A case report of death of lamb poisoning caused by pregnancy of female amamark disease

The feed of moldy and deterioration feed on pregnancy stirs caused the lamb yellow mold toxin toxin toxin, causing the lamb to paralyzed death, and the relevant cases are reported as follows.

1. The breeding of sheep and the onset of the disease

Pang, a group of villagers in the third group of Damazhuang Village, Yuanzhou District, Huiha, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, raised 20 cold mixed pregnancy ewus. In December 2011, lambs began to produce lambs.The 20 lambs produced by 20 strokes died.

2. Cause survey

It is understood that the breeding conditions of the sheep households and the quality of the feed are extremely poor. Since the winter of 2011, the sheep’s corn straw, potato powder and other feeds, 60%of which mold is moldy.The symptoms of lamb death are very similar, and the mortality rate is high, causing greater economic losses.

3. Clinical symptoms

The ewes usually have normal diet and mental state, but the eye conjunction is pale after production, the body temperature is 39.7 ° C, the breathing 35 times/minute, the pulse 93 times/minuteThe weakness stood in the forelimb, the hind limbs were paralyzed and mop the floor, and died after 5 to 7 days.

4. pathological changes

Observe the naked eye.The corpse is malnourished, the posterior thermal edema, the kidney’s appearance is crispy black purple, the skin muscle tissue of the kidneys is green, the lung edema, the surface of the millet to soybean size, the liver enlargement is large and yellow.Slap and small intestine mucosa have bran -like bleeding, and the urethral edema bleeding.

Observation under mirror:

Sterile and kidney are stored in a 10%Holmarin solution. The paraffin is buried and sliced.Most cases of hepatocytes of liver tissue have granularity, transgender cell swelling, turbid cytoplasm, and many large pink pink particles (H.E staining) in cytoplasm.Some cases of liver tissue liver cells occur in the hepatochromic necrosis, and a large amount of inflammatory cells are infiltrated around the central vein.A small number of cases of hepatocytes are widely metastic, and the size of spherical fat (H.E staining) of different sizes in transgender cells can only be seen, and the nucleus can be squeezed in one.

Most cases have granular degeneration, transgender cell swelling, narrow lumen, and many large pink particles (H.E staining) in the cytoplasm.Some cases of renal tissue bleeding, piled up a large amount of red blood cells between the renal tubes.

5. Microbiology examination

The liver, lung, and spleen tension Gram -dyeing mirror examination, mildew spores and fungal mycelium were seen under the mirror.

6. Treatment plan

Add the litoin to the feed, and reduce or not feed too much fat, remove the mildew pads, and give some easy -to -digest green green feeds containing carbohydrates, such as radishes, bran, etc., which can speed up the stomachThe contraction of the intestinal tract plays a role in strengthening the stomach, and it can remove the toxins in the intestine as soon as possible. Each seriously uses 20%glucose solution and mix vitamin C and pyride preparation venous injection.Essence

When sheep poisoning, its autoimmunity decreases, (www.nczfj.com) tissue organs also failure, especially when molds have plaques in the lungs, stomach, intestines, etc.The effect of moldin is not very good. In this case, the flock of immunity has also lost effect.Then you should re -vaccine to control secondary infections.

The feed was gradually replaced on May 28, 2012. By the end of June, it fed the herd to be a high -quality and full -cost forage material.Essence

7. Prevention

Method -proof method: The key to preventing molds is to control moisture and temperature. Dry treatment of grain or crop straw as soon as possible, and store it in a good place for drying, low temperature and ventilation.

Molding method: There is currently no satisfactory method, but you can remove the toxins of moldy feed through continuous water washing, chemical removal, soaking and other methods, such as immersion of 1.5%sodium hydroxide or woody ash water for mildew and mold feed., Or clean it with water multiple times until the foaming solution is clear and colorless, but the feed treated after this method still contains a certain toxic substance, and it should be fed in a limited amount.

8. Summary

In the spring and autumn seasons, the rain is humid and the temperature is gradually recovered. Various molds breed and reproduce, which causes the mildew and deterioration of the forage material. It is a high incidence season for mold toxin poisoning.If it is not seriously controlled, it will suffer an inestimable economic loss for breeding and production.Therefore, management should be strengthened. For moldy fed materials, it should be replaced in time, and the moldy bean cake should be stopped.At the same time, pollution is eliminated.

For feed contaminated by mold, it should be completely disinfected to enhance the detoxification function.Add an appropriate amount of selenium salt to drinking water to reduce the toxic effect of mulbolin.Take moldinin to completely eliminate the occurrence of mold.

Summary: The above is a brief introduction to a case report that the Xiaoli needle is reported to the death of lamb poisoning about the death of lambs. If you still have better suggestions in this regard, you are welcome to continue to add ~!~

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