After female friends are pregnant, try not to have these three small movements, which may affect fetal development

For the vast majority of female friends, or the entire family, pregnancy is a very important thing. In order to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers and babies in the belly, pregnant mothers will give up their jobs and keep their fetus at home.The family members are delicious and delicious to wait for the pregnant mother. I dare not let the pregnant mother touch any heavy work. Sometimes, we may feel that female friends are a little exaggerated during pregnancy, but this is not the case.

Even obstetricians and gynecologists will tell pregnant women and mothers to exercise strenuous exercise during pregnancy, but in addition to strenuous exercise, there are some seemingly common small movements, which may also cause a lot of trouble to the fetus and Baoma in the abdomen.

Small movement 1: Bend over or waist activity

In our daily activities, there are many activities that let us bend over, but if you are pregnant, you cannot do it again, because bending over or other waist activities will drive and squeeze the abdomen fat, organs and fetuses.A small movement that is bland may cause big trouble to the baby.

For the first time, for Baoma, who is already very "prominent" in the body, bending is also very risky to her. As the belly becomes larger and the germs of the pregnant mother will move forward, and suddenly bending is very large.The probability will cause pregnant women to fall, which will bring greater trouble.

Small movement 2: Shake your legs or Li Erlang’s legs

When many people are sitting, they can’t help shaking their legs, or raised Erlang’s legs, but this is not friendly for pregnant women, especially the legs of Erylang, which will make the entire body of the pregnant mother shift, plus plusFrom the gravity of the belly, the spine of pregnant women will become extremely difficult.At the same time, the long -term irregular sitting position may also change the baby’s fetal position, which is not conducive to smooth delivery.

So when Baoma wants to sit down, do it well, do not move or stir up the legs of Erlang, or make other messy postures.

Small movement 3: Sitting for a long time

Perhaps some Baoma would think in her heart that since I let me do nothing, I was doing the head office quietly, but the investigation found that pregnant women will still have a lot of hidden dangers for a long time.First of all, of course, it will affect the pregnant mother itself. Sitting for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the lower body, and it will also cause trouble to the gastrointestinal tract of the pregnant mother.And because the baby lives in the amniotic fluid in the mother’s belly, the pregnant mothers who have been sitting for a long time cause the lower body blood circulation, and naturally will also affect the baby’s oxygen supply cycle, which can seriously lead to "dead tires".

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should move appropriately during pregnancy to avoid these bad habits above and pay attention to their own safety.

Finally, I hope that pregnant mothers can give birth smoothly, mother and child are safe!If you think this article is useful to you, you may wish to share it with more friends!

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