A magical fetal dream, you have to believe it!The boy is a dragon and a snake, the daughter is the flower and spider web

Before and after pregnancy, many expectant mothers have a dream. At this time, people will think of the "fetal dream".These dreams will let mothers know a lot about children, such as indicating the gender of the baby, whether the child is healthy, and so on.Most Baoma has done a lot of interesting "fetal dreams". Today, let’s take a look at what the Bao mothers have dreamed of?

@:小: My fetal dream is very real and memorable. The first time I was pregnant. I dreamed of the night in the same room. I dreamed that a snake chased me and wanted to bite me. I was most afraid of snakes in my life.Courage, took off the slippers on his feet, and killed the snake a few times.I was pregnant that month, and I experienced the fetal stop. After thinking about it, my baby came to me and was killed by me. I deeply guilty.During the pregnancy, I dreamed again in the month. I dreamed that a big black snake chased me. I realized that the baby was coming, and I dared to move there. As a result, the snake bite on my right waist.I found that I was pregnant, and I experienced the fetal protection later. In the end, I was born safely. Now I am 5 years old.

@: When I was pregnant with Dabao, both of us were ready not to get off, but the mother -in -law suddenly called us and asked us what he was doing.She burst into tears when she looked at it, and called to tell us.We also figured out, so we stayed, and it was really strange. Since then she has never had that strange dream again.When Huai Erbao was a baby dream, dreamed of two snakes, a big black snake and a little green snake, rushed to me together, the snake drilled into the pot directly as a dish, and the big snake drilled into me.In the belly, both are boys.

@: When I was six or seven months pregnant, I once dreamed of walking on the road of my rural hometown. There was a particularly beautiful flower on the side of the road, big and bright.Later, she told my mother that she said that I must have a beautiful girl.In the end, I really gave birth to a daughter.I just gave birth to ugliness. My mother who was ugly said that she was inaccurate. Isn’t this flower look good?Xiao Wai’s granddaughter is so ugly!I looked ugly, and I was unhappy.Hehe, a hundred days later, the child became beautiful.

@: Dreaming of sending Guanyin to send a doll, she really became pregnant.When I gave birth to a baby, I was exhausted. I dreamed that the heavenly daughter scattered flowers. After a while, my baby daughter was born.When he was pregnant, he also realized that he would have a baby in his dream, and it really was fulfilled.I always feel that the children are given to us by heaven, I hope my baby is healthy and happy all his life!

@: My birth dream is really amazing. For more than two decades before pregnancy, I never dreamed of snakes, and I often dreamed of snakes after pregnancy.When I was pregnant with my daughter, I always felt that it should be my daughter. In the early days of pregnancy, I once dreamed that a dog was chasing a little red snake. Then I saved the little red snake and finally put her on the side of the road and asked him to escape.Then she really left, and said to me while walking, thank you!One or two months before the birth, once dreaming that a girl was born in the hospital in our there. She was taken to the next room by the doctor and cried miserable. Then the doctor asked who the child was?I thought it was mine in the next room.As a result, it was really a girl!

@: When the boss was pregnant, he dreamed of a red dragon plate in the air and gave birth to a daughter to be a dragon!When I gave birth to my son, I dreamed that I was kneeling on the ground. The Guanyin Bodhisattva threw me a child from the air. When I hugged into the house, it was a boy.

@: The two fetal dreams are accurate. They were originally unbelievable, and the results were accurate.When I was pregnant with my daughter, I dreamed of walking on the side of the field. There were a lot of snakes, and then I was scared. I walked around and saw a lot of toads jumping on me.When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a dragon, flew to me, and wrapped my legs, looked at me, leaning on my legs to coquettish!Then flew away and looked back at me!I didn’t believe it, but it was a son.I think the baby dream is incredible!

@:: I dreamed of a colorful spider web in my bed. It was very large. There was a big spider on it. When it was produced, I gave birth to a baby daughter.I believe in the dream of fetal dreams.

@: I was completely unexpected. At that time, the company met during the day, and the office had to be promoted to a manager for business assessment.When I went home at night, I dreamed of a blue and black dragon, hiding behind the clouds and peeking at me.The next day the dream told her girlfriend, she said that this is the dream of flying Huang Tengda!The selection director did not run this time.After a week, I knew I was pregnant and had a threatened abortion. I had to stay in bed to protect the tire. The family resigned through me. My husband said that he would raise me and my son in the future, and his breasts were rang.I resigned and went home!After all, I am 30 years old, and it is really an elderly mother!The next day my girlfriend called to ask me as the director?I said, what director!That dragon is my son!

What are the interesting fetal dreams?Did your fetal dream Turin have been tested?Welcome everyone to leave a message to share!

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