After 28 weeks of pregnancy, I caught a cold for 3 days, but the child was gone!There is no minor illness during pregnancy, don’t care!

Colds are small problems for ordinary people. Drink more water and persist for a few days. Few people have a cold in their lives a few times in their lives.But for pregnant women, don’t take a little cold at a time.Cold is a disease that is mainly caused by the above respiratory symptoms caused by the virus, and the virus is indeed one of the culprits of fetal terators.If you continue to have a high fever, you may also stimulate the shrinkage of the uterus and cause miscarriage and premature birth.

Li Jing (pseudonym), a 30 -year -old pregnant woman, has always been good in physical fitness, but at the 28 weeks of pregnancy, the autumn and winter replacement season may be infected by other cold colleagues in the company, and Li Jing also cold.Because she was unwilling to take medicine, she was worried about affecting the development of the fetus, and she was confident in her physical fitness. She felt that she would drink more water and rest at home for two days.

However, on the fourth day, Li Jing’s condition was suddenly serious. He was painful, weak, and continued to have a high fever. He burned 40 ° C for a while. He breathed shortly and his mind was a bit unclear.

The father -in -law quickly sent her to the hospital.As soon as the doctor checked, his face said very ugly, "Do your best to rescue it first."Ten minutes later, the doctor came out to find his family to sign. Li Jing caused meritis and pneumonia due to a cold and fever. The child was severely hypoxic in the mother and must be cut out as soon as possible. It may not be necessary to survive.Li Jing’s husband trembled and signed!

After surgery, Li Jing was sent to the monitoring ward, and the child was also sent to the thermal insulation box.The unfortunate news came the next day, and the fetus still did not keep it.

Pregnant mothers are easily invaded by viruses due to their reduced physical immunity and weakened resistance after pregnancy.Ordinary colds have little effect on the fetus, but if the temperature is high for a long time, the possibility of malformed fetuses may also appear.If the pregnant woman is infected with an epidemic cold, and it happens to be in the first three months of pregnancy, the various organs of the fetus have not yet developed. The influenza virus is likely to cause fetal malformations., Premature birth.

If pregnant women have a cold, do not take medicine at will. Be sure to go to the hospital for treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, take a reasonable medication.

In addition, some daily foods also help prevent colds and use them safely. Pregnant mothers can try it when they have a cold symptoms:

1. Ginger garlic brown sugar water

15g of garlic and ginger, 1 bowl of water with water, boil until half a bowl, and add sugar 10-20g to drink.

2. Coriander soybean soup

30g of coriander, 50g of soybeans, 2 bowls of water with water, boil to 1 bowl of water, season with salt and eat.


Specifies with a few peels, the right amount of rock sugar, boil in water, eat soup and drink soup.

4. White porridge

50g of japonica rice, 2-3 green onions, cut segments, add sugar to porridge in an appropriate amount, hot food.

There are no minor illnesses during pregnancy, don’t care about mothers!Finally, I wish the pregnant mothers to pass the 40 weeks healthily and smoothly!

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