A man in the United States successfully became pregnant through surgery, and successfully gave birth to a baby boy

A father complained that although he was a man, the nurse insisted on calling him "mother" during his pregnancy.

Belnet Caspa-Williams was 37 years old, from Los Angeles, about ten years ago, in 2011, he first realized that he was a cross-gender person, but he did not begin to change until three years.

Six years later, in 2017, he found the future husband Marc, who was married in 2019.

The couple decided to ask their children and weigh the options for them to choose, because this means that Bennett has stopped the treatment of testosterone hormone he has been receiving for many years, so that his ovaries can work normally.

Bennett’s upper body was undergoing surgery, but he had not undergone genital surgery. He finally decided to try to get pregnant and conceive his child.

Soon after they started trying, he naturally became pregnant. The couple ushered in their son Hudson through a caesarean section in October 2020.

Two years after the starting hormone treatment, in the summer of 2015, Bernett underwent breast resection surgery -surgical costs of $ 5,000.

Recalling how he realized how he was dissatisfied with his female breasts, he said, "This is really a liberation. I have a feeling that this is what I need to do, but I never like it likeSome transgender people feel inferior to their breasts like.

"I don’t have any disturbances about certain body parts, but I still don’t have it.

"But I never expected how much liberation it would disappear. The burden on my shoulders was heavy.

"When talking about my transition, it was the end of the road of surgery -the lower half of the operation was not within the scope of the discussion. The part of my body was not irritable.

However, for Belnett, it is not a simple decision to give birth to his own child.

"I always know that my body may be pregnant, but I never want to do this before I learned how to distinguish my physical function with any gender concept," Bente said.

"Once I learn to treat my body as a tool, rather than a set of gender stereotypes, I realize that I can be the person I want or bring my child into the world.

"Before you try, no one can really know whether it is possible to have children -a uterus at birth can not guarantee pregnancy or conceive children."

"This is why we stop using" mother "to define such an important reason, because all women can become mothers, all mothers can have children, or all people who have children are mothers. This is a mistake.Equivalent.

"These things are not commonly applicable."

Bennett found that he was pregnant in March 2020. At that time, he was naturally pregnant, and there was no medical intervention except hormone secretion.

However, his high and highly stamped with concerns caused by great popularity.

"We just tried it for a short time, so we expect this process to be longer than before," Bernett said.

"This is only about a week before we implement the blockade here in March 2020, so I am very interesting by the anxiety of the big popularity and how I can guarantee the safety of myself and the baby."

He gave birth through caesarean section in October 2020 and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Haderson.

But during the hospital, Bente said he was often mistaken for gender errors -even if he kept a beard and peaceful chest.

He said: "The only thing that makes me feel uneasy about pregnancy is the gender error that occurs when I receive medical care during my pregnancy."

"Pregnancy business -yes, I am talking about business, because the entire pregnancy nursing institution in the United States revolves around the concept of promoting this ‘maternal sex’ -intertwined with gender, so that it is difficult to avoid being mistaken forGender errors. "

"Even if I have a thick beard, flat chest, and the gender marking of ‘men’, people can’t help but say that I have called‘ mother ’,‘ mom ’or’ lady. ”

‘This is why I was irritable.

For me, pregnancy does not have any "feminine" feeling -in fact, I think that with children, because of the popularity and isolated and helpless, facing all the hospitals and dates alone, this is definitely the most I have done.Difficulty, the most brave thing.

"Nothing can make me feel more than saying that I am a father who created my own child."

He said that the best thing to be a father was to see Hudson share his new discovery.

‘When he found that he could do some new things, he ran to me and shouted "Dad!" – That was my best moment, "Bente said.

He added that it was beautiful to see the children’s prejudice.

Bennett said: "Children are these amazing creatures. They will not look at the world with the same prejudice and preconceived views like adults."

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