After giving birth to a child, some people are afraid of cold, and some people are afraid of heat.

After giving birth, Baoma will find a series of changes in her body, some become susceptible to illness, some become afraid of cold, heat, etc., and the quality of life has a great impact.

1. After giving birth to a child, afraid of cold

Some Baoma became particularly afraid of cold after giving birth. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner in summer, and it is cold to blow a fan; in winter, it is cold in hand and feet, and it is not warm.

The reason why the postpartum is afraid of coldness because women are in a state of qi and blood deficiency after giving birth to a child. The blood circulation is poor, and the hands and feet are in a cold state, which seems particularly chills.

Bao Ma’s confinement was not done well. During the confinement of the confinement, cold water, cold water, etc., can easily lead to cold into the body. Not only is the body afraid of cold, but it will also leave the shoulder joints.The situation will be more serious.

2. After giving birth to a child, afraid of heat

Some Baoma is not only chilling after giving birth to a child, but she is afraid of heat. Could it be that it is so good during confinement?

In fact, this is not the case. During the birth of Bao Ma, a lot of physical strength and vitality consumed, and the body was weak, because the postpartum will occur after childbirth, blood deficiency, blood and weakness, and the reason why there is a manifestation of heat is actually the deficiency heat that appears in physique poor constitution.How sweat is a manifestation of the body without conditioning.

Three, have a child with a child

There is no benefit of having a child. Many Baoma said that after giving birth to a child, she has a child about two centimeters, and her heart is beautiful.

There are two ways to grow tall during pregnancy. One is that the Bao Ma bone line has not been completely closed. It has a lot of rich nutrition during pregnancy, so there is a possibility of growth;

Another saying is that the stomach of the expectant mother during pregnancy increases, and in order to keep the center of gravity balance, the body will be in a backward gesture.If the expectant mother had a bad posture such as humpback before, it was corrected after pregnancy, so that the back was straight, so that it seemed to have an increased effect visually.

If you want a good constitution after giving birth, Baoma must pay attention to confinement. During the confinement period, you must not be cold, blow off, cannot blow cold water, maintain a good mentality, avoid too much tiredness, so as to promote physical recovery and have good constitution as soon as possible.

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