After 26 days of marriage, the outbreak of the epidemic broke out for 18 days. The privacy of my unmarried pregnancy was exposed to the company’s conference

On February 10, our company went to work normally, but this day was my nightmare.

The company notified our days in advance, and everyone responded in the group.

But in our self -built small group, we smashed the pot.

Go to work now, you have to risk your life!

Those who are infected with pneumonia increased up day by day, how dare to go out?

Even if you go to work, what can you do? A company like us, there is no one on the street, and what famous hall can you make at work.


There are everything in the group, and Qiqiang and Tongue spit out their dissatisfaction.

But on the day of work, everyone went to the company honestly.

Seeing the news of notification at work, I was at a loss, accelerated heartbeat, and red ears.

How should I tell the boss? I am pregnant? Once I say it, don’t you show your stuffing?

I suddenly got married, and many colleagues asked me if I was pregnant. I was afraid of being laughed at and said no.

Once the stuffing is exposed, who am I in the heart of my colleague?

But it is better to inform me that I will definitely not be invited.

Because the boss was afraid of asking for leave when he was notified, he stipulated that he was dead, and the tone of the word was quite serious.

If I go to work, I don’t have such a great courage and guts.

Especially when I saw different cases of pregnant women being diagnosed on the Internet, I was afraid.

In addition, the hospital is so nervous that we have more than 10 diagnosis patients in our city, scaring me to dare not even go to the birth check.

So fake must be invited, but what should I do if I am leaked?

In this way, I kept rubbing, how can I ask?

Because there is an old man on weekdays, he has never found a better reason for asking for leave.

As a result, it was a night before work. As soon as I was anxious, my heart called the boss directly, and explained that I was pregnant.

Sure enough, around 10:30 the next morning, I received the voice sent by my colleague.

you are pregnant?The boss just said at the conference that you will take leave alone today because you are pregnant.

The boss also said that in this case, pregnant women are really inconvenient to go out, so everyone understands.

When I heard the voice of a colleague, I surged in blood instantly, and my hands kept trembling.

I ca n’t find a hole in a hole, never come out.

My heart is very weak. Because of family reasons, I have been small, courageous, cautious, and indecisive.

When I was 7 years old, my mother died of drinking pesticides for alcoholism and domestic violence.

After that, his father lay at home for 3 months and walked away without a word.

Leave my sister, brother, and me to die.

At that time, my sister was already in junior high school, and she was forced to be a home.

It is said that the children of the poor have been home to their homes, and we worsen even more, not only poor, but also orphans.

Later, the family was really poor, and my sister gave up school, went home to plant land, and then sold vegetables to sell vegetables to study with my brother.

Later, my brother was admitted to college and made money to support himself.

My sister also married, and I was on the second year of high school, and since then I started living alone.

But my sister still gave me money, and asked me to study hard.

However, in my third year of high school, my father returned.

My brother and sister scolded his father why he didn’t die outside, and I only knew hated father, but not as deep as my sister’s brother.

So when my father returned, he naturally lived with me.

However, my father has not changed at all. It is time to drink and drink, and you should go crazy about drinking. You should continue to make trouble everywhere.

And in addition to facing Alexander’s studies every day, I also have to cook for my father, and give my father to a neighbor’s house to apologize …

In this way, the college entrance examination was on the list.

Later, I decided to repeat it for a year, and vowed in my heart, hoping to take the university, stay away from my father, and stay away from this home.

One year later, I barely took a two books.

At this time, I was embarrassed to continue asking for money with my sister. I could only work while working.

The hardships are really hard to say.

After finally graduating from college, he found a job in the city.

After a year after a good day, my father began to call me, saying how he was pitiful!

Actually, without my father said, I can imagine what my father lives.

A person, hungry for a meal, never separated from the wine, harmed the neighbors after the wine, and was beaten to death …

There is no way, after all, he was my father. When he was on the National Day holiday, he took him from his hometown to live with me.

Living with me in the city, my father’s habit of drinking has converged a lot, because there are strangers everywhere, he can’t afford it.

But there were many times. I worked overtime and received a call from the police uncle and asked me to go to the police station to pick up my father.

When I went to the police station, I knew that my father lay on the street after drinking and was called the police.

In this way, I have no boyfriend.

At the beginning of 2018, I introduced my boyfriend to my boyfriend. After our blind date, I didn’t like it very much, so I didn’t agree.

Because the man is 8 years old, he is still fat, and I am a little worried.

I can take care of me, I am okay, but a little fat.

So I refused.

But since then, the man has been pursuing me.

After about half a year, I asked me to keep warm and care about it.

I thought about trying everywhere, and agreed.

Later, the man really was good to me and felt like a father.

I started to accept the man and fell in love with him.

During the period of getting along, I dare not give myself all the time.

Instead, let him know my father first, and even when I worked overtime, he asked him to go to the police station to pick up the drinker’s father to let him understand my life.

When he knew all my life, once, we quarreled, I proposed to break up, and my boyfriend agreed.

Because he knows, what does marrying me mean?

I don’t care, I didn’t expect much to marry anyway.

But men are like this.

Then I kept looking for me, good to me.

Then I talked to him very clearly and told him to think clearly.

He said that he thought about everything and was willing to take care of my wine lunatic father.

I am also willing to treat me, forever.

I am naturally moved to find such a boyfriend. I really dream of waking up.

Later, naturally, all the couples that happened to happen.

It was too sudden. At the end of November 2019, I was pregnant!

Originally we planned to get married in 2020, but when we were pregnant, we had to get the wedding in advance.

After a month, take a wedding photo and find a hotel …

Do all the preparations to get married, until you get a colleague in the hands of his colleagues, colleagues make a pig -like sound!

Because it was too sudden, many colleagues didn’t know that I had a boyfriend?

Suddenly they got married, and their chin was shocked.

In this case, many people asked me if she was pregnant and was so anxious.

I was afraid of being laughed at by my colleagues, and did I reply directly.

Because they are honest, they also believe in my words.

But now, because of this sudden epidemic, my privacy is exposed to the company’s conference.

What is this called me?

After all, I will go to work in the future. I always face my colleagues. What will my image be in their hearts?

In the face of my anxiety, my husband comforted me patiently and asked me to raise a good child.

Work slowly, not to mention that the epidemic is serious now.

Thinking about it, now I have lived comfortably, my father is slowly getting better, my husband is considerate to me, and the family is greeting the arrival of new life!

Although work cannot be taken lightly, it is not indispensable.

What’s more, after experiencing this epidemic, let me know, the meaning of life.

Seeing so many people infected with pneumonia, so many people face life and death, as small as a year old baby, and even pregnant women are infected …

What are the reasons for me to worry about this all day?

The meaning of life is that people should cherish life, enrich their lives, and realize their ideals and happy life in their lifetime.

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