According to the Internet, Chen Meng’s pregnant belly photo was exposed, Xiao Wei kissed his wife’s pregnancy very happy, netizen: The Zhu family has it.

After divorcing Zhu Xiaowei with Zhu Xiaowei, Chen Yaman is like doing ten evil things. No matter what you do, he will be storm!During the divorce, she refunded everything given by the Zhu family, but she could not get everyone’s understanding.

When she brought agricultural products, netizens went crazy to return and return the goods crazy, making her reputation plummeted. Even if they were replaced by a trumpet, there were many people with rhythm, regardless of her status.

Chen Yaman, who disappeared for a while, was suddenly exposed to get married, and the wedding photo was exposed to the Internet!She can see the boyfriend she found is very spiritual. At first glance, she is a very secure person.

When everyone had a good ending for her and was about to remarry, Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei also came out of good news.It was rumored that Chen Meng’s pregnant belly photo was exposed. I don’t know if I have been seeing it for several months. It is no wonder that she will basically not show up after marriage. It turned out that she had a fetus at home.

It can be seen from the pictures that Chen Meng’s pregnant belly is black and white. Mengmeng lowered her head and looked at her pregnant belly, while Zhu Xiaowei kissed his wife’s pregnant belly. This action was very happy.

Although Chen Meng had not disclosed the pregnancy and Xiao Wei before, she repeatedly said that her life was very happy after marriage, and her in -laws were very good. Even if her pregnant belly was so big, she knew that her in -laws were watering in the ground.I will go to the meal. Such a good daughter -in -law is really blessing of the Zhu family.

After seeing Chen Meng’s pregnant belly photo, netizens also sighed and said, "The Zhu family finally has a back", and the brothers and couples dream of waking up!When Xiaowei married Chen Yanan, the old couple did not want to hold the grandchildren earlier all the time. As a result, the marriage of the two only maintained for one year, making the brothers and wishes so sad.

Now that the good news of Xiaowei and Chen Meng came so quickly, it shows that Mengmeng was pregnant before marriage. No wonder the marriage was so rushing.

Now that the Zhu family has, it has been a few months after inspection of Chen Meng’s pregnant belly. Soon his brother and couple can hold their grandson and granddaughter. The old couple can also discuss the matter of retiring at home to see their children.

It is a good thing to show his son and daughter -in -law. Everyone who is raised by the Zhu family and the elderly. If the brother of the coat retires, wouldn’t the whole family drink Northwest Wind?

Before the coat brother retired completely, he quickly pulled Zhu Xiaowei. Even if he found a security guard for Xiaowei, it would be better to sit at home and wait for death.Then, Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei can be old. When Xiaowei’s children come out, their couples have no ability to make money. Can they still want their children to grow old?

When Chen Meng was inaccurate, his brother -in -law and his wife were anxious. Now that she is pregnant, it is also a sad. I knew that I had found a job for the two in advance, and it was not so anxious as it is now.

Every family has a difficult scripture. No matter what others say, as long as Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei live a good life.Furthermore, Chen Ya is about to enter the happy hall immediately. If there is a problem with the marriage of Mengmeng and Xiaowei, wouldn’t it be a joke for others?

In the end, Zhu Xiaowei was asked to take good care of Meng Meng and let the children born smoothly.I do n’t know what do you think when you see Meng Meng’s pregnant belly photos?

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