After drunk and her ex -shelter rolling sheets, she was pregnant (middle)

Since the drunken incident, Song Panning has never seen Lu Zechuan again.

Although she didn’t meet, she had heard a lot about him.

I heard that Lu Zichuan, the young master of Lu’s Group, returned from abroad and officially took over family businesses.

Not only did Lu Zichuan have money, but the key people are also very handsome. They are as cold as the domineering president in the novel and are full of aura.

These were heard by Song Panning from the little girl in the company.

When she heard these, she laughed and had to admit that Lu Zichuan did have a little look, otherwise he would not make herself so unforgettable.

Song Pan Ning has followed a large project recently, and he is busy all day long.

And I do n’t know what happened. Recently, the appetite is particularly bad, and the whole person has lost weight.

On this day, when the company met, she suddenly committed disgusting, and she rushed into the bathroom.

"Director Song, are you okay?"

She waved his hand, "It’s okay, maybe I have been eating irregular recently, and a little stomach disease."

"Oh, Director Song, I know you have no boyfriend. Otherwise, I think you are pregnant, after all, you are exactly the same as the symptoms of my original pregnancy."

The words of his subordinates surprised Song Panning.In recent days, she has often been disgusting and vomiting, but she thought that she was too busy recently caused by irregular diet, and she didn’t take it at all.

As soon as others said, she couldn’t help wondering if she was pregnant.

She got off work early in the afternoon and bought a pregnancy test stick at the pharmacy.The next day was measured, it really was two bars.

This is undoubtedly a thunderbolt for her, but she was afraid that the pregnancy test stick was not allowed. She went to the hospital.

When the results of the results, Song Pan Ning looked at those expectant mothers with a happy look.

She is also a little moving, maybe a child, and life will become a bit happy.

As a result, she was pregnant.

To be honest, she was panicked about the child’s sudden arrival. She didn’t know how to decide the stay of this little life.

But in any case, she decided to tell Lu Zichuan, after all, there was a responsibility that belonged to him.

Standing downstairs in Lu’s, she took a deep breath.Then walk in.

Let the front desk help to inform, she wore flat shoes after learning that she was pregnant.

Wearing jeans T -shirts, like a college student.

When Lu Zechuan came out, he saw Song Pan Ning sitting on the sofa with a well -behaved manner. Suddenly he seemed to see her during college, well -behaved and cute.

"Why are you here, what’s the matter to find me?"

Subsequent assistant said that for the first time he heard the boss speak with such a gentle voice.

No wonder he said that a lady named Song asked him, and the boss left the person in the room for a while.It seems that the boss is interesting to Miss Song.

"Well, it’s a bit of a matter of finding you, go to your office." Song Panning looked around.

These employees have long been curious to stretch their necks.


Lu Zichuan’s office is very similar to his style, simple atmosphere, and a bit cold.

Song Pan Ning sat on the sofa and pulled out the checklist in the bag and handed it to him.

"What is this? You, are you pregnant?" Lu Zichuan was also shocked.

"Well, the doctor said it was almost two months. Today I was looking for you to ask you, after all, this is not my responsibility alone."

"I, my opinion." Lu Zichuan’s voice brought a bit unbelievable.


"I, I want him, I want this child."

Song Pan Ning didn’t expect that he didn’t even think about it, and wanted to leave the child, she thought for a while.

In the past few minutes she thought, Lu Zichuan was nervous to sweat his palm. He was afraid that he had been so bastard. She was hurt by him. She might not want to have a baby for herself.

He can’t wait to return to the past and kill the arrogant self.

"To be honest, Lu Zichuan I like children very much. However, to leave him, my work, life, and the body will change a lot. I don’t know if I can bear these changes. For the future, I really don’t knowwhat to do?"

When Song Pan Ning showed a blank expression in front of him, Lu Zichuan’s heart was softened.

He knows that he is very selfish to leave his child, and he wants to use the child to break the painful past between the two.

But he didn’t consider standing on her stand.

He squatted in front of her, "I’m sorry, I’m too selfish. You can do it for your child’s affairs, after all, stay or leave, and it is you who hurt. But, no matter what you make, I will support you","

Song Panning stayed in his office for a long time, and he would return after he opened it.

She suddenly said, "Lu Zechuan, I think. Let’s leave him."

Lu Zichuan stepped forward and hugged her, his voice trembled: "Thank you, thank you."

To be continued … Praise and follow

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