After pregnancy, don’t forget to cut these two parts of the pregnant mother, which can save a lot of things.

Pregnant women must pay attention to their hygiene during pregnancy, because their living habits and sanitation will affect the children in the stomach.After pregnancy, many Baoma will choose to change some of the parts on her body, and cut the cut short.After pregnancy, due to the fatigue of the body, there is no way to take care of it and cut it out for the convenience of choosing.Because as these parts become longer, they will affect the fetus in their belly, so the pregnant mothers of these two parts should not forget to cut, and it can really save a lot of things.

1. A long hair

For women, long hair is a symbol of their beauty. Women are precious their hair before they get married or pregnant.Long hair can make them look more temperament and attractive, but the hair is still shorter after pregnancy.It is also convenient after cutting, which can reduce the trouble during pregnancy.Because during pregnancy, it is inconvenient to wash her hair on her head.Especially when Bao Ma’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, it is even more difficult to lie down, so cutting hair can really save a lot of things.

2, fingernails and foot nails

In addition to cutting the hair short after pregnancy, you should also cut your fingernails and nails. This is another big problem for girls. Girls love beauty and like to stay in nails.Although girls will cut their toenails frequently, they will not stay too long.But fingernails are different. Many girls will have long fingernails and then do all kinds of nails, so that they will look very beautiful.But after pregnancy, women must cut them. They are exposed to the air for a long time. When they come into contact with many things, they will encounter a lot of bacteria. These bacteria and dirt will remain in the nails. This pregnant woman is very unfavorable.

The shorter the hair and fingernails, the more naturally it is a good thing for pregnant women, which can keep pregnant women a clean and hygienic state.It is also inconvenient to get too long when having a mother. During the operation of delivery, the hair is covered by the surgical hat. It is not good to be too long.After the child is born, the mother’s nails may be scratched to their children too long, so the shorter the better it makes sense.

For Baoma, I have paid a lot in the process of pregnancy. From the physical discomfort during pregnancy, it is necessary to bear the pain during childbirth. Now that they have paid these efforts, they are in daily life.Some hygiene habits should pay more attention.Because from these little things that can affect their children and even hurt their children.Therefore, it should be done for children to cut their hair and nails.

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