After a man ligates his wife, will his wife get pregnant again?What should men pay attention to after ligation?

Many husbands and wives in life do not want to get pregnant and have children. They will choose ligated surgery. Some men are distressed by their wives and prefer to choose a ligation themselves.Many of them think that after ligation, they will not be pregnant, they can care about it, but they do not know that after the man ligates, there is still a few chances to make his wife pregnant. After the ligation, the wife will be pregnant, mainly related to these reasons.

1. There are residual sperm in the body

Some sperm have been discharged through the vascular tubes before the ligation surgery, and it is stored in the body for a while. It takes about 1 to 2 months to metabolize these sperm. During this period, you do n’t pay attention to it.

Second, ligation surgery is not done well

The operation is error or the degradation tube is not completely ligated enough. When ejaculation, semen will flow out, which will cause women to conceive.

Third, the voltage pipe resumes

If there is no tightness caused by a ligation, the sperm will flow out of the vasia.To be precise, although men do not allow women to get pregnant again after ligation, there are also a few accidents. Therefore, in case of ligation, contraceptive measures should be taken in two months, and they need to be checked in detail for their bodies., Check whether there are still sperm.

Ligation is to remove the men’s vasters, so that sperm can not be excreted from the body, and the secretion of male androgen will not affect the secretion of male androgens. Therefore, ligation will not affect the sexual ability of men.Living habits can maintain normal sexual life.

1. Take more rest

After ligation, men should avoid too fatigue, rest more, allow the body to adapt to relief, and avoid problems such as backache in the later stage.

2. Supplementary nutrition

After the ligation, the male body will be weak. At this time, supplementing nutrition can promote physical repair, prevent immunity from decreased, and restore the wound to slow down.

Third, observe the wound

Observe the wound after surgery. The wound should avoid contact with water and prevent infection. After urination, if the urine is contaminated to the dressing on the incision, you need to go to the hospital for change in time.

Fourth, testicular swelling reduces appropriate exercise

There will also be mild swelling after ligation. This is a normal phenomenon without worrying. After the gradual recovery, the swelling feels reduced. At this time, appropriate exercise is conducive to recovery. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the scrotum to avoid sagging scrotum.

Generally speaking, after ligation, men also have a chance to make women pregnant, but this is relatively rare. Therefore, doctors who choose during ligation surgery must be skilled and professional in order to ensure the success rate of the operation and avoid harming the organ to the organs.Essence

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