After drinking sugar -free drinks for so many years, it is wrong after all …

Possible carcinogenic

After drinking for so many years of sugar -free drinks, it seems that it is wrong after all.International Cancer Research Institutes, WHO, and Food Adjustice Joint Expert Committee of the Food Additives of Food and Agricultural Organization officially announced on the 14th that Asba Sweet may cause cancer to humans.

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Asba is a kind of artificial sweetener, with low calories, 1/200 of sucrose, but 200 times the sweetness of the sucrose.

Because of low calories and high sweetness, Asba is used in many drinks and foods.For example, many people often drink Coca -Cola Zero, Coca -Cola Fiber+, Pepsi Light Coca -Cola, Arrow Sugarless Gum.

In fact, not only Asba sweets, but also many artificial sweeteners who are usually "happy to see" are also identified as less.As early as May of this year, the WHO issued a new guide on non -sugar sweeter agents. It is recommended that most people avoid eating Ansai Mi, Asba Sweet, Sugar, Sinose, Sweet Chrysanthemum, etc.Sugar sweetener.

However, don’t worry too much about sugar-free drink enthusiasts. The WHO and Food Additives Joint Expert Committee (JECFA) released by the WHO and Food and Agriculture Organization Food Additives (JECFA) showed the health assessment results of Asba sweet.Adults with a sugar-free drink and weighing 140 pounds drink 9-14 cans every day to cause carcinogenic risk.Below, intake is within the limit of safety.

But then, in modern society, consumers have too much energy from food, surpassing the normal needs of the human body.In this case, as a sucrose replacement, artificial sweeteners may really make people want to say that it is not easy to break up.

Suggest everyone:

First, pay attention to see the ingredients table when buying food and drink so that you can know it.

Second, control."Putting the toxicity of the dosage is a hooligan." Artificial sweeteners cannot be eaten at all, but the amount should be less.Bleak

Third, do not have high expectations for losing weight for sugar -free foods and beverages.The key to weight loss is to control the balance of revenue and expenditure of total energy.If you eat sugar -free foods and drink drinks, you don’t exercise with meat while eating meat. It is unlikely to lose weight.

Who can replace Asba sweet?Shandong China!

In addition to Asba sweet, there is also a new top flow in the "sugar generation industry" in the past two years: red moss.Bleak

In the global moss glycol market, 5 companies occupy 95%of the market share, of which 3 are in Shandong, namely: ternary biology, bowling, and Zhucheng Dongxiao.The report shows that the output of these three Shandong enterprises accounts for about 70%of the global total.

Before Asba’s sweet "cancer involving cancer", red moss glycol gone through a difficult day:

On the one hand, moss glycol is more expensive.According to media reports, if you want to reach the sweetness of 1 kg of sucrose, the cost of Asba is 0.3 yuan, and the moss glycol requires 21 yuan, which is about 70 times that of Asba’s sweetness.

On the other hand, due to the "close competition" of the three Shandong companies, the expansion of the moss glycol industry has seriously led to excess supply, the "mutual volume" between enterprises, the market price has plummeted, and the stock price of listed companies is sluggish.

On July 10, the investigation record form released by the ternary creature bluntly stated: "The price of the red mossal alcohol industry has not ended. The recovery of the entire industry is expected to go through the market cycle of 3-5 years. At least wait until next year to the next year.After half a year, most new manufacturers have transferred production and old manufacturers have compressed some production capacity. The supply and demand gradually restore the balance, so that the price of red moss glycol can return to a relatively reasonable level. "

However, the domestic red moss glycol giants have always been confident in market prospects.In January 2022, the ternary biology said in the GEM IPO online road show:

"The market size of sugar -free products will maintain a rapid growth trend, and the supply demand for the subsequent market will increase rapidly on the supply of chimotol products. According to the prediction data of Shalin, from 2020 to 2024, the world’s global moss glycotol demand will be 22.1 with 22.1The average annual compound growth rate will increase further. It is estimated that by 2024, the global global chimotol demand will reach 238,000 tons. "

Author: Li Xiaoyu

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