After eating oranges during pregnancy, children are yellow?Can I eat oranges during pregnancy?After reading it, you can understand

After pregnancy, the healthy development of babies in the abdomen is very important, so many pregnant mothers have high requirements for diet after pregnancy. Many foods will check it before eating.If you find which food is not good for your child’s development, you will control it even if you want to eat it.

In the early pregnancy, many mother -in -law’s pregnancy reactions were more serious. They like to eat sour foods to stimulate appetite, such as oranges.But considering the color of oranges, many people say that eating too much will make children’s skin yellow, so pregnant mothers dare not eat. Is there a scientific basis for this statement?

When Miao Miao was just pregnant, she was more pregnant.There is no appetite for eating, but considering the child’s development problem, you still need to eat it yourself.

Before pregnancy, Miao Miao likes oranges, especially in winter in the north.Miao Miao eats the sweet and sour orange can make her appetite better, and what is magical is that they can appropriately relieve pregnancy, so the orange during pregnancy is Miao Miao’s favorite.

Finally, the child was born. After the discharge, the mother -in -law came to take care of Miao Miao. When she saw that the child said that the child’s skin was yellow, it must be related to eating too much oranges during pregnancy.It was said that Miao Miao was not taken seriously, but always said that Miao Miao began to worry.

Take the child to the hospital for examination. The doctor told Miao Miao’s child’s yellow skin to be jaundice. It has nothing to do with eating oranges during pregnancy.Hearing the scientific explanation of the doctor, the mother -in -law finally stopped saying anything.

The taste of oranges is sweet and sour, and it is also good for pregnant women to eat oranges.1. Orange is rich in vitamins, which is helpful for improving the body’s immunity; 2. The fiber contained in oranges can help defecation. Many pregnant women have difficulty in defecation after pregnancy. Eating oranges can help.

Therefore, the ingredients in oranges are not unfavorable for pregnant women, so during pregnancy, pregnant women can rest assured to eat oranges.

Control amount

Although oranges are warm, the sugar containing is relatively rich. If you eat too much, it will easily cause fire and dryness, which will aggravate the discomfort during pregnancy.

It has an impact on the teeth

The taste of the oranges is sore. Eating too much for the teeth will have a certain damage. So after eating oranges, remember to rinse your mouth in time. The number of pregnant mothers should not eat more than 3 every day.

Foods that cannot be eaten together

Orange and carrots are not suitable for eating together. In the case of empty stomach, eat less oranges to prevent excessive acidic problems in the stomach.Although the orange peel can soak water after drying, it has the effect of eliminating dampness and phlegm, but the fresh orange peel does not have this effect.

Fresh orange peel is soaked in water, and it will also cause stimulation to the stomach, especially the gastrointestinal function will become weak after pregnancy. It is not recommended to drink water with orange peel.

After pregnancy, the constitution is relatively special. Some foods really easily cause physical changes, so it is better to be cautious.

Like papaya, papaya is not recommended to eat.Because papaya contains female hormones, if it is eaten by the pregnant mother, it will affect the hormones in the body, especially the progesterone value in the early pregnancy mothers in the early pregnancy. After eating papaya, the progesterone value will become more.Low, risk of threatened abortion.

There are also manga and cattled peaches. After pregnancy, the spleen and stomach function of mothers are relatively weak. Eating cold foods can easily cause diarrhea.Don’t look at the large number of manga, but the degree of content is far more than a watermelon.

At the same time, there are hawthorn. Hawthorn must be avoided by pregnant women, including some related foods of hawthorn, because hawthorn can stimulate the shrinkage of the uterus, cause miscarriage in the early pregnancy, and cause premature birth in the third trimester. It is still dangerous for pregnant mothers.

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