A girl in Jiangsu was spicy into the hospital when eating takeaway. After taking a bite, I felt that my mouth was numb until the whole body. Merchant: I did not use pepper essence

On August 3, a girl (a pseudonym) in Suzhou, Jiangsu ordered a takeaway, a seemingly very normal dried bean -roasted rice rice, put a bean horns and put it in his mouth, and immediately spit it to the ground.Qian Qian felt painful and numb her mouth, tongue, and lips. In the end, the whole person was dizzy and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

I didn’t see a peppers in the dish. After eating it, I felt that the spicy level of the pepper was unbearable. After the friends tried it, it was difficult to swallow. I immediately felt the whole mouth was painful and numb.Pain.

Sissi felt numb all over her body, and then came to the local hospital with the help of a friend. After the diagnosis of a doctor, she was diagnosed with an excessive syndrome. This situation was caused by eating too spicy food.Sissi said that she ordered this takeaway that morning. If it was changed, it would definitely go to the gastric lavage if it was a normal person eating this dish.

When communicating with the merchant that night, the other party’s attitude was not as bad as expected, and he was very concerned about her health. In the process of explaining to Sissi, the merchant said that it might be more refined with pepper, but after the merchant later, the merchant went again again again.Do not admit the saying at the time, and said that the vegetables itself was not spicy. For Sissi’s medical expenses, the other party only borne by half.

The person in charge of the store said: "The ingredients made in the store can be banned, and the store has been operating for a long time. There has never been any problems. If the customer takes a bite, it will be unlikely.Yes, but it is not so spicy to that level. Although the merchant has a certain responsibility, it is impossible to blame the merchants. "

Merchants say that some customers will think that the pepper in the vegetables will not meet their requirements. For such customer stores, they will choose to add some pepper oil to reconcile, but they have not used chili essence.

Some netizens believe that since the merchant said that the pepper essence was put, and then did not admit it, the dish was not thrown away, and heated them to let them taste it.The screw, just took a sip with his mouth, and felt a sense of bitterness and spicy taste instantly, and he hadn’t slowed over for more than two hours.

When we cook in life, we may rarely put chili essence. Some people who like to eat chili will feel that eating chili will feel very cool.

Pepper essence is actually extracted from pepper to pepper. Chili essence cannot be eaten directly. It is only used as food additives. Many restaurants will add chili essence to the dishes, but unlike ordinary pepper, it only retains pepper pepper.Spicy.

If the hotel adds pepper essence in a dish, it usually adds a few drops of carefulness. If the vegetables are added to the chili essence, the taste will be strange. Compared with ordinary peppers, there is no flavor of pepper.Essence

If you accidentally drip it on your hand, you will soon feel the skin feels hot, and it will last very long. You should apply the alcohol cotton ball as soon as possible, and then wash it with water.Relieve it.

Many people like spicy food because peppers bring a certain sense of excitement, but the essence of pepper is different. If it is hot to a certain degree, it will cause harm to the human body.There will be a lot of sweat, which causes dizziness. For example, some people eat perverted chicken wings and perverted beef skewers. The next day, they will feel hot and spicy in the stomach, and have a certain stimulation of the stomach.

On May 7 last year, when a sales company organized an employee conference, punished the employees who did not complete the company’s performance, and bought a kind of "dead god"."Taoism and swallowing", but did not expect the company’s boss to let the employees eat it. After a female employee finished eating, she immediately felt that the stomach turned into the sea and couldn’t afford to fall to the ground in a few minutes.

When the employee was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis and gastric colic. After his body improved, the company fired it.Another employee who also ate the "Spicy Spirit" of the company said that he had symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea on the same day. One month later, the employee was also expelled by the company.

As a food additive, some merchants will basically use chili essence in order to reduce costs. If the amount is too much, it will cause some damage to the customer’s body, but for consumers, they hope that merchants can make healthy foods for foods.No one wants to eat physical problems because of diet.

Many people like to eat peppers. The stimulus brought by the taste makes many people call it sour, but the pain caused by the toilet afterwards is also very embarrassing. Although they like spicy food, they should also stop.After all, your own gastrointestinal and intestines will bring great discomfort.

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