After giving birth, will menstruation "ovulate"?How long is the "safety period" after childbirth?

After a woman’s pregnancy, the most obvious signal is that menstruation stops, which means that after ten months of pregnancy, menstruation will not harass again, and even after giving birth, there will be no menstruation for a while, which makes many women feel happy.But after giving birth to a child, after a certain time, menstruation will slowly return.Regarding menstruation after birth, some women have many questions. For example, will menstruation "ovulate" after giving birth?How long is the "safety period" after childbirth?

After giving birth to a child, if a woman breastfeeds, at this time, the secretion of glandular hormone secretion will be stimulated, and then ovarian ovulation will be suppressed. This will cause the menstrual recovery to slower.It is easy to cause accidental pregnancy.If you do not breastfeed after giving birth, the body’s hormone recovers faster, so menstruation will recover earlier.

Because the constitution between people is different, the time of menstruation recovery and the time of ovulation with ovarian recovery may occur.In other words, the ovary may have recovered, but the menstruation has not recovered, or after the menstrual recovery, the ovary is recovering ovulation. Both of these situations may exist.Therefore, as long as the husband and wife live after giving birth, you should take contraceptive measures. Do not think that menstruation does not come and will not get pregnant.

After a woman has a child, the 4-6 weeks after giving birth can not live a husband and wife, because after giving birth to a child, the woman’s body is very weak, and the resistance and immunity are poor.It is easy to cause gynecological inflammation, so there is no so -called postpartum safety period.

Therefore, it is best to have the same room after 2-3 months after giving birth, and before the same room, you must go to the hospital for a detailed examination. If the maternal body is recovered, and then the same room, this is the responsibility of the woman’s body.Do you have other questions about this, can you leave a message in the comment area below.

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