A woman is a "supporting family" and married two men with pregnancy at the same time. The court: constitutes the crime of fraud

On April 27, the "Jiangxi Court" WeChat public account released a case.In the case of getting married with others, the woman Wang still married the blind date of the blind date introduced by his father, and cheated more than 200,000 yuan such as colorful gifts and living expenses.

In 2017, Wang and Li fell in love.At the end of 2018, Wang found that he was pregnant.In February 2019, Wang and Li received a marriage certificate.Because Li did not have a fixed job and his family conditions were not good, Wang was worried that he was not a son -in -law who was not satisfied with his family, so he did not inform his family about the matter.

In February 2019, under the arrangement of his father, Wang and Cheng met each other. In the case of concealing the facts such as the obtained certificate, pregnancy, etc.The latter two held a wedding in accordance with rural customs.

Three days after the wedding, Wang lied that he was working in a township toilet, and left Cheng’s house on the grounds of his busy work.In the past two years, Wang Mou refused to live with Cheng Mou for various reasons, and lied that the child in his belly was Cheng, which caused Cheng and his family to transfer it to Wang many times.Cheng Mou had a total of more than ten days, and a total of more than 200,000 yuan was deceived to obtain colorful gifts and living expenses. After investigation, these money were used by Wang and Li’s family expenses.

In October 2021, Wang Mou was summoned to bring the case automatically and intertwined his fraud.

The Ledping People’s Court considers that Wang’s fictional facts, concealing the truth of their married and pregnant pregnancy for the purpose of illegal possession, and deceiving more than 200,000 yuan of property in the way of marrying others.In comprehensive consideration, surrender, plead guilty and punishment, and obtain the understanding of the victims, such as light punishment, etc., sentenced Wang for two years and six months in prison for fraud, and fined 30,000 yuan.

(Source: "Jiangxi Court" WeChat public account)

(Source: Polar News)

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