After I get pregnant, please take care of the nanny, go to the living room to drink water at night, and pass by the next bedroom.

Last summer, my husband and I ended long -distance running and entered the palace of marriage. After marriage, I was happy and happy. I asked the nanny to take care of it after pregnancy.

My husband and I met in the freshman year. At first, I was just an ordinary friend. My husband was one meter tall, exquisite facial features, and I could only secretly like him. When he was a sophomore, he broke up with his girlfriend.To comfort him, once he was drunk, he suddenly confessed to me. Although it was surprising, I agreed happily.

After two years of secret, I finally got together. I cherish him very much, save living expenses for him to buy clothes. He likes to play basketball. I applaud him every time I have the most loud shouts.Go to the library to read a book together. For three years in college, his companionship has made my campus life happy and sweet.

We love each other. After graduation, we are going to get married, but my parents do not agree. The husband’s family is in the countryside.In the year, I believe my husband depends on.

I have been to my husband’s house, adobe room, there are few furniture in the house, and it is very old. The in -laws are good. I am very enthusiastic about me. My mother -in -law gave me a red envelope. Although I was only two hundred yuan, I was very moved.

My parents love me, and seeing that my heart is decisive, let my husband enter the family company to work. The family takes care of her husband. Various raises, my husband is diligent in hard work.Looking at the eyes, I also started to appreciate my husband.

Shortly after marriage, I was pregnant. My husband asked me to give birth at home. Looking at the bigger and bigger belly, I have imagined the happy life of children countless times.There are many things in the company, and the husband is very busy. The in -laws are old and do not want to trouble them. Her husband proposed to ask the nanny to take care of me to give birth.

I contacted a few nanny. Although I was old, I was honest. I was satisfied, but my husband said no. After looking for several days before and after, a 24 -year -old girl came.I agreed too.

The house in the house is big, and the nanny lives in a special room. Although she is young, she is diligent and diligent, her facial features are exquisite, and her figure is very good. Based on conditions, she can find a better job. However, she said that her family was poor., I have always been a nanny, maybe I am almost young, I sympathize with her, and I usually treat her well.

During pregnancy, my husband bought me various supplements. Bird’s nest, ginseng, etc. should be uninterrupted. He went home late. In order to not affect my rest, he moved to live.Summary of complex emotions.

Once, I asked her to clean up the closet, but she could arrange the clothes in order at the level of the price.I drank water in the living room, and when I heard the voice of my husband and nanny when I was passing by, I stopped subconsciously.

Husband said: We are over, I have a wise wife now, you go!The nanny said: You don’t love her, otherwise why do you live separately, you still have me in your heart, let’s be together!My husband got up and said: Everything has passed. We have a family, and I only have Xiaolin (my nickname) in my heart.After speaking, her husband got out of the door.

I gathered in the room and quickly returned to the room, but my husband came in. I pretended to be awakened. He hugged me and said: I ca n’t sleep in the next lying. I have you sleeping well!That night, I had a dream!The next day, the nanny said that there was something to resign at home.

I gave her a month’s salary. I thank her very much. She made me understand that my husband had only me in her heart, and she was glad to find the right person. Later, my son was born. My husband and I have a better relationship.Its fun.


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