After eating crayfish, the pregnant mother acute pancreatitis is admitted to the hospital

Red Net Moment News June 5th (correspondent Huang Huan Liang Chaoming) In the summer, the food season for eating crayfish also came.Recently, the Department of Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province has continuously treated two pregnant mothers who were admitted to the hospital because of full meals. Fortunately, they were treated in a timely manner, and their mother and child were safe.

Ms. Tian, 28, has been taken care of by her family since she became pregnant, and her daily diet is quite abundant.Today, Ms. Tian has been pregnant for more than 39 weeks. She has survived her gestational diabetes and hyperlipidemia. She looks like her mother.But who knows that when happiness is coming, a lobster dinner has made Ms. Tian experience the thrill of "illness".

According to Ms. Tian’s memories, dinner that day, she couldn’t hold back the delicious temptation. She not only ate about 4 pounds of crayfish, but also had food and other foods such as cheese cakes.Originally thought that it was about to come, eat a meal and reward yourself.Unexpectedly, abdominal pain and vomiting appeared that night. At the local hospital, he found that hematuria starchyase was significantly higher. He suspected of acute pancreatitis. Considering the severe condition, he then moved to the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment.

After the consultation of Ms. Tian, Li Qing, a doctor on duty that night, asked the medical history and carefully examined it. Considering that the pregnancy was combined with acute pancreatitis, and immediately reported the director of the department.Ms. Tian was in critical condition. The doctor considers that the fetus in her abdomen was 39+ weeks after her abdomen, and she decided to stop her pregnancy immediately.Before the operation, the Provincial Maternal Medical Medicine Department urgently connected the hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery, anesthesiology, ICU, and neonatal experts to consult, and formulated a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.On the same day, Ms. Tian had a cesarean section. She gave birth to a male treasure smoothly, weighed 8 pounds and 2 two. Fortunately, her mother and son were safe.After surgery, Ms. Tian stayed in the ICU to continue treatment. The symptoms gradually disappeared. The hematuria amylase was returned to normal.

Coincidentally, two days ago, the provincial mother -of -child production one had successfully cured a pregnant woman with acute pancreatitis.Ms. Yu, 26, was also admitted to the symptoms of abdominal pain and vomiting due to full lobster after a full meal. Blood found that her bloody blood collection was a thick layer of white grease.For 18 times the normal value, serum amylase and urine amylase indexes are also many times higher than the normal value.Although Ms. Yu’s fetus was only 33+ weeks of pregnancy, her condition was critical. The discussion of multi -disciplinary discipline in the provincial women and children immediately performed a cesarean section surgery for her. At present, her mother and child are safe and Ms. Yu is also increasingly recovering.

Although the crayfish is delicious, pregnant women cannot be greedy.Why are pregnant women more likely to get pancreatitis?Jiang Yurong, director of the first department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province, introduced that in recent years, the proportion of maternal mothers with gallstone and high glycerin semiamia has increased significantly, and the prevalence of pregnancy and acute pancreatitis has also increased.Bile concentration during pregnancy is easy to form, and it is easy to induce biliary pancreatitis. During pregnancy, it is affected by multiple hormones. Pregnant women’s high protein, high -fat intake, and triglyceride triglycelets in the third trimester have significantly increased.Sexual pancreatitis.Jiang Yurong said that pregnant mothers in the third trimester should pay special attention. As the uterus increases in the third trimester, inflammatory stimuli can induce contractions, pre -child contraction, etc. often abdominal pain caused by pancreatitis during pregnancy can be misdiagnosed., Premature birth, dead fetuses, etc., causing multi -organ failure in maternal dynamics, endangering the life of the mother’s birth.

Jiang Yurong reminds you of pregnant mothers that you should diet and diet lightly during pregnancy to avoid various high -fat soups. Do not overeating; expectant mothers with gallstones recommend pre -pregnancy surgery to treat gallstone;Should seek medical treatment in time, diagnose and treat early, and reduce the occurrence of severe pancreatitis.

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