A pregnant woman in Nanyang found that syphilis was afraid and doubted the doctor: Don’t panic first, not necessarily!

In the dermatology clinic of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Nanyang City, the pregnant woman Wenwen (a pseudonym) took the positive test sheet of syphilis spiral body, both afraid and doubt: "Dr. Hu! I am clean and reliable.All inspections are also negative. How can it suddenly be infected with syphilis? "

Dr. Hu carefully read the test list and comforted Wenwen: Don’t worry first, TP positive is not necessarily syphilis, especially you are still pregnant women. The possibility of false positiveness is very high. We can further check it to determine."

Dr. Hu’s cautious and professional attitude calmed Wenwen’s complicated mood. After completing the test test of syphilis, he excluded the possibilities of all kinds of truth. Wenwen belonged to the false positive positive of pregnancy syphilis.

Fortunately, Wenwen couldn’t help but be curious:

Why is there a false positive situation?

This also starts with syphilis itself

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). STD refers to a set of diseases that are mainly transmitted through sexual contact, similar behavior and indirect contact. The STD stipulated in the newly revised "Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Treatment of STD" in my country mainly includes syphilis, and Gonorrhea, reproductive tract sandylonia infection, condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, and AIDS 6 diseases. STDs in the broad sense also include soft undercib, non -gonococcal gonocolorized nagoral urethritis, germ system adopycosis, pubic lice disease, scabies, infectious soft soft disease, infectious soft soft disease, infectious soft softness, infectious softness Warts, ringworm and so on.Most of the common clinical family scabies are spread, and children with infectious sloppy warts are more infected.

Syphilis is a chronic infectious disease caused by syphilis spiral (TP). It is mainly through sexual contact, maternal and baby transmission, and blood transmission. The disease is extremely harmful., Premature birth and fetal syphilis.

How to detect syphilis?

At present, the most commonly used syphilis antibody detection is TP-Elisa. The project is highly sensitive, but it is low-specific and suitable for the screening of a large number of clinical specimens.

Other tests commonly used in plum poisonous serum antibodies include FTA-ABS Test (FTA-ABS Test), syphilis spiral hemagglutory test (TPHA), and syphilis spiral particle condensate test (TPPA).

Why is there not infected with syphilis but positive?

Some people do not exist in syphilis

But syphilis serum reactions are positive

This phenomenon is called syphilis serum fake positive

False positives are divided into two categories. One is a technical false positive response, which is caused by the preservation, transfer or laboratory operation of the specimen. If these technical problems are excluded, those with no syphilis are excluded, and the test can be negative.The other type is a positive positive reaction of biology because patients with other diseases or physiological conditions change.However, it is necessary to rule out the positive syphilis serum reaction caused by other local dense spiral infections, because these are also true positive.

Colon cancer, meningoma, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.

Therefore, when the physical examination is found to be positive

Don’t be nervous first

Be sure to go to the dermatology clinic of the regular hospital

Syphilis diagnosis needs to be combined

There are many aspects of laboratory examination, epidemiological history and clinical symptoms

Even repeated laboratory inspections need to be repeatedly diagnosed


If you have diagnosed syphilis

Don’t be afraid

Believe in the current medical level

Finally, remind everyone that you must be clean and yourself

Not only are syphilis patients suffering from physical and mental argument

Can’t engage in the food and catering industry, education industry, military service, and civil servants

Even if standardized treatment

Not the activity period

It is also possible to be rejected by these industries

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