After pregnancy, 9 "strange" changes, not everyone will encounter, how many you encounter a few

When you decide to give birth to your baby, you are looking forward to signs of pregnancy such as delay, pregnancy, and breast swelling every day.

However, the human body is a complex system, and the reactions generated after pregnancy are also diverse.In addition to the pregnancy characteristics such as menopause and pregnancy, there are some uncommon physical changes, which also indicates that you are pregnant.If we can learn too much about some changes in the body after pregnancy, we can detect the birth of small lives early.

1. Oral problem

After a woman is pregnant, the gums become swollen due to changes in progesterone and estrogen and the increase in blood capacity in the body.This causes pregnant women to brush their teeth that gums are easy to bleed.

Pregnant mothers must not ignore teeth problems. Gingivitis is not only oral disease, but also affects the ligament and bones around the mouth, and even affects the development of the fetus and even premature birth.

2. Difficulties in breathing

After a woman is pregnant, she must be prepared for nasal swelling, bleeding, and snoring.With the change of hormones in the body, the inner wall of the pregnant woman’s nasal cavity will become narrow due to congestion, and often feel the problem of dry nose itching, and they will start snoring while sleeping.Fortunately, these problems disappear after giving birth.

3. Difficulty defecation

Women are affected by hormones after pregnancy, the digestive ability will weaken, the time when food is longer in the body, and pregnant women will have constipation problems.Because the time in the body becomes longer and the gas will produce a lot of gas, the number of times the number of farting pregnant women has begun to increase.

Pregnant women can drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and grains to supplement dietary fiber and increase intestinal water, and the problem of constipation will be relieved.

4. The legs of the legs are obvious

Because the growth and development of the fetus requires a large amount of blood and oxygen, when the pregnant woman is 20 weeks of pregnancy, the blood capacity in the body will increase by 50%.In this case, the venous blood vessels in the legs of pregnant women become thicker, and even the songs are very common.

Pregnant mothers can accelerate the vein backflow by wearing good elastic stockings and raising their legs to alleviate this symptom.

5. Skin skin worse

Many mothers will find that after pregnancy, they will find that the breasts and facial skin will begin to turn black, grow acne, and even have a black line appearing in the abdomen. This is caused by changes in hormones after pregnancy.Although some skin types will change after childbirth, sunscreens still need to be done during pregnancy.

6. Great feet becomes larger

Many mothers find that the previous shoes can be squeezed now because of the secretion of relaxation of hormones after pregnancy, which causes the feet muscles to relax and the feet caused by joint relaxation.This symptom is just a temporary phenomenon. Mom must not drop shoes.

7. Vague vision

Some mothers will also have blurred vision after pregnancy, and many people think they are myopia.In fact, this is caused by the increase in blood capacity after pregnancy, which causes swelling of the whole body, which causes the crystal and cornea to thicken.Generally, after childbirth, the vision will slowly return to normal.

8. Front pain

Once I saw a news, a pregnant woman had a very severe wrist after pregnancy, and applied it with ice bags several times with ice bags several times a day.The result of the final examination was caused by the wrist tunnel syndrome caused by the swelling of the body after pregnancy.

9. Back and leg soreness

There are also some pregnant women’s thighs and muscles and bones behind their thighs and bones. This is also caused by increasing the pressure on the surrounding organs after pregnancy, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.At this time, the mother can relieve the symptoms by using the belt and the waist care.

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