After menstruation, the best time to conceive must be grasped

Women will have menstrual period, ovulation period, and safety period every month. Once the menstruation is over, we will start our most important ovulation period. Once the sisters in the preparation of pregnancy, once the ovulation day is grasped, they can greatly increase the chance of pregnancy, butNot everyone can easily find the ovulation day. Many sisters cannot be found because of irregular menstruation. This will affect the probability of conception.Conceive time.

If the menstrual cycle of women is normal, then from the beginning of the menstrual period, it will be a woman’s ovulation time from the 11th to 17th. ThereforeFa La to test your own ovulation problem. If two red bars are found on the test strip, then it will be ovulation immediately, and at this time, the natural conception rate of the same room will be higher.

For example: a woman’s physiological cycle is 28 days, and the first day of the menstrual tide on December 2nd, then the first menstruation next time is generally on December 30 (28 days on December 2), and then from DecemberFor 14 days on the 30th, the ovulation day on December 16 is the day.Ovulation days and the first 5 days and the next 4 days, in fact, December 11-20 is ovulation day.

First, ovulation bleeding occurs

When follicles ovulate, at this time, the endometrium will fall off due to the rupture of the follicles, which will cause a small amount of bleeding. Therefore, when you find a small amount of bleeding during ovulation, you should hurry up the same room.

Second, there is a loss of appetite

Women’s appetite will decrease during ovulation, but sexual desire will be unexpectedly rising.First of all, if there is a maternity plan, it will show strong desire to the life of the husband and wife psychologically. At this time, the physiological needs are also very high because they have the psychological needs of desire to get pregnant.At the same time, during the ovulation day, the woman’s body released a physiological signal that she hopes to get pregnant.

Third, the temperature increases

The most obvious symptoms in the ovulation period. During this period of ovulation, women’s body temperature usually increases significantly compared to education. This is because the body temperature is affected by the outside world.For long -term measurement of body temperature, it is generally impossible to detect normally.

Seeing this, do you know about the best time for conception? When you find that you have been preparing for more than a year and have no pregnancy, then you may have infertility. You must seek medical treatment in time.In this way, you can usher in your baby as soon as possible.

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