After 2 months of pregnancy, a 30 -year -old woman learned that "boyfriend" was married and had a family.

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Do you think love and marriage should be treated more carefully?Elders often say that marriage is not a child’s play. Do you have to be more cautious about marriage?If you think so, then you are very wrong. As everyone knows, a good marriage, provided that when you are in love, you must choose a spouse.

A happy marriage depends on the quality of the character. His wife Xianliangshu De and husband are upright. If you can’t master it clearly when you are in love, you can step into marriage.What about remarry?Love is a process, marriage is the result, one step is wrong, and step by step, so love needs to be treated carefully.

The 30 -year -old Zhang Wanyu (pseudonym) is a big beauty. In recent times, she has been worried because she is pregnant, her stomach is bigger every day, and her relatives and friends have asked her many times. Who is the child’s father?When will you get married?

Hearing these problems, Zhang Wanyu was even more annoyed, because his boyfriend, getting married, and his wife and children, it is impossible for the other party to divorce and marry her. Of course, her "third party" identity isShe did it without knowing it. Later, she would be the ins and outs of the matter and talked about the mediation staff.

Zhang Wanyu was from Chongqing. In the early years, there was a history of marriage. The reason why she divorced her ex -husband was because the "third party" was inserted and destroyed her marriage. After the divorce, she had not found the right one.

In August last year, Zhang Wanyu came to Fujian to attend a friend’s party and accidentally met Chen Junxing (a pseudonym) who was 9 years older than her. When he first met, Chen Junxing took the initiative to add her as a friend.In the process of inviting the other party to go out, Chen Junxing told Zhang Wanyu that he was also separated for a long time and could not find a suitable partner. He felt that Zhang Wanyu was very suitable for his wife and started a fierce chase.

Once and twice, Zhang Wanyu himself felt that her boyfriend Chen Junxing was his own "true emperor" two months later, and Zhang Wanyu found that he was pregnant;

Afterwards, she told her boyfriend and asked when to get married, but at this time, her boyfriend suddenly told her all the truth. As for why she now told, it was because Chen Junxing’s wife returned from outside.Things can’t be concealed, and then announced.

As for pregnancy, "boyfriend" Chen Junxing intends to solve it, and has not given a clear attitude, which has made the push and retreat.

Today, she has been pregnant for 4 months, and her boyfriend will not answer. Therefore, help the mediation staff to help and see what the "boyfriend" thinks?

Later, everyone went to the home of "boyfriend" Chen Junxing together, but his statement of "girlfriend" Zhang Wanyu was very different.

He said that from the beginning of love, he told Zhang Wanyu that he was married and had a family. When he knew that he was married, Zhang Wanyu was willing to be the "third party". Now it is exposed.he.

Seeing that the two parties held their own words, the mediator asked, and whether Chen Junxing directly explained the fact of "married" in the chat history. Zhang Wanyu said no, and Chen Junxing said that he did not disclose it online, but instead of online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, but online, he did not disclose it online, but was online.Let’s talk about it;

For a while, the two sides told Zhang Wanyu about Zhang Wanyu before love, or told the marriage after pregnancy, and could not argue.

When it was about to fall in a deadlock, Zhang Wanyu remembered another thing. Two months during the love period, Zhang Wanyu had always lived in Chen Junxing’s house.Rice for Zhang Wanyu.

However, they did not tell Zhang Wanyu that his brother Chen Junxing was married and had a family. If he informed it in advance, Zhang Wanyu would not be able to intervene in the marriage of others, as the "third party".

In this regard, Chen Junxing’s younger brother admitted on the spot that he did not tell Zhang Wanyu. As for the reason, she felt unnecessary, but accused Zhang Wanyu of not asking her that it was not the fault of their family.

I have to say that this family is "strange". As a family, he knows that his brother has made mistakes, betrayed his sister -in -law, and did not stop the situation. May I ask, is there a problem with their three views?

When he heard his brother "piercing" the lies, Chen Junxing was not calm, and then he immediately explained that his friends knew that he was "married", and his common friend and Zhang Wanyu also knew his marriage state.

As a result, Zhang Wanyu once again denied that Zhang Wanyu declared to all friends that he divorced, his wife lived in Jiangxi, and the two were separated from the two places.

After some arguments, Chen Junxing defeated and acknowledged that he concealed his marriage and fell in love with Zhang Wanyu. However, for this matter, he argued again:

"You are all rational, but as a man, my wife does not come back for a few years. I go out to find a girlfriend.

I would like to ask, if you hear this, are you ruined? When you are married, you live with other women. It belongs to a big marriage to not know. If a man thinks so, how many girls will be harmed.

In this regard, the mediation officer made a simple law on Chen Junxing. However, Chen Junxing still did not know his mistakes, and said something we didn’t know.

Chen Junxing told us that after 2 months of pregnancy, his girlfriend Zhang Wanyu gave 9,000 yuan to ask Zhang Wanyu to go to the hospital for miscarriage. The money was given. It is reasonable to have nothing to do with him.Calculating the account is to make trouble,

At this time, Zhang Wanyu gave an explanation. It turned out that when she was two months pregnant, she went to the hospital to get a fetus. As a result, the doctor told her that the uterine was thin.If you refuse to sign on the surgical risk book, as a result, the abortion is dragged again and again;

Today, it has been 4 months pregnant. Whether it is born or aborted, it has fallen into a dilemma.

In the relationship between gender, most men, in order to meet the secretion of their hormones, regardless of whether women will become pregnant, or what should I do if they are pregnant?So that, facing sudden pregnancy, caught off guard; then, criticize women who do not love, do not respect themselves;

Everyone has been young, and everyone has been deceived. If you hold this idea, to criticize a woman. Men may control their hormonal secretions and control their mouths.irresponsible.

Therefore, whether it is love or marriage, for women, we must treat it more carefully. The man marries the wrong wife, but it is only a little outside. The woman chose the wrong spouse, but the body was damaged.

Hope that whether Zhang Wanyu is abortion or give birth to the child, it must be strong.

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