A man in Jiangsu "hi Dada" after his prince, and the woman asked 20,000 abortion, but the result was hidden.

"It’s so hard to find you, I’m pregnant, it’s yours, you have to be responsible, and turn me 20,000 as an abortion compensation!"

In Jiangsu, a man and a 17 -year -old woman lost a trading at a price of 4,500 yuan.

Twenty days later, the man’s mobile phone suddenly received an application for a stranger’s friend.

The coming person claimed to be a woman who had a relationship with the man that night.

Although I do n’t know what the other party is doing, the man had a good opinion of this woman, so he quickly passed a friend’s application.

What the man did not expect was that the woman was pregnant and showed the hospital’s inspection certificate.

Then, the woman asked the man to transfer 20,000 yuan to her as a compensation after the fetus.

The man was afraid that things were big, so he had to transfer 20,000 to the woman.

However, this incident is not so simple, and it is also hidden.

So, what’s the matter with this?

Hello everyone, this is "Speaking of the Case". If you have nothing to do, come to tell you about this case.

The plot of the case may be changed, but the matter is what happened!

The man in the case is named Guo (a pseudonym), a boss, with his own company, and his annual income is very considerable.

Guo has been married for many years, with a son, and his wife is a full -time wife.

There are many friends around Guo, and they are all "play" friends.

On this day, Guo and a few friends drank tea outside.

One of the friends said:

Recently, I met a guy on the Internet. The "girl" he introduced was young and good quality. Would you like to push it to you?

Everyone is a friend who often play together, and naturally it is not a good person. Of course, Guo is no exception.

The young man added by Guo Mou was Xiao Mou (pseudonym).

Let’s introduce Xiao Mou first!

After Xiao was a 00, he organized a team of prostitution with only four or five feet women through his own channels.

Xiao Mou himself looked for goals on the Internet, and then introduced her lost woman. After completing the transaction, Xiao Mou was drawn from it.

On this day, Guo Mou had nothing to do with Xiao Mou and asked Xiao if he was particularly young.

Xiao Mou knew and answered with a smile:

You must have youth, but it is a bit expensive. If it is not expensive, I will arrange for you.

For Guo, where can this be expensive?

As a result, Xiao arranged Guo to have a feet girl Yang (a pseudonym).

Yang was only 17 years old, and the price of the two people at the end was 4,500 yuan.

In this way, this incident has passed for more than twenty days. At noon, Guo’s mobile phone suddenly received news of a friend’s application.

The coming person claimed to be "Yang" who had a relationship with him last time.

Guo saw it. Although he didn’t know what the other party was going to do, Guo had a good opinion of Yang, so he quickly passed his friend application.

Before Guo asked what she was doing, "Yang Mou" took the lead in sending a message and said:

"Big Brother, it’s so hard to find you, I’m pregnant, it’s yours, you have to be responsible."

When Guo saw the news, he was startled, and quickly replied:

Impossible, let’s do it once. Is the hit rate so high?

Seeing that Guo didn’t believe it, "Yang Mou" didn’t say much, and a hospital pregnancy examination was issued directly.

After seeing the pregnancy checklist, Guo paid attention to it, and then asked:

What do you want?

"Yang Mou" is not ambiguous, the opening is:

You transfer to me 20,000, as a compensation for the fetus, otherwise I will make it public.

After hearing the other party, although he knew that the other party was threatening himself, he was still afraid that things would be big. If he was known by his wife, the immortal was old.

Guo was helpless, so he had to transfer 20,000 yuan to "Yang".

But is this really like this?

Soon, Xiao Mou was arrested by the public security organs.

When he arranged Yang to give Guo, the transaction price of the two was 4,500 yuan, but Guo didn’t even pay the price, so Xiao guessed that Guo must be a rich man.

So, he was born with heart, and wanted to do some money from Guo, but at first he didn’t know what method was used.

Later, Yang told Xiao that they did not wear "little umbrellas" when they traded.

Xiao Mou suddenly gave up his heart. Since he did not wear a "little umbrella", he would use the fake pregnancy.

Xiao Mou used another trumpet to impersonate Yang, and then added Guo as a friend.

In order to successfully implement the plan, Xiao also prepared a fake pregnancy checklist in advance.

So, what kind of penalties will they face for these people in the case?

First of all, Xiao Mou organized a number of sufferings to engage in prostitution, so he constituted the crime of organizing prostitution.

According to Article 358 of the Criminal Law: Those who organize other people to prostitution or forced others to prostitution shall be imprisoned for five years and less than ten years, and a fine; of which, if the organization and forced minors for prostitution shall be severely punished from a penalty penalty.Essence

As for Xiao, not only did he organize more than 3 people, Yang is still minor. Therefore, he will face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

In addition, Xiao was pretending to be Yang and deceived Guo’s money in the name of pregnancy. This behavior has constituted a crime of fraud.

According to Article 266 of the Criminal Law: If a large amount of public and private property is large, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of less than three years, and shall be punished or single;For more than three years and less than ten years, it will be imprisoned and a fine; if the amount is particularly huge or other particularly serious, it will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison or life imprisonment, and a fine or confiscation of property.

If the fraud public and private property is worth more than 10,000 to 10,000 yuan, more than 30,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan, and more than 500,000 yuan, it shall be identified as "large amount", "huge amount", "particularly huge amount", "the amount is particularly huge"

In this case, Xiao’s amount involved in the scam Guo was 20,000, which was a large amount. Therefore, he would face imprisonment, detention or control of less than three years, and punished or single fines.

In summary, Xiao should be crimes and punished, and returned Guo’s 20,000 yuan.

For Guo and Yang, the two of them had sexual relationships through money, so they constituted prostitution.

According to Article 66 of the "Public Security Management Penalty Law": Those who prostitution will be detained from 10 to 15, and they may be fined below 5,000 yuan; those who are less circumstances will be detained for less than 5 days or a fine of less than 500 yuan.

In the end, the two were detained on the 10th and fined 1,000 yuan.

For Guo, how long should you still have a snack? Isn’t this not to wear a "small umbrella"? Isn’t this a handle?

In addition, each of us should be a citizen -abiding citizen, do not do things that violate the law, otherwise you will harm others.

So, what do you think about this case?Welcome everyone to discuss together.

— END –

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