After a thin face needle, how long can I see my face thin?

What is the big face experience?

Obviously there is only 88 pounds of weight, but just looking at the face, people think you have 108 pounds.Face -to -face needle and thin face can make you look like 88 pounds.So, what do you need to figure out before you thin your face?

How to judge the masseter muscle is not big?

You can tighten your teeth, and then touch the muscles on both sides of your cheeks with your hands. If the muscles can be pressed, it is the masseter hypertrophy.So, where is the masseter muscles? Please look at the picture: Press the red position with your hands, grit your teeth hard, and then release (repeat the gritter and loose movement). If you move the muscles, it is the masseter muscle.

Several stages of experience after injection thin face needle

1.1 Weekly softening muscles;

2. After the injection of 2 to 4 weeks, the patient feels that the muscles become thinner, and the effect of thinning the face at first;

3.10 ~ 12 weeks, the effect of thin face is the most obvious;

4.12 weeks later, muscle activity begins to appear;

After 5.16 weeks, muscle volume gradually increased.

Everyone may know that after the face -to -face needle is injected multiple times, the effect maintenance time will be prolonged, so how long does the second injection interval?

The secondary injection interval should be 4 to 7 months. In order to achieve a longer -lasting face -thin effect, it should be injected again when the masseter muscles recover from the beginning.

Those who are not suitable for thin face needles

1. Patients with high cheekbones and obvious lower jaw angles: After the masseter muscle atrophy, the cheekbones appear higher, and the mandibular bones of the external projection are more obvious;

2. Patients with a lot of fats under facial skin: Because the fat is thick, the muscle reduction is not easy to appear.This situation is feasible for facial liposuction.

3. The large square face with a large corner of the mandibular bone requires bone grinding surgery.

How to keep the effect of thin face needles lasting longer?

Seriously, it continues to fight for a while, and the maintenance time does become longer.But more importantly, every time you finish the thin face needle, eat less hard shell and chewy things, such as nuts, gum, etc., exercise your masseter muscles less, and the face -to -face effect will be more lasting.

I heard that botulinum toxin will become stiff when your face is hit?

If the dose is normal and the injection specifications are certain, it will definitely not!But if you use fakes, errors, over -injection, etc., there are terrible consequences that are inestimable!Therefore, injecting botulinum toxin must be cautious and cautious in the choice of hospitals and doctors!

Can I really fix the face -to -face needle three times?

Studies have proved that the beauty seekers who have more than 3 times with a thin face needle will indeed be greatly extended when the maintenance time of the face -to -face effect will be greatly extended! The beauty seekers who have injected more than three times. Generally speakingThere is a saying that you can set it 3 times with a face -lifting needle.

How long can I get pregnant after botulinum toxin? If you do n’t know that you have a botulinum toxin, can your child want it?

Although no report shows whether botulinum toxin affects the fetus, it cannot be definitely not affected. Botoxin metabolism takes 3 to 6 months, so it is generally recommended to consider conception after 3 months.

Although there is no clear evidence that the injection of botulinum toxin in pregnant women will have an impact on the fetus, there is no sufficient evidence to confirm that the pregnant woman can inject botox with peace of mind.Therefore, our suggestion is to inject botulinum toxin without knowing pregnancy, which can keep the fetus, but we must strictly do a good job of birth and discover problems in time.Essence

special reminder

Botoxi’s face or wrinkle removal must be recognized for regular products. At present, only the imported Baochi and domestic balance that has been approved by SFDA in China, while regular products only enter regular medical cosmetic institutions.In cooperation between institutions, everyone must be cautious, don’t be greedy for small and cheap, there are big problems.

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