After doing the "Genghong Girl" all night, the buttocks were painful and uncomfortable the next day. Is this what?

Supply source: Yin Shaozheng and Wang Zhenni of Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Popular science guidance: Chen Xiaoli, a Department of Endoglining Department of Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Many people pay attention to body management

Like sports fitness

Summer is here, rolling up the boom of exercise

Fire Liu Genghong’s fitness live broadcast

Many people join it

Become "Genghong Girl"

People who have exercise everyday have no discomfort to participate, but many people usually lack exercise exercise, and they feel uncomfortable when they really exercise.Some "Genghong Girls" were injured without practicing mermaid lines and vest lines.Recently, a "Genghong Girl" Xiao Luo was diagnosed. Yesterday, she danced the "Compendium of Materia Medica". She was difficult to walk the next day and was helped to the hospital.


Patient Xiao Luo

After the dancing dance, he was limping and limped, feeling as if a leg was short, his right buttocks hurt, and his right foot could not lift Erlang’s legs.What’s going on here?

According to the pelvic positive position, the height of the bilateral iliac, hip bone width, and closing of the pelvic bilateral iconic iliac can be seen. These symptoms are caused by the dislocation of sacroiliac joints.


The patients on both sides of the Xiao Luo bed were dislocated by the sacroiliac joints.One is caused by postpartum. During the effect of endocrine during pregnancy and postpartum, the sacroiliac joints are relaxed, the sacroiliac joint surface is stretched during pregnancy, the infant output, the abdominal pressure drop, and the sacroiliac joints are in an instant.Facing the collapse and the formation of wrong seams, causing continuous pain in one side of the lumbosacral and lower waist.The other was driving a traffic jam for an hour. The right foot movement changed frequently brakes and refueling, and caused by the sacroiliac joint.

The disease is also called sacroiliac joint error seams, sacroiliac joint sprains, sacroiliac joint disorders, sacroiliac joint injury, etc., which belongs to the category of Chinese medicine "gaps out of grooves, bone error seams", and "cracks wrong seams".

It is mainly under the internal cause of the ligament of the surrounding sacroiliac joints. It is caused by the dislocation of sacroiliac joints caused by acute sprains, postpartum, long -term dwarf stools, leaders, and bending overpower.This disease is not uncommon. Clinically 13%-30%of lower waist and leg pain is caused by the disease, which is particularly easy to confuse "lumbar disc herniation".

The main clinical symptoms:

Lower low back pain, accompanied by pain on one side or waist and hips on both sides, bending, turning, and lying on his back to exacerbate the pain.

There is a long and short leg, often holding hips, and the affected limbs are difficult to put on their legs and wear shoes and socks.

The lumbosacral region is weak and weak, and often uses the hand to support the affected side, or often changes the sitting position.

In front of the sacroiliac joint, there is a side -sympathetic nerve fiber issued by the 节 2 to 4 nerves to form the pelvic nerve and the sympathetic nerve fiber that extends from the waist to form nerve clies, dominate the colon, sigmoid colon, rectum and urinary, and reproductive organs.Therefore, severe cases have symptoms of dysfunction of pelvic organs, such as lower abdomen and stuffy discomfort, perineal discomfort, dysmenorrhea, etc.

Treatment: Rich method, loosen the muscles of the waist and hip.

Lumbar joint disorders of lumbar spine

Rehabilitation sacroiliac joint dislocation.

The tendon needle dredge the meridians to relieve the muscle spasm of the waist and hip.

After a course of treatment of massage and tendon, the "Genghong Girl" Xiao Luo’s waist and hip pain disappeared and walked normally.

Fitness operation seems to be simple. In fact, the amount of exercise is still very strong.

Proper "touch fish"

Avoid exercise damage

Department introduction

The Department of Warbers Injury is a specialty of Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was chaired by Professor Chen Xiaoluo. It was founded in 2007. It has existing business in the Futian Hospital District and Acupuncture Hospital (1st Clinic).There are 3 sub -special specialties of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, youth spine health center, sports injury diagnosis and treatment specialty, and 4 specialized diagnosis rooms: cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, spinal side bending, and knee paralysis.

Specialty talents are good, the echelon is reasonable, has strong strength in clinical, teaching, and scientific research, and has a high reputation and influence in China.In 2018, the Department of Orthopedics of our hospital introduced the Master of Chinese Medicine orthopedic injury injuries of the Chinese Medicine orthopedic injury injury team affiliated to Ruikang Hospital of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.There are 1 outstanding Chinese medicine medicine in Shenzhen, 1 master’s tutor, one inherited from the inheritance of the inheritance of the academic experience in Shenzhen famous Chinese medicine experts; 2 chief physicians, 2 deputy chief physicians, 9 attending physicians, 1 physician, rehabilitation, recoveryThere are 3 therapists and 2 nurses; 2 doctors, 8 masters, and a total of 19 medical staff.The college has presided over 1 national natural issue, three national and provincial and cities, and participated in more than 30 topics at all levels. 5 editor -in -chief and deputy editor -in -chief published 5 monographs.One, published more than 100 papers in professional academic journals.

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