A large number of Russian expectant mothers "fertility tour

The Ukrainian war and a large number of soldiers, which have not ended so far, have prompted more and more prospective mothers in Russia to choose to do "fertility tourism" in Argentina in North and South, so that the next generation can be more nationality, which is convenient for future and exit in Europe and the United States. Of course, it is even more hopeful.Escaping the future recruitment order, they thought it was really far away, and they all prepared for mobilizing recruitment more than ten years later.

Argentine National Immigration Director Kariniano said in an interview with the media last Friday that Russian pregnant women who specialized in Argentina’s birth passports were "very amazing."For example, she said that on a flight to the capital Buenos Aires International Airport one day before, there were as many as 33 Russian women who entered the country in the name of tourism. They were all pregnant between 32 and 34 weeks.Ready to give birth to a child in Argentina.Argentina, the female immigration director, said that 21,757 Russians arrived in Argentina last year, 10,500 of them were pregnant women, and 5,819 pregnant women in the last 3 months.About 7,000 Russian women commissioned Argentina to apply for Argentine national identity and applying passports for newborns and parents and couples before they returned home.

The immigration director admits that she is worried that if Argentina does not start controlling the wholesale passport, other countries will "no longer trust" Argentine passport.Argentina is one of the most natural citizenships in the world today.Any baby will automatically obtain citizenship after birth in the country, and their parents can also obtain an acceleration procedure for citizenship. Just stay in Argentina for two years and become citizens.Argentine passport can stay in 171 countries such as Britain, Japan and EU members short -term. It is not difficult to apply for a long -term visa in the United States.

In contrast, Russian passports have only 87 countries exempt visas.After the Russian army invaded Ukraine, Russia was sanctioned, Russians have narrowed the scope of foreign travel, and the application visa became difficult. Especially European countries almost refused to give a visa to Russians.However, Argentina still approved the Russians’ visa -free stay for 90 days. In addition, the level of medical care and Western education is high, so it became a popular "maternity tourism" in Russian women.

Some intermediary companies in Argentina also specifically handle certificates for Russian pregnant women and arranged accommodation and hospitals. They also provide maternity tourism services such as interpreter or local language courses. The fees are equal to about 9,000 to 70,000 yuan.A intermediary said that since the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine War, this service demand has increased greatly. The appointment received by his intermediary company has been scheduled until May this year.Argentine hospitals have also triggered advertising notifications in Russian.

As a result, the Argentine government also suspected that the maternity tourism would involve criminal activities.It was reported on Saturday that the police had announced that it was found that there were criminals to create fake documents to stay in Argentina for Russian pregnant women and their spouses with $ 35,000.I remember that after World War II, many Germans fled to Argentina. Some of them were Nazi war criminals to evade trials. As the Ukrainian war continued, in addition to the mothers who escaped the military for the next generation, will Argentina become some escape war trial again?What about the hidden location of the character?

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