Affordable and cheap licorice tablets, can’t buy it now?Is the side effect really great?

Uncle Zhang felt uncomfortable with his throat and often cough, especially at night.He remembered that the commonly used licorice tablets can effectively relieve cough, so he quickly went to the pharmacy to buy some home.

"Uncle, what kind of medicine do you need to buy?" The little girl in the pharmacy asked.

"I want to buy licorice slices, I used to eat it often, the effect is good." Uncle Zhang asked the medicine on the counter.

"Ah, licorice tablets are not allowed to be sold now, because they contain sweetin, they are banned." The little girl explained.

"Tiantu? What is this?" Uncle Zhang was confused.

"Sweetin is an artificial synthetic sweetener, which may have adverse effects on the human body, so it is prohibited. The licorice tablets contain sweetin, so it is not allowed to be sold now." The little girl explained.

Uncle Zhang thought for a while and asked, "What should I do?"

How can the good licorice tablets disappear like this?Is it really such a simple reason?

Licorice tablets are a traditional Chinese medicine. The main component is a compound such as licorice, which has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough.

The history of its development can be traced back to ancient China, and there was a record of licorice as early as "Shennong’s Materia Medica".

Licorice tablets are one of the modern Chinese medicine preparations, and the study of their preparation methods and efficacy has also gone through many years.

In the 1950s, my country conducted in -depth research and development of licorice in China, and made modern licorice slices.

The initial licorice tablets were mainly based on astragalus, forsythia, bitter almonds and other medicinal materials and licorice. They have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, expectorant and cough, and are widely used in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as cough and asthma.

With the continuous progress of technology and the deepening of drug research, the formula of licorice tablets has gradually improved, and many different dosage type licorice tablets have appeared, such as oral solutions, oral tablets, syrup, oral solution, etc.

Licorice tablets have long been a commonly used proprietary Chinese medicine and have been widely used in clinical practice.

Licorice slices can effectively relieve cough, mainly because of its effective ingredients -licorice acid.

Lichalotic acid is a compound with analgesic, anti -inflammatory and anti -allergic effects that can reduce throat soreness, alleviate airway inflammation, reduce airway allergic reactions, thereby reducing cough.

In addition, licorizes can also promote the secretion of alveolar surface active substances, improve the immune function of the lungs, and thereby the treatment of lung disease.

Licorice tablets have a good relief effect on respiratory diseases such as acute cough, chronic cough, and bronchitis.It also has a good antitussive effect on those cough caused by bronchial spasm.

In short, licorice tablets, as a commonly used Chinese medicine, have a good cough effect and safer, suitable for the majority of people.However, it should be noted that people who have a history of allergies or other diseases should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

The main component of licorice slices is licorzine, which is a substance extracted from licorice roots.Lichelides are a natural triangular compound with a variety of biological activity, including anti -inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, anti -tumor and other effects.

As the main component of licorice tablets, licorice acids mainly play the effect through the following pharmacological effects: anti -inflammatory effects: licorice acid can inhibit inflammatory response and reduce symptoms of inflammatory diseases, such as cough, sore throat, throatitis, etc.Improve the function of immune system: Lichalotic acid can stimulate the body’s immune system and enhance the body’s ability to fight disease.Anti -virus function: licorice can inhibit the replication of a variety of viruses, including influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, and HIV.Protecting the liver: Lichalotic acid can reduce the oxidation stress of the liver and reduce liver damage.

In addition, licorice tablets also contain some other ingredients, such as licorice, licorice sweetin, flavonoids, etc. These ingredients also have a certain pharmacological effect.

In general, licorice tablets, as a Chinese medicine, have a variety of effects, especially for the treatment of cough, laryngitis and other diseases.

However, there are also some precautions for licorice tablets. For example, you need to use it according to the advice of the doctor. You cannot use it too much. You need to be cautious for the use of some specific people (such as pregnant women, children, etc.).

The main component of licorice tablets is licorztic acid, which has a variety of pharmacological effects, but may also have a negative impact.

The most common negative effects are excessive sodium retention and potassium excretion, leading to problems such as edema, hypertension, and hypokalemia.

This is because glycyrrhic acid has the effect of inhibiting adrenaline, which causes too much adrenaline secretion, which in turn increases the renal of renovation to sodium, and at the same time increases potassium excretion.

In addition, licorzine may also affect the body’s absorption and metabolism of certain drugs, including some prescription drugs and non -prescription drugs.

Therefore, if you take other drugs at the same time, you need to consult a doctor or pharmacist to avoid adverse reactions.

In addition, excessive licorice tablets may also cause other adverse reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia, muscle spasm, etc.

Therefore, before using licorice tablets, you need to understand the dosage and precautions of the medication to minimize the risk of adverse reactions as much as possible.

Licorice tablets are non -prescriptions in China, but in recent years, due to some harmful substances such as formaldehyde in some licorice tablets, it has attracted widespread attention and concerns.

In addition, in order to increase the sweetness of licorice slices, some manufacturers will add a lot of sugar, which will lead to one of the representatives of high sugar snacks.These issues have attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities, and carried out the quality testing and rectification operations of licorice slices many times.

In 2020, the Chinese Food and Drug Administration issued the "Announcement of the State Drug Administration on Amendment to the Revised Licorice Film instructions", which clearly stipulates the quality standards and production license requirements of licorice tablets, and requires local governments to strengthen the supervision of licorice slices in various places.Essence

Affected by this, some companies that produce licorice slices were banned or discontinued, resulting in insufficient supply of licorice tablets in the market and difficulty in meeting market demand.

In addition, some medical experts also warned the excessive consumption of licorice tablets, pointing out that excessive consumption of licorice tablets may have a negative impact on physical health.

Therefore, the supply of licorice tablets on the market is relatively tight, and some areas have suspended sales of licorice slices.

However, some brands of licorice tablets can still be purchased on some large pharmacies or Internet platforms.

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