Advice again: 5 types of foods that cannot be touched during menstruation, and save it after reading

Whether the menstrual state is normal, many times reflect the health status of women, and many women like spicy food. "Will eating spicy food will lead to advanced menstruation?"No one persuades anyone.

Zhang Xin: "Spicy eating is a hot hot pot and spicy strip the day before yesterday. Today, my aunt is here."

Lin Jing: "That’s what you are coming. Eating spicy food has nothing to do with menstruation."

So, will spicy food promote the advancement of menstruation?

Guan Fu Meiyan, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shijiazhuang Shigang Hospital: Generally speaking, the adjustment of the menstrual cycle mainly relies on the hormone effect of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis.Essence

And eating spicy food generally does not play the role of the scripture.Like Zhang Xin, it is likely that they are coming to auntie. Just with the external stimulus of eating spicy food, the menstruation is "advanced".

If only occasionally there is generally no major problem, if you often get ahead of time, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check in time to see what causes the cause, and then targeted treatment.

Although spicy food does not cause menstruation early, such foods can promote blood circulation and cause more menstrual flow.In addition, it may also stimulate uterine contraction, causing dysmenorrhea.However, because the specific situation of everyone is different, whether these situations occur because of these situations.

The menstrual period is relatively special, and there are many places to pay attention to, but many people often fall into the misunderstanding of menstrual health due to lack of understanding, especially the following 4 major diet misunderstandings:

Drink ginger tea to relieve dysmenorrhea?

Studies have shown that taking 750-2000mg of ginger powder 1-3 days before the menstrual period can help relieve dysmenorrhea, but basically they are small studies with few people, so it is not enough to support this theory.

However, because ginger tea has no threat to the human body, interested friends can try to drink ginger tea during menstruation.So as not to stimulate the esophagus mucosa and increase the chance of the onset of esophageal cancer.

Drink brown sugar water supplement?

Many friends heard that drinking brown sugar water can be supplemented to prevent menstrual anemia.However, it can only be said that it is better to eat lean pork directly by relying on brown sugar water to supplement the iron. In the units of 100g, the iron content of brown sugar is 2.2 mg/100g, and the lean pork is 2.5mg/100g.

However, eating 100g of lean pork is simple. Eating 100g brown sugar greatly exceeds the recommended intake of sugar, which is not good for health; and the iron in brown sugar is a triple iron, and the absorption utilization rate is not as good as the binary in lean pork.iron.

Eat it casually during menstruation, will you not get fat anyway?

Many people think that menstrual metabolism is high, so they can eat more and not get fat.But the fact is that the body’s foundation metabolism during menstruation is not much than usual. If you eat too much, the calories you consume are consumed by the body, and the extra calories will be converted into fat storage.Essence

As for some women’s weight loss after menstruation, most of them are because the body is prone to retention of moisture, which leads to edema; after the menstrual period, due to the effect of hormone regulation, the accumulated water in the body is discharged, and the weight naturally goes down.

Will you have severe dysmenorrhea if you eat cold?

Many people are convinced of this, but the facts are that there is no scientific and clear evidence that it is directly related to the cold and dysmenorrhea.Female primary dysmenorrhea is mostly affected by prostaglandin. This substance secretion is more secreted, the effect is stronger, and the sense of dysmenorrhea will be obvious.

However, everyone is different. Indeed, some women will be uncomfortable after eating cold things, so try to avoid this situation.During the menstrual period, pay more attention to diet, but these diet misunderstandings should be recognized as soon as possible, so as not to cause physical discomfort.

For the diet during the menstrual period, some foods can indeed cause discomfort such as dysmenorrhea and more menstrual volume, so female friends should pay attention to avoid, such as:

1. Wine

The proportion of bartened enzymes in menstrual women decreases, and the ability to break down alcohol has decreased. At this time, drinking a lot of alcohol is not only easy to get drunk, but alcohol is easy to accumulate in the body and endanger the health of the liver.At the same time, alcohol can also stimulate blood vessel dilation, which eventually causes too much menstruation.

2. Strong tea and coffee

The caffeine content among these two types of foods is relatively high, and it is easy to cause dysmenorrhea, prolonged period or excessive bleeding.In addition, the combination of tannic acid in tea in the intestine and food can affect iron absorption and cause anemia.

3. Fried food

Excessive consumption of such foods can cause heat in the body to rise, and then induce inflammation in the body. Once inflammation occurs, it will inevitably increase menstrual discomfort, so try to avoid it.

4, cold cold food

During women’s menstruation, try to avoid eating cold foods such as crabs, especially those with cold dysmenorrhea, and the crabs are cold, have the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, and dissipation.Disables such as increased menstruation.

5. Qi -containing drink

Many women have manual disability, weakness, etc. during menstruation. This is mainly due to the lack of iron, and there are more phosphate containing phosphates in gas -containing drinks, which can produce chemical reactions in the same body.Unwilling, so try to avoid drinking air -containing drinks.

In order to stabilize the menstrual period, it is recommended that female friends try to avoid the above 5 foods as much as possible, otherwise it is uncomfortable.

During the menstrual period, in addition to diet, there are some drugs to avoid avoiding health, especially the following 3 types of drugs:

Hormone drugs: If you use such drugs blindly during menstruation, it can cause disorders during menstruation, such as abuse of adrenal corticosteroids may cause amenorrhea; abuse of androgen can cause shortening menstrual periods.

Anticarrel and hemostatic drugs: such as anticoagulant drugs such as heparin and Huafarin, or anthurics such as aspirin, if abuse during menstruation, it may lead to a large amount of menstruation, and severe bleeding may cause severe bleeding.

Largestic drugs: If such drugs abuse during menstruation, it can cause reflexive pelvic congestion and increase the amount of menstruation.

The menstrual period belongs to a special stage, and it should be more secure than usual. If the above drugs must be taken for some reason, it is recommended to consult a professional physician before taking the medicine, and then take it under its guidance to ensure the safety of medication.

Summary: During the menstrual period, women are relatively fragile. At this time, we need to pay more attention to protecting our bodies. Some taboos in the menstrual period must be understood, especially in diet and medication, so as not to hurt our health.

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