After her lover was pregnant, my ex -wife and I divorced, but now they have been retributed

The reader’s letter said:

When I got married with my ex -wife, I was still working at her father’s company.Just because my ex -wife and my company were in her company, my ex -wife began to pursue me.Although I don’t agree with my ex -wife’s appearance, I know clearly that as long as I can get married with my ex -wife, I will inevitably live a life of clothing and food in my life.During my love with my ex -wife, I also cared about this relationship carefully because I wanted to grasp this rare marriage.

When I was married to my ex -wife, not only did I not have to worry about Cai Li, her parents also helped us buy a new house. When my ex -wife was confinement, my parents also took my parents to serve the ex -wife confinement.At the same time, his ex -wife parents also helped my parents buy a house in the same community.

In a blink of an eye, I have been married to my ex -wife for 9 years. During this time, my biggest change: Against the help of my ex -wife father, I have my own company.Followed by: there are more friends around me, and my entertainment has become more. In addition, I am outstanding in appearance, and there are many girls who like me.At this time, I started to lose myself and developed a lover with a young and beautiful woman, and the other party was still pregnant.Later, the lover was unwilling to deal with the child, so he went to my family to make a noise, in exchange for the result of the divorce of me and my ex -wife.When I divorced my ex -wife, I only left the company I founded.

I originally thought that with my efforts at the career level, I could at least live a hungry life.In fact, after the divorce of my ex -wife, many previous partners will not cooperate with me. During the period, the reasons they give are about two types: 1) I think my character is not good; 2), I don’t consider doing business with me at all.

In the face of the decline in business, I am a little impetuous. In addition, the lover’s Xiao Aojiao in front of me has led me to quarrel between me and my lover.In the end, the lover handed the child and left me.After turning around, I returned to the more ordinary origin. I really contributed.

Muzi Li Emotional Analysis:

In fact, many people understand that when they live more selfish, they may make themselves more comfortable in a short time, but why do many people still hold gratitude in their lives?Due to life is a continuation process.During this period, a person’s reputation is particularly important. Once a person’s reputation is broken, it will inevitably go downhill at the career level.There will be a series of chain reactions: 1) the number of money to make money is less; 2) your own mood is worse; 3) Some people who are close to you because you have been strong; 4) you) you) you) you) youParents, children, and lover will also be affected.So, to be a good person and work hard to become the principle that people need to follow in their lives.

Although many times, people’s presentation in life will be this situation: it is not related to their own high.But we cannot ignore another phenomenon: good things can’t go out, bad things spread thousands of miles.For example: the best in a certain field, because the private life did not inspect points, and was eventually resisted by many people.In fact, the existence of this person may not have a direct interest in those who resist him, but people have the minimum moral standards in their hearts.In this world, people who hate people are more hate: 1) those who are not loyal to legal lover; 2) people who cannot show filial piety before their parents; 3) Forgotten people.To this end, we must have awe at the level of human beings and believe that cause and effect should really exist.

At the beginning, although you were the active pursuit of your ex -wife, although your ex -wife values your face value, she is also using her rich family to exchange at the equivalent exchange with you.In fact, after you get married, your ex -wife not only does not let you take the pressure to buy a house, but also help your parents buy a house, and your ex -wife father still gives you a lot of help in his career.There is only one reason for all this: I hope you are good to your ex -wife and let your marriage life develop in the direction of happiness.Unfortunately, after your career is small, you have forgotten the book. What is worse is that you even make your lover pregnant.As for why the lover is close to you and rely on you, you know that the composition of money is much more than the composition of love.

In fact, the lover eventually broke up with you, not because you can’t tolerate her Xiao Aojiao, but to see the affection of you without your ex -wife’s shelter.As an adult, we must understand things: when you are out of the platform you are more good at, you are very small existence. Only by finding a platform that can perform your own ability can you show your ability.Maybe you have uniqueness at the level of business, but you also need to admit that you can have today’s achievements, and it is inseparable from the platform that your former father -in -law helps you set up.After your divorce with your ex -wife, your former father -in -law will not continue to help you. At this time, someone will take care of your former father -in -law’s face, no longer cooperate with you, and some people look down on your character.

In our lives, we often meet such people. They have outstanding business skills in their own fields, but because of their private life, they have eventually become street mice.It is also believed that after they could not continue to show their hands in their fields, they also regretted particularly at some time they had not checked their unsuccessful points, but found that time could not flow back and no regret medicine to eat.However, when everyone is doing a betrayal of marriage, it is clear that betrayal of marriage is a less glorious thing, but because they are low in their own control, they fail to control themselves.In this case, shouldn’t you bear the corresponding responsibility for your wrong behavior?At this time, you can only sigh: a good hand, beaten by yourself.

If you do something wrong, you should be punished, but not everyone will still have a chance to come back after they know the mistakes.In particular, some people who have had high light moments, after re -opening the living mode of ordinary people, although not to become a starving ghost, the backwardness of the social status level will cause themselves to suffer greatly at the spiritual level.Just like: I lived a life of living in a house, driving a luxury car, and being respected by the people around me, but one day I was so disappointed that no one asked, and I even bowed their heads to the people around me.Often the most torture.In this case, some people with a general pressure resistance will even do a regrettable thing.To this end, when you have a certain social status, you should pay more attention to your private life.

Editor’s words:

Sometimes, we have made some small mistakes in our lives, and we may get the forgiveness of the people around us, so that some people will have such a fluent. No matter how much it is, we can get the results of being forgiven, but I ignore it.Everyone will have their own bottom line in their hearts, or they ignore the room for being a person.Once you are not checked in life, you can finally retribute, and you can only accept yourself.

The most common phenomenon: Any parents want to study well during school.As a result of this result: 1) With the growth of age, people gradually feel the importance of knowledge; 2) when they are looking for a job and often touch the wall, they deeply feel that knowledge can change the truth of destiny; 3) hope that children can childrenBe hard through the cold windows of more than ten years to strive for a decent future for yourself.For this reason, people who have not been able to study well during school will eventually regret it.

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