After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, do I want to contact my predecessor?what should I do?

As far as your question is concerned, you are talking about breaking up rather than divorce, so you should be that there is no marriage during the love stage.Well, this child is not suitable.

So you have to relax your mentality first. This is not as serious as you think.Nowadays, people are not as feudal as before. When many girls are in love, it is normal for accidents to get pregnant.But pregnancy is one aspect, and children are another aspect.Your current situation is not recommended to have this child.So what you need to do is to find a regular gynecological hospital to perform a small operation.

As for your predecessor, if he is a scumbag, I suggest you not tell him.Because he is responsible for the possibility of responsibility.And he was afraid he would say it would be said to others after he knew it.This is not good for yourself.In this case, the less people know, the better.

If you think others are okay, I think you should contact him, because after all, he is responsible.So what you need to do is to contact your predecessor and tell him that you are pregnant, the child is his.Then you ask him what to do?The best result is that he has made money and accompanies you to the hospital for surgery.But no matter who accompanies you, the end result is faced by yourself.This is your own business. Don’t think about others to help you.Including your predecessor.

If in case, your predecessor turned to marry you for your child.I don’t recommend that you want this child.But the world is unpredictable.This is to grasp it yourself.

Finally, some precautions for surgery: First, you must find a regular hospital. Do not go to those private or Putian hospitals, which are very vulnerable.You can go to municipal -level obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, or regular hospitals such as maternal and child health hospitals.

Second, try not to abortion.Although this looks convenient, it hurts a lot of damage, and it is also easy to affect future fertility.So normal painless.

Third, it is best to find someone to accompany you. It is best to take a few days after the operation.Baidu yourself, check more information.Conduct your body according to your own situation.Generally, it is basically normal after a week.

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