A high school student in Xiamen is pregnant and has a child!During pregnancy, I was also taken with my boyfriend to accompany the wine

Unmarried and having children?Intersection

Or high school girls?Intersection

The child is born,

His father was gone?Intersection

Such a non -mainstream plot

It’s really rare

Recently, Xiamen Haicang Court

I encountered such a case together

Female high school students have unmarried children


It is still Xiao Lin, a high school student in Haicang, Haicheng

Communicate with the youth of society,

After leaving school

Lost contact with schools and parents,

Back to school a few months later

(More than half a year disappeared by Xiaohao to the bar to accompany the wine)

At this moment Xiaolin has been pregnant for 9 months,

In June 2016

Give birth to a child Beibei.

To this end

I think Xiaohao seduces minor students,

As a result, his daughter dropped out of school,

Unmarried and having children.

After two months after giving birth,

Wang refused Xiaohao to visit the child,

Family relationship between the two sides

Further swords.

Children’s congenital heart disease Biological father escapes

Xiaolin and Wang are in difficult life,

And children suffer from congenital heart disease

Urgent need surgery,

In January 2017,

A paper complaint sued Xiaohao to Haicang Court,

Ask Xiaohao to pay the child’s support fee

And the treatment cost of treating congenital heart disease.

Haicang Court judgment

Xiaohao pays 1,000 yuan to Xiaolin each month. The court did not support it because the cost of surgery did not occur.


After the case judgment,

Xiaohao did not perform according to the judgment.

He is based on no income source

Escape execution,

And after receiving the court notice,

Responsive from its work unit,

The whereabouts are unknown.

Just in Xiaolin and Mother Wang

Under the case of despair

The court still did not give up looking for Xiaohao.

Finally, after half a year, through its social security information,

Find Xiaohao’s work unit,

Know his current work unit

And first arrived at the company.

Because Xiaohao has the act of evading execution

Decide to be judicial detention.

Xiaohao was summoned to the court for investigation. Wang and Xiaohao’s parents also went to the court to mediate the scene. The two sides had a fierce conflict when they met. Xiaohao threatened to retaliate against Wang.

The biological father is aware of the reconciliation of both parties wrong

Executive police see this situation

Display the two sides in the two mediation rooms

Merge separately,

Avoid further conflicts between the two parties.

Executive police severely criticized Xiaohao’s illegal acts to evade execution and inform them of the legal consequences of evasion of execution. At the same time, the executive police also educated Xiaohao and his family members, and to strive for children’s custody rights to take legal channels.

With the affection of the police and the reason, Xiaohao finally realized his fault, and the emotions between the two sides slowly calmed down.

In the end Xiaohao’s family

Gap 15,000 yuan in cash

Pay to Wang on the spot

Both parties accept the settlement plan

Finally, in order to resolve the contradictions between the two from the source, on the one hand, the Police Police considers that if the judicial detention of Xiaohao, Xiaohao will inevitably lose the relatively stable job now, which is not conducive to Xiaohao’s continued legal obligations.After the person agreed, Xiaohao lifted the detention measures; on the other hand, the executive police officer organized the two parties to negotiate with issues such as payment of future support fees and children’s vision. In the end, the two parties reached an agreement to shake hands.

Two family swords are tense

The tension is improved

But hidden behind this

The topic of "unmarried first pregnancy"

Can not be ignored!

The result of unmarried pregnancy first

Not all of them are lovers and finally become dependents

The family is happy!

Many are like above

Examples of regrets!

Whether it is a boy or a girl

All love prerequisites

They are all to establish the correct three views,

To protect yourself.

Do not make ignorance become the source of fault,

Eventually destroyed himself and his family.

Source Comprehensive Strait Herald,@来 来 来,

People’s Court of Haicang District, Xiamen City,

Xinhuanet, Taiwan Strait.com, the Internet

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