A few days before childbirth, these feelings appeared in pregnant women, indicating that the baby is about to be born soon

Guide: A few days before childbirth, pregnant women have these feelings, indicating that the baby is about to be born soon!

After a woman is pregnant, she needs to go to the hospital for a check -up to ensure the normal development of the fetus. It can also know her due date, but the due date is only an estimated time. Only 1%of the mother will give birth on the day.How to judge when the fetus will give birth during pregnancy?

First of all, fertilized eggs have different time, different inheritance, and different nutritional intakes. The development of the fetus is also different.When around Zhou, it is normal for three days, so you don’t have to worry too much about early or postponing the due date. Keep your fetus well, pay attention to your health, and check regularly.

As for how to judge whether the fetus is born, it can be judged based on the changes of the pregnant woman and various examinations during pregnancy!

If pregnant women have these performances, it means that the fetus is not far from birth!

1. The fetus has entered the basin

Most of the first mothers are about 36 weeks of pregnancy, and the fetus will enter the basin. After the fetus is completely entered into the basin, it will be explained that it is about to give birth.It can be judged from this aspect to judge whether the fetus enters the basin

After the fetus enters the basin, pregnant women will feel gastrointestinal discomfort, loss of appetite, unsatisfactory breathing, and other adverse reactions. After the fetus enters the basin, the uterus will slowly move down, decreases on the gastrointestinal diaphragm muscle, and the bladder holding shares will be held.The squeezing will increase. At this time, these symptoms of pregnant women will gradually disappear, and their appetite will become better and better, but it will face adverse reactions such as frequent urination, urgency, pubic pain, and stomach pain.

2. Increased secretions

There will be more and more secretions of pregnant women near childbirth. I always feel that the underwear will be wet for a while. Why is there such a situation?Mainly because the cervical tubes of pregnant women who are about to take birth are gradually expanded, and the cervix becomes thinner and softer and softer.No, it means that the color has not changed. It is guaranteed to change diligently. If the cervical canal is shortened during inspection, the cervical expansion indicates that the fetus is about to be born.

3. Increased pseudo contractions

After pregnancy, pregnant women will have false contractions, but generally appear in the third trimester, especially when they are about to give birth, pseudo -contractions will become more and more frequent, but there is no pain in this false work, and the duration does not exceed 30 30 times.In seconds, the intermittent time is long and there is no regular, which will not cause fetal delivery. Therefore, if pregnant women stand for too long and emotional unstable, false contractions are prone to occur.With the pain, the fetus may be born soon.

4. The waistache is terrible

There are also some pregnant women do not have pubic pain or severe frequent frequency, but back pain and back pain are very powerful, which also means that the fetus is about to be born, because the physical condition of each pregnant woman is different, and the response is different, especially the pregnant woman who is pregnant with the second child.It may occur in the situation of backache. When the real contraction, the pain caused by the contraction will involve the waist, and the back causes back pain to childbirth on the back.

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