After 9 years, she really became pregnant?

Xu Jinglei was really pregnant this time?

The evidence is this photo, and the belly is a bit obvious.

But this is the dynamics of mid -October, and in early October, Xu Jinglei also uploaded a photo with his parents, which was very thin.

The stars’ body is really a mystery.

Of course, it is also said that the newcomer is not easy to bring. Xiaohua Li Gengxi. Some time ago, the gossip girlfriend Xiang Han, the gossip girlfriend of "Three Stones" below, is her artist.

Because the heat is not so high, it is not ruled out to pull the boss out.

But no matter what possibility, it is a bit lost.

It is a big deal to have a child to have children. It is not a news to have a baby to have a baby.

In fact, there are not many readings of the two topics, and it was established a long time ago.

Mainly because she frozen 9 eggs in Los Angeles in Los Angeles in 2013:

"Frozen eggs, I think it is the only regret medicine in the world. Nothing can be regretted, but frozen eggs can be prepared in advance."

In other words, for her, she would have given the public a prevention needle.

Even if it is really about to give birth, it just fulfills a word of that year.

Coupled with her, she has always been a bit "邋" at will:

"A woman in Chaoyang District, Beijing, wants to do this, want to do that, some succeed, and some failure, that’s it."

Don’t say that you have a baby, you may not feel fresh if you do something.

Unless she really follows Shuangzi’s old road.

But it is unlikely to commit crimes, and she likes children.

Furthermore does not affect her feelings and Huang Lixing’s feelings.

After all, these two people have been soul partners from the beginning.

In 2009, because of the director’s film "Durara’s Promotion", he met Huang Lixing and met.

Although it is rarely exposed in the middle, it has always been loving.

In 2014, Xu Jinglei also took the initiative to post on Weibo:

"I haven’t had a red face in five years, and I have no quarrel.

For Xu Jinglei’s marriage indifference, Huang Lixing also respected Xu Jinglei’s decision very much. It has been "love" with her, and it has been 12 years.

However, this also caused her who liked her that she was deliberate and chic, and there was one era.

And also very talented.

Writing calligraphy has obvious styles and techniques.

Painting watercolor color matching is very particular.

Handmade, made more than two hundred bags by hand.

As an actor, she once called Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, and Zhou Xun as "Four Little Flowers".

Movies, "I and Dad", "Let’s Believe in a Strange Woman", "A close enemy", "Will Love", "Durala’s Promotion", and the festive of literature and art can be controlled.

Even playing the piano cooking and soaking the cat, she learned something very fast.

If you don’t like her, you will feel that her morality is very low, and it is not worthy of a person with independent women.

After all, I always cut it with those male stars.

It was 1994, 20 -year -old Xu Jinglei and Guo Tao, Wang Qianyuan and others co -starred in the drama of Meng Jinghui.

This year, she met Wang Shuo.

But at that time, Wang Shuo had married Shen Jiaxu for 7 years, and had a 6 -year -old daughter Wang Mi.

After the two walked together slowly, Wang Shuo did not hesitate to divorce Xu Jinglei.

It is said that Xu Jinglei also personally "forced the palace": "I have swayed in and out of your house, so let me give me me."

Because she thinks it is because of human nature, there is nothing right.

But in the current words, it is to know the three as three, which is harmful.

The damage to Wang Mi is indeed very big. The little girl once said:

"At that time, I asked him why he was not at home and stayed outside the hotel. He said to write novels. Writing fart novels! They all concealed me, thinking that I don’t know, in fact, I don’t know what."

By 2004, when Xu Jinglei filmed "The Letter of a Strange Woman", gossip also passed on her and Huang Jue to spark.

Not only was taken to the Dai couple ring, but also traveling to the United States.

This time is not just a low sense of morality, and Wang Shuo’s mood should also be very low.

After all, in 2003, Wang Shuo also met Ye Daying for Xu Jinglei, and then directed her debut "I and Dad".

However, this relationship with Huang Jue was not smooth. It is said that Bingbing was mainly exposed at the press conference of the movie "Wheat Field".

Then there is this Weibo.

Later, Xu Jinglei and the musician three treasures, Zhang Yadong, Han Han, and Song Ning came up with scandals.

In fact, I feel that Xu Jinglei and our lives will have a little coincidence at some nodes.

For example, love, such as career, such as family giving birth, so everyone will pay much attention.

Then she walked a little bit before.

When ordinary people also paid attention to the right household, they had a shocking extramarital affairs.

When she was developing her career, she started very fast, and her debut was Bai Yueguang.

Of course, what is more important is to meet those men.

At the age of Guanwa, she went directly to the frozen eggs, and should be the first person in frozen eggs.

But when we are really close to this fork node and want to wait and see her, I find that she will not play.

Quickly transformed, the director screenwriter experienced it again. Recently, I have n’t come out to work very much. I have found a new direction of life.

Life and travel on social platforms.

As a result, no one knew that it was worthless, and the discussion came.

But in fact, Xu Jinglei itself is not a moral benchmark, and it does not mean that tens of millions of women.

She just lived out of her life and drove her humanity, and let us see a kind of life.

So there is no support and opposition.

Besides, when she is a wayward person, when doing these things, she has not asked who’s opinion first.

At most envy, just like that sentence, people who can’t get them can only get tired of their lives.

And Xu Jinglei, freedom of finance, can do whatever you want, and try to fight for this matter if you want to do whatever you want. In contrast, it is very chic.

But envy does not like to like and imitate.

After all, the age and experience are placed there, not people in the same world, and morally they really can’t imitate it.

The nice thing is to make reasonable use of all the resources around me. With the strength of the good wind, sending me to Qingyun, the unpleasant point is a bit delicate.

As for whether Xu Jinglei, the title of an independent woman, can afford it, this is even more worthy of discussion.

The current educational concept and social environment are required to be an independent woman.

But what are independent women?I want to put aside the concept of "result as king" first.

After all, the whole world talks about pragmatism, and everyone loves winners.

With the renminbi, it is difficult to boast that people do not bring independence when they are independent.

Then it must be acknowledged that life may not be able to watch the red dust, everything is winning.

Just like Xu Jinglei was severely restrained by his father when he was a child, and his love ended in several periods of love.

Compared with the birth of Jiangxi some time ago, because her mother -in -law had abandoned, she had to go to Anhui to send takeaway single mothers.

After excluding external interference, come to see their own lives.

Now Xu Jinglei takes photos every day, showing affection.

The single mother refused to help, just work hard to work hard.

"My mother is for me, she is distressed by her own daughter, but I also feel bad about my daughter."

Then we can say that those who have experienced many people who can feel happiness and control their lives must be sober and independent.

Can you get it?The independence is to maintain the process of self, not just the result in front of the eyes to make others envy.

"Independence women" are just to highlight independence to passively, and women’s independence is the attitude we always need.

It is not like a means and is not a purpose. It is not contradictory to do not conflict with the child’s father.

Just on the premise of respecting the real life, no matter who meets, everyone will have a good life first, and then there is a process of constantly experienced experience.

There is also the courage to pay for your own decision and experience.

Maybe ten or twenty years later, Xu Jinglei really had children, and she began to turn around her mother -in -law.

At this time, who could say that her life was bad.

And the single mother who sent takeaway, our ordinary people, now choose to get married and have a baby, temporarily tired of family life, but when the child grows up, the wealth has accumulated enough, and there is also the condition of liberating themselves.

There is a job, a lover, choosing to get married or not, it also corresponds to economic independence, independence of life, and independence of spirit.

To put it plainly, life is flowing, what is constant is yourself, and what you can choose is yourself.

Like a sentence in the public account of Xu Jinglei:

Live up to life, settle freely, have your own ideas, and grasp your own life.

Independence will naturally reflect, no matter where you go, Paris will follow you.


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