A magical birth dream: Obviously a dream, why do mothers believe?

Before Lili was pregnant last year, she dreamed that her future babies and colleagues’ babies were playing together. They were so beautiful and cute. They didn’t feel much at the time.

Later, colleagues also told Lili that for a while, she dreamed that she was pregnant, and Lili was full of hope, and felt that she was going to be pregnant.

But wait, wait … the belly is still there is still no news …

After a few days, Lili dreamed of a lot of eggs on the table, and each egg had cracks, and she felt like she broke the shell.

After she woke up, she immediately checked the Internet. What did the female dream of the broken shell foreshadow?

The online statement is that there will be a new life to report in the family, and I am about to get pregnant.

At that time, Lili danced happily, feeling that she would soon be a mother.I did not expect that after several months, I was still the "egg" without broken shell …

Later, she experienced several birth dreams one after another, and Lili understood what "I think about the day, and there is a dream at night."I have to comfort myself when I wake up, it is a dream, why should you be taken seriously?

The dreams before or during pregnancy are related to pregnancy or childbirth, which is called fetal dream.

In fact, not only the mother will have a baby dream, but the in -laws may have a baby dream!

The baby dream is affected by the background of the succession of the heir. People with the needs of children and daughters are easy to have fetal dreams. Because they want children too much, they are thinking when dreaming.

Many people think that whether they are or others, they dream of their big belly before pregnancy, or when they dream of their future children, they are really going to be pregnant.

Pregnancy is the scope of physiological function, but the dream of fetal dreams is a psychological response.

What happens to dreaming, and even say that the dream of fetal dreams can predict that there are boys and women, not psychological state.

People who had had a baby before, and then the person who was pregnant was just an accidental phenomenon.

But it is undeniable that the dream of fetal dreams will make people feel very happy, because either she is pregnant or pregnant or pregnant, and it will be full of confidence and hope after waking up.

What interesting fetal dreams you have experienced, please also share with you!

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