After 2 years of divorce, it was exposed to Wang Xiaofei "multiple abortion"?The timing is just right, the big S means is clever

For two years of divorce, it is still a good drama. It is said that it is Da S and Wang Xiaofei.

On May 10, the Dang Fang suddenly issued a statement saying that he had miscarriage many times for Wang Xiaofei. Once occurred 4 days before the wedding of the two, and once he recorded "Happiness Trio" 7 days before.

As soon as this news came out, it immediately attracted the debate of netizens. More people did not understand that the divorce has been for so long. What is the statement of the big S issued this statement?

In fact, the big S of "exiting the entertainment" has been called, and the means are as clever as ever!

Let’s first talk about the first abortion she mentioned in her 4 days before her "grabbing horse" wedding.The wedding that year really became a joke in the entertainment industry–

First of all, a group of celebrities took turns to grab the mirror, and then Zhang Chaoyang’s "sneak shot" incident occurred. Later, Zhang Lan called Wang Jianlin sponsored the hotel but was beaten by Wang Sicong, and then triggered a war between Wang Xiaofei and Wang Sicong.

A good wedding that swores his "marry into the giants" directly becomes a joke, so that the big S is so angry!

But now that a statement is issued, many people are starting to look at the wedding again.

Big S said that 4 days before the wedding, the fetus died in the abdomen and had to terminate pregnancy.But the wedding was booked in advance. For the face of "giants", she still supported her body to participate.

Especially unlucky is that the weather suddenly changed on the day of the big S wedding.She couldn’t hold it by the scraping veil, and finally she could only give up the veil.

The small arched on the scene was crumbling in the wind. Finally, I found a few strong men holding the pillars before barely finished the ceremony.

The Big S is a body that has just been dragged for 4 days and completed the wedding in the wind.

A little experienced person understands that this is extremely hurt for those who are just Xiaoyue!Therefore, Wang Xiaofei should also be full of pity and guilt for Big S.

Now that Big S has been repeated, I am afraid that it ’s a little bit of Wang Xiaofei: The old lady almost lost half of her life for you!Where did the once Yamanna vow?Hurry up to the support fee!

I also let netizens eat melon: The old lady is a lot of knowledge, don’t call me a big flower snake!

Look at the second abortion mentioned by Big S.

The abortion occurred on April 20, 2018, that is, two years after Big S gave birth to a daughter for Wang Xiaofei.

At that time, Wang Xiaofei’s career was in a trough period, and multiple entrepreneurial projects had problems.

In order to pay for tens of millions of payments, Da S began to record the show after 7 days of miscarriage, which also explained why she had problems such as her facial swelling, unwillingness, and emotional uncertainty at the time.

At the same time, she would say a lot of Si Da S for her husband to sacrifice her body and Wang Xiaofei owed her a lot.

Of course, these things have passed for many years, but now they have been turned out and issued a statement at this time. I am afraid that it is not a sudden sadness of the big S, but it is related to the news that has been passed in recent days-

There are new loves around Wang Xiaofei, and pictures of shopping with beautiful women are flying around!

It happened that Wang Xiaofei’s ex -girlfriend Zhang Yingying also came to "back thorns", claiming that she had "fled early", and also said that Wang Xiaofei had "slept" more than a dozen during this time!

Big S should not expect Zhang Yingying to help herself.

At this moment, the focus of everyone has been completely shifted, and it was still damaging the big S brush the ex -husband to raise the big halogen eggs, but now it has begun to feel that it is not easy for Big S to have children.Wang Xiaofei, who is concerned, may pay more responsibility for the failure of marriage!

After all, it was very difficult for everyone to do it well at that time. Everyone knows that she was very difficult when she gave birth to two children.In order to get pregnant, he did not hesitate to change the habit of eating for many years and eat meat.

He also asked for medical treatment everywhere, and adopted a variety of methods of Chinese and Western medicine, and finally gave birth to his daughter.Later, when he gave birth to his son, he broke his own epilepsy and almost died.

I have to say that Da S has recently "will" "will" have a fierce "general" Wang Xiaofei, and the timing is just right!

Even if it is not immediately turned over, many people have begun to review Wang Xiaofei again.

As for now, people who eat melon may wish to wait for Wang Xiaofei’s new response, maybe there are more explosive news?

Wait and see.

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