A guy in Hangzhou stared at the "lost woman" and regretted it after being caught: "Sorry for my girlfriend who is pregnant"

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"Prosecutor, I really regret it. I’m sorry for my parents, and I’m sorry for my girlfriend who is pregnant."

Standing on the defendant’s seat, he burst into tears at the final statement.On November 14, 2022, the defendant Yan Zijie (pseudonym) who filed a public prosecution in the Shangcheng District People’s Procuratorate in Hangzhou City was publicly pronounced publicly in the Shangcheng District Court in accordance with the law.The defendant was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of RMB 20,000.

Self -conscious means that Gao Ming turned around and was caught

The 24 -year -old Yan Zijie is a staff member of a delivery unit. He usually works at 7 pm to early morning.After dinner every day, Yan Zijie will say goodbye to his girlfriend to work.On the day after day, the meager income has always been unable to support his daily expenses with his girlfriend and high rental fees."There are only less than 500 yuan left in the bank card, and the house will be paid again. What should I do?" Yan Zijie, who was so embarrassed, did not tell his girlfriend his dilemma at this moment for his face.Seeing that the days when the rental fee expires is gradually approaching, he can be described as the year of time, and it is difficult to sleep.Suddenly, one day, he suddenly wondered, decided to take risks, and did a "big event".

Photos of seizure items

Yan Zijie began to search for the football team as the goal of the crime, and agreed with the other party to meet the time and place as a client.On November 16, 2021, Yan Zijie drove to the woman’s house and did not hesitate to pull out a knife from his body, indicating that he only needed the money.The trembling woman who was scared and shivered hurried out of the 1,100 yuan cash in the cabinet.Yan Zijie was not satisfied. He continued to ask the other party to transfer himself. When he saw the other party entering 5,000 yuan, he was a little scared and worried that he would grab too much. In addition to he, he finally entered the other party to enter 4,000 yuan.

After success, in order to avoid the investigation, Yan Zijie quickly ran out of the unit building, replaced another set of clothing that was taken beforehand, and discarded the knife.Yan Zijie, who thought that he was pretending to be pretended to be a pretending to be seamless, his behavior had long been captured by pavement monitoring.

At this moment, the fragmented woman immediately reported the police.After receiving the police, the public security organs passed the on -site investigation and arrested Yan Zijie who had not yet hid in the house.At the same time, the public security organs conducted solemn warning and profound education of the rule of law in the case of the case involved.Tears in tears in her feet said that after the rest of this robbery, she would never dare to do illegal crimes.

In order to district 5,000 yuan to lose youth and freedom

"Prosecutor, how could she call the police?"

When the prosecutor’s trial of Yan Zijie, he was very puzzled by the alarm of a feet.He once confidently believed that he had not grabbed a lot of money, and the other party was a lost woman, and he would never call the police to catch him.Looking at Yan Zijie, who was doubtful, the prosecutor told him: "As the victim of the case, whether the identity is a sufferless woman or the ordinary people, when they suffer serious illegal violations, they all have the right to call the police to request the protection of the law to protect the law of the law.. "Therefore, do not think that the other party has some special identity, you dare not, and will not use legal weapons to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

At the same time, Yan Zijie in this case, because of the act of robbery in the family who lost his feet, and the "house robbery" in line with the significance of criminal law, is more socially harmful than ordinary robbery, and more of the laws and benefits that violate the law.The safety of property has infringed the peaceful and psychological peace of the victim’s house, and will face the "10 years or more" sentence.When he heard "10 years", he was only 24 years old crying on the spot.After nearly three hours of the prosecutor, he patiently explained the law, and Yan Zijie finally acknowledged the harmfulness of his behavior and voluntarily pleaded guilty.

The absurd case finally ended at the expense of the defendant for 10 years.The prosecutor reminds the masses that the ending of the law will definitely pay a painful price, because any illegal and criminal act will not escape the severe punishment of the law.Life may sometimes be unsatisfactory, but only by your own labor and efforts can you change the present and the future.

Some things can’t be done in a lifetime!

If you do it, you have to pay the price, hey

Source: Hangzhou Transportation 918

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