After maternity leave, the resumption of work is helpless to quit milk in advance?The workplace Baoma has a better choice. Have you learned?

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In the past, for many mothers in the workplace, the end of maternity leave means that breastfeeding is over, and we must wean the baby before going to work!However, as women’s cognitive levels are getting higher and higher, more and more understanding of breastfeeding, mothers in the new era will prefer a better choice, that is, back milk.

What is back milk?Why do you carry milk?

Back milk, as the name suggests, is the mother squeezing the breast milk, put it home in the ice bag, and drink it for the baby.This usually happens when the mother is not with the baby. The mother cannot feed the baby in person, and wants to continue breast milk for the baby.

Why do you carry milk?Because for babies, breast milk is the best food and the most suitable for him to grow and develop. Even if the mother has to return to her career, there are many mothers who choose to take this best food, and this copy and this copy.Love your baby, take it home.

Many mothers will say that I know that the breast milk is good, so I also worked hard to achieve full breastfeeding after giving birth. It has laid a good foundation for the baby’s health. Now I have been at work, and the baby is half a year old. Is it necessary?

very necessary!Do you find that a very common phenomenon is that many babies have the first time to get sick at about half a year old, because the protection of antibodies obtained from the mother has been exhausted.In addition, the baby of this age is almost to add supplementary food. For the first time, I have touched foods other than breast milk. They also like to climb everywhere and touch more bacteria and viruses from the outside world.Feeling, for babies, the challenge is great.

And breast milk, the most outstanding place is a large and many active antibodies. These antibodies can well protect the baby’s special time.Moms choose to carry milk, and can continue to protect the child’s breast milk antibody, so that the child is less sick. Moreover, even if you get sick, you can get better faster.

What preparations do you need to prepare? The first tool: Obviously, it is a tool for eating breasts and breast pumps.Of course, if you are a mother with a very skilled hand, you can save the money of the breast pump.

Many mothers told me that the breast pump sucked me pain. The breast pump took my nipples and pulled the whole nipples; some mothers said, how can my breast pump not suck milk?When breastfeeding, my nipples have not changed … These, these are a big reason that my mother did not choose to have a suitable breast pump.There are so many breast pumps of different styles and different prices on the market, how should we choose?

First of all, look at the size and choose a breast -absorber suitable for your breast size.

Everyone is different. When buying clothes, we will choose clothes that are suitable for ourselves. Each female breasts and nipples are different.Mom should first choose a cup that suits her breast size.

When we are using a breast pump, the nipples can be moved freely at the funnel -shaped part of the braid cup, and can move with the rhythm of suction;The discharge of breast milk feels soft and comfortable. Then, such a cup is right, suitable for mothers.

Second, it is strength.Choose the breast pump that absorbs the rhythm when you are fed most.Many mothers will think that the sucking force is great, and the milk absorption is fast and much.This is a big pit, this is a breast pump, not a vacuum cleaner!Indeed, constantly increasing efforts, it may seem that milk may be more, but in this way, with the pressure of the breasts, it will cause great harm to the mother’s breasts for a long time.Therefore, when working, it makes you feel painful, that is wrong!Mom must have this awareness.

In the process of use, the more you can simulate your baby sucking, the more efficient the breast suction is, and it does not hurt the mother’s breasts.At this time, mothers may wish to remember whether the baby’s breastfeeding process is: gently sucking, like massaging your breasts, stimulating the milk array, the frequency frequency and slowly sucking and swallowing, waiting for the milk array to slowly slowly the milk array slowly.After that, the frequency is turned into light sucking or loosening. At this time, the mother can change it to feed.

In the same way, the breast pumps choose a massage mode, that is, the frequency is fast, and the strength is light. Using this massage mode to give the breast stimulation and produce milk array. When the mother feels the milk array, the frequency can be adjusted slowly.And slowly improve the strength. This strength must be acceptable to be able to accept it yourself.When her mother is in a comfortable state, her milk is the best, and the efficiency of the back milk is naturally high.

The second tool: bottle storage bottle or milk storage bag.

If the mother sucks the milk for the baby for nearly two days, it will be OK with a bottle directly.The bottle can be used repeatedly. It is recommended to choose a PP plastic bottle. The performance is good and the price is low.

If the mother’s milk is large, and the milk back home does not need to use it in a hurry. If you plan to put it in the freezer, you can use a milk storage bag.Put out of the packaging bag directly from the packaging. If you thaw the frozen milk of the milk storage bag, it is best to put it from the frozen box to the refrigerator, it becomes a liquid and pour it into the bottle, and then warm it to the baby.The third tool: back milk bag.

The common back milk bag on the market is generally equipped with blue ice. Put the blue ice in the refrigerator freezing layer at home and units, and put the blue ice with the sucking breast milk in the backpack after work.Moisc into.Lan Bing is relatively heavy. If the mother is not far away from get off work, she can be replaced by several ice packs.

About half a month before work, mothers can start the following scenario simulation preparation: let the baby start contacting the bottle (mothers who have doubts here, you can read back my last article) Try 1-2 times a dayMilk, let the breast and breast pump have a familiar time to running-in, and the feeling of finding a breast pump to suck milk every two or three days to go out or give the baby to the family to take care of it for 2-3 hours. When leavingMom wants to go to work

The mother’s breast -absorbing plan should be based on the time of leaving home, that is, how many hours did you leave from going to work from going to get off work to get home.

Mom can breastfeed once before going out. If the baby hasn’t woke up when he goes out, he can suck milk once before going out.

During work, it is usually sucking milk 1-3 times, mainly based on the length of the mother’s departure. At the beginning, it is about 3 hours.effect.

For example, my mother went out at 7:00, and fed it once or sucks milk once after milk. Mom can arrange to suck at about 10:30 in the morning.Once, go home from work and fed it immediately.It would be better if the mother could go home at noon, and then fed it immediately after going home from work at noon.


(Specific according to the length of the mother’s departure home)

With the increase of the baby’s monthly age, the demand for the amount of monthly milk will become less and less, and the amount of mother who needs to carry milk can be reduced.After the baby is one year old, solid food has gradually become the main food, and it is OK to keep it home before going out.

Here, maybe a mother asked, with the time of suction, how much should I suck every time to eat the baby?

When the mother’s maternity leave starts to work, the baby is basically 4 months later. Such a big baby eats milk at about 3-4 hours, about 90-120ml each time.In general, my mother left home to work for about 9 hours. In this way, we only need to reserve milk about 270-360ml of milk a day. Is it easier for an instant?Moreover, if the baby does not eat enough milk during the day, he will make up for the night when his mother is in the evening, and the baby is very smart.

As long as the mother takes breastfeeding regularly during work, she will breastfeed immediately after going home from get off work, breastfeeding before bedtime, and night milk. Generally, the baby’s intake is completely enough.

Find a place that is not easy to be disturbed, a lounge or a conference room that is not used. If the unit has a breastfeeding room, it is best.If there is really no suitable space, you can also prepare a breasts to cover it and communicate with colleagues. I believe everyone will have some support for breastfeeding mothers.Step of breast suction: Disinfection of the breast pump in advance → wash hands → stimulate milk array!Stimulate milk!Stimulate milk!→ breastfeeding

Here, we must focus on the key to stimulating milk array. Whether the baby eats milk or breast pump and sucking milk, it depends on this milk array.If the array is stimulated, the back milk is easy.

Collect and store milk

After breastfeeding, place the bottle or milk storage bag in the refrigerator of the refrigerator. Try to place it in the inside. You can prepare a sealed box yourself. After all, the public refrigerator can have a lot of things.

Before leaving the company, take out the frozen blue ice, and then put the refrigerated milk in the back of the milk bag, and you can carry the milk home safely.How to save and heat breast milk after returning home

Trust milk and heating:

The milk in the refrigerator can be placed in a container containing about 40 °, continuously heated for more than 20 minutes, or uses the warm milk device directly;

Frozen milk is best to move to the refrigerated room to thaw it as a liquid, and then use the thawing method of the cream of the refrigerator; this operation can make the milk less fat loss, which is much better than using hot water directly.

special reminder:

It is not recommended to use microwave ovens to heat up milk. If the microwave oven is heated, it is easy to suffer from uneven heating. If the local temperature is particularly high, it is easy to destroy the activity of immune factors.

Once the temperature of the milk is restored to room temperature, the ability to inhibit bacteria growth is weakened. The heated milk is not recommended to re -refrigerate in the refrigerator, and it needs to be drunk within 2 hours. If the baby cannot drink it, discard it.Therefore, it is a better way to use small packaging to store milk.

I hope that the mothers who are about to return to the workplace can continue to provide the best and best food for the baby.Welcome to communicate.

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