law is too understanding!

Cheng Mu smiled and said: "Then you still moved to Cheng Yan, your young people are easy to communicate."

Me: … How did this topic go back again?

Cheng Mu continued: "You listen to me first, since it is still his father, is he obliged to give his child prenatal education as his father?"


I was speechless, and even felt very reasonable.

So, nodded.

The smile on Cheng’s face was deep, "Since he is a father, he must not only be responsible for the child, but also the mother’s mother. Why are you pregnant in October and hard work.Bar!"

"Listen to Jun’s words, win ten years of books!"

I even started to feel that it was really impossible to cheat for Cheng Yan’s bastard.

Not only did I want to move to the villa, I also had to eat the meal he made for me, but I also asked him to sing to my child to tell stories as prenatal education.

Seeing this, Cheng Mu saw this and hit the railway while it was hot: "Move now, Mom help you!"

Take my mother -in -law to the rental house I rented. My mother -in -law’s eyes were red, and my hand hurt with my palm: "Good, you suffer, I will scold Cheng Ye if you go back. How can you let you live like this?Where is it! "

My mother -in -law and I hugged each other, and I had a feeling of being cherished.

When I took the things in the house, my heart seemed to be empty.

I lived for so long, and I suddenly left again, and I was a little reluctant.

After all, although this apartment is small, it is my shelter. I have passed spring, summer, autumn and winter, and I know all my sweetness, joy, joy and sadness.

My mother -in -law saw that I was in a bad mood and couldn’t help but authenticly: "If you like it here, buy it, you want to come back and see, you can always."

My heart moved, "Really?"

"of course it’s true."

The mother -in -law turned out to talk to the landlord on the spot. She called a few more calls. In less than an hour, the small apartment had been transferred to my name.

When I stood in front of Cheng Yan’s villa again, I reacted: Why did I get here again?

When I broke up with him, I also talked hard.

"Cheng Yan, I won’t come back here in my life!"

I didn’t think about it, and the face came so fast.

My brain came to the ground: "He won’t be angry, right?"

The mother -in -law came with a full saying: "He dare!"

I silently liked my mother -in -law in my heart, Jiang is still old!

In the evening, Cheng Yan came back and saw me obviously stunned.

The eyebrows of the original stretch were instantly tight, a disgusting look.

I just let him not be seen?

My mother -in -law beckoned him to say hello to me. He stood still and lifted his chin.

I snorted lightly, don’t open my face.

Mother -in -law: …

The atmosphere on the dining table is also weird. Although Cheng Yan and I face face to face, they don’t look at anyone, and no one cares about anyone.

He chipped the dish, and I didn’t touch it.

I chipped the dish, and he didn’t look at it.

The mother -in -law was busy, and while taking care of my emotions, she counted her pro -son.

She also deliberately arranged my bedroom next to Cheng Yan’s bedroom.

I thought in my heart: I am afraid I want to live up to her kindness.

As soon as I lay down and prepared to rest, the door sounded outside the door.


"Who else can I have? I have something to say to you!" It was Cheng Yan’s impatient voice.

Looking for me in the middle of the night?

"Then you stand outside the door."

Cheng Yan: "If you want the conversation between us to be heard by outsiders, I don’t care."

Wait, what does he mean?

In addition to me, mother -in -law and Cheng Yan, this family also has helpers and nanny.

For the sake of cautious, I opened the door and asked him to come in.

"Say something."

Fart quickly!


Cheng Yan stared at me as frosty: "Zhou Ziwei, you want to find me to compound and say straight, why not getting to me with pregnancy. Mom will be deceived by you, pure because she wants to hug her grandson.If she knows this grandson is not the flesh of the Cheng family … "

He slapped by me before he finished speaking.

I looked at him coldly and said, "Cheng Ye, do you think of me? Who is the child in my stomach, don’t you know?"

Cheng Yan’s face is even darker, "You said it was mine, but maybe you can see you since we broke up?"


This dog man even put on his pants and did not admit it!

But looking at his look, it really didn’t remember that day.

Doesn’t it mean that men do not have any discipline after drinking?

Do not do it, in fact, he knows clearly.

Showing responsibility is the nature of men. Most men do not want to be responsible for taking alcohol and chaos as a reason.

But when he arrived at Cheng Yan, he never remembered that he had seen it!

I bother!

The three -year love that sister talked to him was barely talking?

I laughed angrily, "Okay, Cheng Yan, you are really interesting! Since you forgot, then I will help you recall and remember what happened on the 3rd of the last month."

On the 3rd of last month, I gathered with my colleagues. I didn’t want to meet Cheng Yan in the same place. I still remember it.

Unfortunately, the scene was a little embarrassed at the time.

My colleagues and I were playing the truthful adventure, but a male colleague chose the truth.

Regardless of the occasion, he confessed to me in public, and I heard it.

Standing in place stupidly, at this time, Cheng Yan appeared from behind me.

He glanced at me indifferently, and when he approached me, he hummed lightly.

At that time, I was angry in my heart: What he hummed, why, did I not be free to fall in love with him after breaking up with him?

Fortunately, I was witty enough to decline my colleague’s likes euphemistically.

The male colleague was also very interesting, and did not fight it, and the game continued.

An hour later, I was blocked by Cheng Yan at the bathroom door.

He was full of alcohol, red eyes, and grasped my shoulders tightly.

"Zhou Ziwei, you are so cruel!"

I asked him to let go of me, he didn’t let it go, and he was hugging me.

Murdering in the mouth vaguely: "Do you know how sad I am? Since you leave, I need to take sleeping pills every night to fall asleep. All of this is that you hurt."


"Cheng Yan, you are drunk, I don’t understand what you are talking about!"

He began to play rogue, grabbed me without saying anything, and said everything he had to accompany him to see the stars.

Seeing his long -standing secretary followed, seeing this scene is very embarrassing: "Miss Zhou, I’m sorry, we are really sad after you leave. Please also contain a lot."

I trembled and couldn’t help asking, "Cheng Yan takes sleeping pills every night?"

The secretary nodded, "Yeah."

I thought Cheng Yan was exaggerated, but I didn’t expect it to be true.

Looking at Cheng Yan, who was drunk, leaning on me, I finally did not get up and pulled away.

"Forget it, let’s send him back first!"

The secretary heard the words, and a smile on his face suddenly had a little smile.

"Miss Zhou, trouble you!"

The secretary sent me and Cheng Yan to a hotel he lived in.

"Drink so much wine on a business trip!"

I was not assured that I stayed and cooked a bag of drinking tea for him again.


Thinking of this, I glanced at him fiercely.

"I know so, I shouldn’t cook the cup of drinking tea for you!"

Cheng Yan was stunned.

For a long while, he said uncomfortably: "Do you think this is a TV series?"

The dog is a real dog.

Fortunately, I have a foresight, and I took out my phone to show him the video I recorded that night.

"Wei Wei, can you go back to me? Let’s start again."

"Wei Wei, I love you, don’t leave me anymore!"

Cheng Yan cried into a dog, holding my hand and begging for a compound.

"Do you dare say this is not you?"

Don’t face Cheng Ye, and push my phone away.


His back was a bit embarrassed.

I am unreasonable?

The most unreasonable person is Cheng Cheng!

I didn’t fall asleep in the bed for a long time. I stroked my flat belly and couldn’t help thinking about it.

If I did not meet Cheng Yan that day, there would be no children, let alone tied together.

Is this really fate?

When I was separated from Cheng Yan, I also sighed with my friends. After all, he and I had no points.

But no one expected that when I went around, he and he were about to get married, and I was about to become a parent.

The next day, Cheng Yan and I went out of the bedroom at the same time.

Four eyes are opposite, and he does not open his face unnaturally.

Why, he was afraid?

I said, "I know what morality I am, and it is difficult to accept?"

Cheng Yan: …

My mother -in -law still acts as a peacemaker, and I said some interesting things to tease me.

I suddenly said: "I have to go to work after eating."

My mother -in -law stunned and said with a smile, "Good work, women have their own career. So, let Cheng Ye send you."

"Need not."


We are in unison.

The mother -in -law changed her face and glared at her own son.

"Why can’t you send your own wife?"

Cheng Yan frowned slightly, with obvious displeased on his face.

"Mom, I don’t mean that."

"It’s not that, what do you mean?"

After Cheng Yan glanced deeply, he said, "Since she is pregnant, she is at home at home."


I am pregnant, and I am not confinement. Why stay at home all day?

"You can’t change your masculinity in your life. You don’t agree with me to work, I want to go!"

Seeing that the two of us were about to get up again, the mother -in -law stopped immediately.

"Cheng Yan, you are too domineering. Wei Wei is doing whatever you want. It is very hard to conceive a woman in October, and you can’t be considerate of her?"

I took my mother -in -law’s hand and sued: "Mom, if he can understand that he is not Cheng Yan, I don’t understand him, and we are not a world at all."

Cheng Yan’s face was ugly, and his brows were tighter.

"Mom, don’t persuade her, what she wants to do, I won’t interfere, I am worried about the child in her belly."

I sneered, "I didn’t recognize this child yesterday, and I suddenly recognized today. Cheng Ye, are you belonging to loach?"

Good change!


Cheng Yan looked at me angrily.

"What’s wrong with me? I stimulate your eyes?"

His voice was great?

I will also have a big voice!

Compare, who is afraid of whom!

My mother -in -law held Cheng Yan’s ears, and said with ears: "Dog, if you scare Wei Wei and your children, you see that I don’t interrupt your legs!"


My mother -in -law’s attitude was particularly moved.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for her face, I wouldn’t say anything to get Cheng Yan’s car.

On the way, we didn’t say a word.

When I was about to come to the company, I asked him to stop.


He is so embarrassed to ask why?

I didn’t hide him, and said directly, "I’m not the same as you, you are a big president, and I am a flat -headed people. Besides, you drive a million car to send me to work and will provoke me!"

After he heard it, he said with no expression.


Since I do n’t stop, I also accelerated to the company’s door in one breath.

I gritted my teeth and asked, "Are you intentionally?"

He glanced at me lightly, "I won’t do such a boring thing."

Just two minutes when I was angry, through the window, I saw that there were no less than three familiar colleagues who had a familiar face to take pictures of the car.


Cheng Yan’s lips raised a smile, with a cunning in his eyes and asked, "Don’t you get out of the car?"

Next, you must go!

Opening the door, walking on the ground with both feet, and seeing a sluggish look on a few colleagues’ face, I immediately regretted it.

It shouldn’t be impulsive for a while, now it’s okay.

A colleague who hadn’t said in a word on weekdays even came up to say hello at this moment: "Hi! Lagerstroemia, is it your boyfriend who sent you?"

"No, unfamiliar, the driver of the car." I answered calmly.

Cheng Yan:?

Colleagues asked blankly: "Which software can hit such a good car and have such a handsome driver?"

Me: … I dare to say, she really dares to believe it!

"Sorry, Weiwei is naughty."

At first glance, I am numb.

This was from Cheng Yan’s mouth. I saw that he opened the door and got out of the car. He walked quickly and walked in front of me and held my waist. He smiled and explained to his colleagues, "I am her fiance."

I:!IntersectionIntersectionAre you polite?

Revenge, he is definitely revenge!

Can I not know him?Isn’t it that I denied the relationship with him before people?

But there is a reason, who made him ignore me and ignore me.

I was not happy to clarify the relationship with him according to his meaning.

You said, this man is not a dog?

My colleagues envious: "Wei Wei, you are so blessed!"

If it wasn’t for the rolling eyes, I would definitely go to the sky.

The blessed person should be Cheng Yan.

I pulled my colleague’s sleeves towards the company. "Don’t get wrong, he is owed, and it’s okay."

My colleague looked at my eyes clearly, "Weiwei, I think he is not like this person you said. I heard that you are single. If he is really interesting to you, he can try communication."

I deeply suspect that my colleagues comforted me all because of Cheng Yan’s face and his car.

"No, really no."

When my colleagues heard the words, I suddenly twisted, and I felt a bad feeling in my heart.

The next second, she said: "If your friend is single and has the intention of making a girlfriend, I can introduce him to a big beauty."


I am a little stunned.

My colleagues hit the railway while it was hot: "Really, I still have a sister, a sister! People are very beautiful, big beauties like Dili Reba, double ten years, just graduated from college …"


Cheng Yan, this is the peach blossom you provoked.


When he came to pick me in the afternoon, he stopped the car in a place far away from the company.

In the first sentence of meeting, I couldn’t help asking: "Yo, know the low -key, it’s not easy!"

He frowned and his face was cold.

"Zhou Ziwei!"

"Hey, what kind of advice?"

Cheng Yan held his forehead and asked, "Who did you push my WeChat?"

I have some guilty conscience, but the right face is right: "My colleague’s sister."

He narrowed his eyes and asked, "Why?"

I didn’t think about it: "Of course it is because of the charm that is nowhere to be placed, it exudes into my colleague’s heart. People can’t wait to introduce your sister’s sister to you, you should be happy!"

Cheng Yan’s face was dark, "Am I like this in your heart?"

"What kind of people are you can’t change the fact that people look at you."

Cheng Yan: …

Along the way, he didn’t give me a good look, which did not hinder my mood.

In the evening, I discussed with my mother -in -law, and I did n’t have to let Cheng Ye send me to work in the future.

My mother -in -law was a little worried, "Are you traveling alone?"

I nodded, "Rest assured, I know it."

I think Cheng Yan should be happy without having to send me to work.

Seeing the end of the month, the settlement, checking, and inspection of various tasks have accumulated together, so that I can’t even care about food.

On this day, when I went to the subway early in the morning, I suddenly had a dark eyes.

I took out the chocolate in the bag to add blood sugar.

Because of the problems of hypoglycemia, there are chocolates and candy in the bag.

When the company was busy, I forgot this stubble again, until the colleagues next to me pointed at my pants and reminded: "Wei Wei, you seem to be here!"

My heart suddenly sank, I can’t come to my aunt, I am still pregnant!

not good!

For a while of cold hair, my head began to faint. I grabbed my colleague’s hand to breathe and was sleepy: "Help me call an ambulance."

After speaking the last word, I was dark in front of me and passed out.

When I woke up again, Cheng Yan was holding my hand and worried.

"you’re awake?"

I nodded and confused: "Why are you here?"

Cheng Yan seemed to be suppressing anger, and said, "Don’t be stubborn if you are not good, I can’t afford your mother and son. Do you know how dangerous the situation is today?"

Then I remembered what happened in the morning, hurriedly touched the abdomen, and asked anxiously, "What about children?"

The gentleness of Cheng Yan’s eyes passed, and he helped me to keep the shattered hair on the edge behind her ears.

"The child is okay, but you have to recuperate at home in the future. The doctor said that you are virtual, and you can’t work too hard for the first three months."

When I heard that the child was okay, a heart I hanging was put down.


Cheng Yan looked at me and was about to say something. My mother -in -law pushed in.

"Wei Wei, are you okay?"

I just remembered that I was pressed back to bed by my mother -in -law.

"Lying down, don’t get up. Well, I was scared when I heard the news of you enter the hospital."

This child not only belongs to me, but also Cheng Yan, but also the grandchildren of the mother -in -law in the future.

I was guilty in my heart: "I’m sorry, I didn’t protect her."

My mother -in -law shook her head, "Don’t say that, it’s not good, Mom knows that he can’t work for the first three months but didn’t stop you."

Cheng Yan couldn’t listen to it. "Okay, fortunately, the child is okay. She should not go to work in the future. It is okay to go to the hospital for a good time at home."


Since I woke up, Cheng Yan kept holding my hand, and his palms were sweating and refused to let go.

I struggled a few times and failed.

Helplessly: "Loose me, I’m going to be convenient."

"I help you."


My mother -in -law said busy: "Yes, right, he is just right for you."

I was about to get out of bed and was hugged by him.

"Cheng Yan, let me go, I can go by myself."

He frowned and said seriously, "No, the doctor said that try not to let you go to the ground."


Am I an activity?I went to the toilet!

My mother -in -law smiled back, and I felt that my face was almost burning.

After solving the physiological problem, Cheng Yan hugged me back to bed again.

My mother -in -law said that she would go back and give me soup. She watched Cheng Ye’s advice, "Take care of her."

When there were only two of us in the ward, the atmosphere became a little embarrassed.

I blushed: "I don’t have to hold me to the bathroom in the future."

Cheng Yan asked seriously: "What’s wrong, did you hurt you?"

Me: "… inconvenient, I can’t go to the toilet if you are not at home in the future?"

I raised the reason casually, and he thought seriously.

After a while, he said: "I can work at home."

One word: take!

He really called the secretary in front of me and asked him to send the files and computers.

I regret my behavior just now, what do you do more?

Pingbai added a monitor to his future life.

Don’t say for three months with Cheng Yan, can’t stay a week.

"You should go back to work. There are nanny and caregiver at home to take care of me."

Cheng Yan didn’t lift his head, his eyes still stared at the computer screen tightly.

"No, I promised my mother to take care of you, and I will definitely fulfill her promise."

Listening to him, I was even more uncomfortable.

Immediately gambling: "If you just want to fulfill your promise to mother, don’t stay here. The children in my stomach do not need irresponsible dad."

Thinking about it, he hates me, and of course he doesn’t like the children in the stomach.

Cheng Yan heard my strangeness and let go of my work in front of me.

"Sorry, I just said it was wrong. As my child’s father, I naturally have the responsibility and obligation to take care of your mother and son. The sentence just now is that my mother is afraid of the two of us."

I know, he just wants to decorate the peace.

"Don’t worry, I won’t sue you to your mother, you go to work."

Cheng Yan began to frown again, "Do you hate me?"

"Yes." I said directly: "I hate your mouth."

After speaking, I was about to leave, but his wrist was caught tightly.

I was forced to retreat to the wall.

His voice was low: "Zhou Ziwei, how can I do you happy?"

Huh?The sun came out of the west.

I laughed.

"You still care about me unhappy?"

Cheng Yan’s eyes were dark, "I hope you can be happy than anyone else."

Listening to him, I am even more angry.

I was fiercely stepped on him and pushed him away.

"Cheng Yan, are you confused? Who still disappeared from your eyes a month ago?"


What else do you need to do if it is useful?

"Cheng Yan, you remember that I don’t want to listen to you and tell me sorry. Because these three words can easily annihilate the guilt in the speaker’s heart."

But you cannot smooth the wounds in the heart of the injured.


Cheng Yan seems to have changed.

At the dinner table, he began to take the initiative to give me vegetables.

Mother -in -law seduced the tunnel: "Look, men are actually arrears."

I glanced at Cheng Yan, who was sitting in a dangerous look at the exaggerated Cheng Yan, and said, "Mom, it is too tired to train men, and spend a lot of energy and mental strength. I think it is a waste of feelings., And a lifetime. "

My mother -in -law glanced at my son, and said along my words: "Also, marrying this dog is really bad."

Cheng Yan: …

"You don’t marry me, who do you want to marry?"

"It’s not you anyway!"

"You have to marry me!"

Cheng Yan was overbearing, and he could bomb popularity.

As a result, of course, it was unhappy.

After lying on the bed for three months, when I went to the hospital for review, the doctor said that the baby was healthy, and my body recovered well.

Coinciding with the invitation of me in a high school classmate party, I agreed.

Although I have been pregnant for more than three months, my abdomen is flat, and I am even a few pounds thinner than before pregnancy. No wonder my mother -in -law will worry.

Fortunately, I ca n’t show up, otherwise I really could n’t help but ask the old classmates at the classmate’s society.

When I went out, I was running out of get off work.

He looked up and down, and frowned quickly.

"Are you going to go out?"

I nodded, "Yes, classmates meet, go that kind."

He put the official document on the shoe cabinet at the porch, and turned to say, "I’m with you."

"Cheng Yan, do you have a bubble in your head? My classmates are not your classmates, what are you going?"

He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Can’t you bring his family members?"

I laughed, "Which family of family members?"

Cheng Yan froze slightly, "I understand, I will marry you as soon as possible."

"Don’t!" I interrupted his words, "I have thought about it, and I can’t change the fact that you are your child’s father if you don’t get married. What does it mean to get married? Furthermore, the child was born with me.In a hukou book, you only need to fulfill the responsibility of being a father before that. "

I no longer care about Cheng Yan, who was in place, and walked forward.

This classmate party was more lively than I thought. Many students changed too much. I almost didn’t recognize it.

The same table in high school also played me: "Lagerstroemia, you are still as beautiful as before."

I touched my thin cheeks, "How can I have it."

She smiled and slammed my waist, and made a nudge with her chin, whispered, "Well, do you remember Erkang?"

I couldn’t cry and laugh.

Because my name is Lagerstroemia, I used to have been in the north and south of "Returning Pearls".

Coincidentally, there was a boy name in the class called Erkang.

Therefore, as soon as I started school, I and his classmates were nicknamed "a pair of natural pairs."

For so many years, she still remembers this stubble.

"Don’t make trouble, people are now in business, and then mentioning those naive things is not appropriate."

At the same table, I smiled ambiguously at me: "I heard that he has been alone in these years, you guess why?"

I have long been young and ignorant, and I smiled indifferently, "Maybe, people have not encountered the right thing."

Seeing what she had to say, I hurriedly found a topic.

Maybe it’s because of pregnancy. I have been sitting in the box for a long time. I always feel that my chest is tight, and my stomach is not very comfortable.


I used an excuse to go to the bathroom to breathe, and an old classmate behind me followed.

"Zhou Ziwei." He called me softly.

Looking at his face, I suddenly remembered that he was Erkang at the same table.

"Is there a problem?"

In order to avoid suspicion, I took a few steps back and kept a distance with him.

For the sake of drinking, his tone was a little short and seemed at a loss.

"I, I heard that you have been alone these years. Actually, there is a saying that I want to say to you for a long time …"

Hearing this, I faintly guessed what he would say next.

The vulgar old classmates in the TV series secretly loved the plot and even performed on me.

"Zhou Ziwei, I like you. You, you see that we are the same age, and you know each other. If you want, we …"

Before his words were finished, he was interrupted by a low man’s voice.

"Sorry, if I didn’t hear it, you are seduce my wife!"

During the speaking, the hand of the person came into my waist.

In order to swore sovereignty to him, Cheng Yan also deliberately set a kiss on my cheek.

I frowned unhappy, "Why are you here?"

Cheng Yan said with a joke: "If I don’t come again, you will be snatched away."

He turned to look at Zhou Hao and returned to his face serious: "Introduce myself, I am her husband."


He really dares to say it!

Zhou Hao stunned, looking at me in surprise, his face flushed.

"It turns out that you are married."

In order to cut off his fantasy and unnecessary trouble, I cooperated with Cheng Yan as a husband and wife.

"Yes, I’m sorry, let you misunderstand."

Zhou Hao was disappointed, "No, it’s okay, yes, we have no fate!"

Looking at such a lonely back, my waist was pinched hard.

Looking back at Cheng Cheng’s deep eyes, "In front of me, do you look at other men?"


It’s still the kind of light.

Cheng Yan pursed his lips: "I’m not sure."

Me: "Are you sick?"

With him playing a show, he was still serious!

Pushing his hand, I walked out of the way.

Cheng Yan followed, "You go slowly, be careful, my child is still in your stomach!"

His mouth is his child, if there is no child …

When this thought appeared, I was startled by myself.

Zhou Ziwei, are you sulking?

Isn’t it decided, would the child break the relationship with him in his life?

At this point, Cheng Yan suddenly grabbed my hand.

"You are so angry with me!"

The wicked proved first, obviously he provoked me.

I grinded my teeth, "Yeah, I just feel angry with you, see you angry, I’m very satisfied now!"

Cheng Yan laughed, touched his nose, and said, "This means that you have me in your heart."

I was even more annoyed by his words.

"Cheng Yan, I hate you."

As soon as the words were finished, the tears fell.

In front of him, I want to control myself.

But the damn tears could not be controlled at all.

Cheng Yan was frightened and apologized again and again.

"Sorry, I don’t deliberately cry you. Wei Wei, don’t you cry? You cry, I feel more distressed."

Alas, a man’s mouth, deceiving ghost.

"You feel bad for me? Are you joking with me. Cheng Yan, what kind of person are you, I know most, if it wasn’t for this child, you wouldn’t get married at all."


"I’m afraid not to say that, you will leave me with your child."

After Cheng Yan finished speaking, he pulled my hand again.

"Wei Wei, don’t you be angry? Don’t cry."

I threw off his hand and cried, "Isn’t it because of the child?"

Seeing that I was leaving, Cheng Yan suddenly stepped forward and hugged my waist.

"Don’t leave! I’m wrong, I think of that day. Zhou Ziwei, I am drunk, but those words are true. Hope, hope you can believe me."

His tone was humble and helpless: "Can you give me up again?"

My heart was soft and silent.

A burst of sourness in the waist, "I have back pain."

Cheng Yan immediately picked me up, "Did you stand too long? I sent you to the hospital?"

Looking at his nervous expression, a warm current came to mind.

The tone could not help but softly: "What kind of hospital to go home, just go home and sleep."

Cheng Yan was doubtful, and asked me again and again, "Really?"

Until I was annoyed, "Do you stop?"

When I got home, Cheng Yan took me out of the car regardless of my opposition.

When her mother -in -law saw it, the hi eyes were almost gathered.

In recent days, Cheng Yan was a little strange. Although he also went to work in the company, he basically returned.

And when he returned home, he put himself in the study, and even lunch was delivered in the nanny.

I will inevitably be boring at home. It is difficult to be curious to see him so mysterious.

While he went to the toilet, I sneaked into the study to find out.

I saw a few books on the tall marble desktop, which was particularly eye -catching.

"How to be a good dad"

"Qualified Husband"

"Our Marriage"

"Baby Enlightenment"

"Fantastic Plants"

"Children’s Education"

I picked up one of them and opened it to see, and I also saw his notes.


At this moment, Cheng Yan pushed in.

Four eyes are opposite, and the atmosphere is quite embarrassing.

I put down the book in my hand, if I was bored at home, I wanted to come to find a few books, but I didn’t expect … "

I didn’t expect you to study these.

Cheng Yan’s ears quickly became popular, and quickly walked to the desk to put away the book.

I stopped half of it and stopped, and I explained it very unnaturally: "These were bought by the secretary, I …"

Sorry, just say it, I won’t laugh at him.

I nodded and picked up a copy called "How to Be a Good Dad" and said, "I see this."

Cheng Yan’s hand tightened, licked his lips and said, "Do you want me to buy one for you again."

I couldn’t help laughing: "No, thank you for being funny, this book is very suitable for you. Come on! I wish you -wish to be done."

Cheng Yan: …

The premise of his thoughts requires me 100 % to cooperate.

No, I was sitting in the garden when I was full of floral fragrance and spring breeze.

Cheng Yan came with a children’s story book and told me a Green fairy tales in a slightly bulging belly.

At noon, he kicked himself and said it was a nutritious meal for me.

I was a little shocked as soon as the meal was on the table.

Two signs, seductive selling.

It seems that he is a little talented to cook.

I have been looking forward to the nightlife outside at home for a long time, and my girlfriend just asked me to go shopping.

Cheng Yan also sent a message saying that there was something to work overtime tonight. He didn’t look at me. It was a good opportunity to go out shopping!

I cleaned up and went to the appointment happily.


When I smelled the food from various snacks on the snack stall, I didn’t resist the temptation and bought a lot.

My girlfriend also teased me: "Your husband abuses you, dare not give you to eat!"

I shook my head, "He doesn’t give me food, he won’t let me eat these, it’s not clean."

Girlfriend grinned: "It’s not dry, and it’s not sick. However, you are pregnant now. It’s really not good to eat too much.

Just talking, Cheng Yan called.

I saw that time was early, so he hung up his phone.

But where would Cheng Yan give up, call one by one.

"Why do you make so many calls?"

The man at the end of the phone tone was a little irritable: "Where are you? Zhang Ma only said that you went out with your friends, but I don’t know where you are going. You are now big belly, and in the evening, can I not worry?"

It took less than two hours to come out, and it was difficult to come out. Of course, I didn’t want to go back.

But the traitor of the girlfriend smiled badly at me, and suddenly got closer to the phone to report our location.

"Hey, why do you tell him where we are?"

"Your husband cares about you, what do you resist!"

Before Cheng Ji came, I quickly destroyed evidence.

Standing on the lively street, I saw Cheng Yan who was walking step by step not far away. I do n’t know why there was an unprecedented peace in my heart.

When he was close to me, he stretched out his hand and said, "Let’s go home."

My ghost stretched out his hand and held it, and the warm and dry palm wrapped my hand tightly.

Because of a lot of people, he circled me tightly in his arms, for fear that I would be encountered by others, and I couldn’t hold the Tao in my mouth: "Sorry, please let me, thank you!"

The relationship between Cheng Yan and I eased a lot. When he became more and more considerate, I was embarrassed to ridicule him.

Secondly, when I got into the third trimester, I started to become drowsiness.

Because of the puffiness of the feet, Cheng Yan would help me wash my feet every night, and also learned the massage technique.

At first I was still a little embarrassed, and gradually became reluctant.

"I know you are so good to me for the child in my stomach, right?"

Cheng Yan helped me massage the soles of my feet with the right strength, and lowered: "You started to think about it again, don’t you know for whom?"

"I am not a tapeworm in your stomach, where do you know what you think."

Cheng Yan held my feet on my palm, and looked at me seriously, "I’m for you, fool!"

My heart trembled, so quickly opened my face, and my cheeks quickly heated up.

"You, you go out, I’m sleepy, rest!"

Cheng Yan said cheeky and said, "It’s okay, you rest you. I will massage you to make you rest better."

I am speechless.

After New Year’s Day, my due date is approaching every day.

Cheng Yan simply didn’t go to the company and kept me at home all day.

His move made me even more nervous.

"It seems that you value this child very much."

I was held in the living room to take a walk.

Cheng Yan looked at me and was spoiled.

"Because you were born."


"By the way, am I ugly?"

Looking at the mirror, I found that I was fat.

Cheng Yan looked up carefully, and finally shook his head and said, "Yes? I feel that you look better."

He said that he was coaxing me, but he couldn’t stop rejoicing.


The stomach was awakened in the middle of the night, and I touched the phone and called Cheng Yan.

He picked it in seconds and asked nervously: "What’s wrong?"

"It seems to be born."

The next moment, he rang the door: "Wei Wei, I’m coming in."

The pain in the contraction made me sweaty. Although Cheng Yan carefully helped me sit in a wheelchair, my amnamifared was still broken.

The water of the wow flowing along the thighs, at that moment, my mind was blank, and I grabbed his hand nervously and asked, "What do you do? Isn’t it possible to have a child?"

Cheng Yan was busy and comforted: "Wei Wei, calm, you and children will be safe. We will go to the hospital now."

Speaking, he hugged me into the car.

The hospital was selected very early, and it was the best hospital in the city.

Cheng Yan said hello before coming, so just when he arrived at the hospital, a nurse and doctor took me to take over me.

At that time, my painful consciousness began to blur, and I only knew that I was holding his hand tightly and refused to let go.

In the confused, the words "not too objective, good fetal heart monitoring, and need caesarean section".

"Sorry Mr. Cheng, you can’t enter the operating room."

Before pushing to the operating room, my hand was forced to open.

Cheng Yan bowed his head and kissed my forehead: "Wei Wei, don’t be afraid, I keep you outside."

The anesthesia was very effective, and it could not feel the pain soon.

When the child’s loud crying sounded, my heart finally put it down at this moment.

After wiping the nurse clean, he showed it to me: "Congratulations, it’s a boy, six pounds and two."


When sutured the wound, my consciousness gradually blurred, and I felt tired.

I heard the doctor said vaguely, "Need urgent blood transfusion."

The next second, my consciousness fell into darkness.

I don’t know how long I slept. When I opened my eyes again, I saw Cheng Yan’s beard pulling, and his eyes were red, and he was muttering to me.

"Wei Wei, I regret it, I regret not proposing to you early."

He stared at me, "Am I dreaming? Wei Wei, are you awake?"

"You are noisy."

Yes, I was awakened by him.

Cheng Yan was so excited to press the ringtone: "Doctor, my wife is awake!"

Although I just woke up, I was not stupid.

"Who is your wife, I haven’t promised to marry you yet?"

Cheng Yan asked stupidly: "When do you promise me?"

I narrowed my eyes and thought for a moment, and said, "When you become a qualified father."

In the next month, Cheng Yan hosted the task of childbirth, patting, changing urine, and sleeping.

No, her mother -in -law and Cheng Ye quarreled because they hugged their children.

The mother -in -law wanted to hold it and was blocked by Cheng Yan.

Mother -in -law: "I can’t hold my grandson yet?"

Cheng Yan said helplessly: "I didn’t say that I wouldn’t let you hug, just let you disinfect it first."

If someone sees Cheng Yan now, it will definitely be surprised.

He wore a home service and was skilled in his child to feed his child.

Who would have thought that the unreasonable hegemony was a super -grandma.

Even myself sighed in my heart: he really changed.

Thinking of breaking up with him, the two were young and vigorous, and no one wanted to bow its head.

After three years, we became more and more mature.

No one mentioned that the matter of that year was tacit.

On the day of the confinement, I was in a good mood.

Cheng Yan changed the dresses of the home clothes in the confinement, and also changed into a suit, and his hair was meticulous.


He walked in front of me, suddenly kneeling on one knee, and looked at me affectionately: "Wei Wei, I love you. Actually, I regret it, regret not retaining you, and regret the words I say to you …… "

Listening to his affectionate confession, I burst into tears.

"Are you willing to give me a chance to take care of you?"

I blinked, and couldn’t help but smile to him with a smile: "I am willing."

Cheng Yan carefully put on the ring for me, and at this time, her mother -in -law also walked out of the side with her child.

"Baby, you have witnessed the love of mom and dad!"

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