A 56 -year -old woman, in the middle of gastric cancer, eat onions to resist tumors every day, what about her body after half a year?


Ms. Liu, 56, was diagnosed in the middle of the gastric cancer during the medical examination a year ago. She was recovered soon after the condition was found early.After discharge, she still felt helpless and found a remedy that could "anti -cancer".

By chance, Ms. Liu learned that eating onions can play an anti -cancer role, and it is best to eat it as a fruit.Since then, she has started eating a onion every day.After eating for half a year in a row, Ms. Liu had symptoms of abdominal distension, stomach pain, and vomiting. She noticed that she hurried to the hospital for examination.

After inspection, it was found that Ms. Liu’s stomach had mucous membrane damage, which then induced a series of discomfort symptoms in the body.Her stomach function has not recovered, and the onion has aggravated damage. This makes Ms. Liu feel surprised. Do n’t they say that eating onions anti -cancer?Why did you have something to eat?

Anti -cancer is actually a study from Canada. Researchers conducted anti -cancer experiments on 5 types of onions, and found that the anti -cancer effect of red onion was the best.Because red onion is rich in cichlin and anthocyanin, the anthocyanins can be eliminated with the molecular removal attributes.

Researchers say that onions can not only activate the path of cancer cell death, but also promote the disadvantage of cancer cells, disrupt communication between cancer cells, and inhibit tumor growth.

Is this conclusion suitable for the human body?

The answer is no. There is not enough evidence that eating onions can resist cancer.Some of the so -called anti -cancer active substances contained in onions can be found in many foods, and even there are many components that can kill cancer cells, but this does not mean that drinking liquor can resist cancer.It is also the same as the onion, and we must hold the correct mentality.

If you want to eat onion to resist cancer, it is recommended to save it!However, in life, you can still eat onions in moderation, which can bring some benefits to health.

1. Eat raw

Benefits: Onion contains organic sulfide, which is volatile, and the content will be reduced in large quantities after heating. Eating onions can retain the nutritional value of onions to the greatest extent.

Disadvantages: Onion has strong irritation, and it is easy to stimulate the eyes and gastrointestinals.

2. Cooked food

Benefits: Cooked eating can avoid bacterial infections. Some irregular onions may be infected with Salmonella.Salmonella is a type of enteric bacteria, which mainly exists in the intestinal tract of humans and animals, but may also be parasitic in plant foods such as onion.

Most people are milder after infection with Salmonella. After infection, there will be symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, and intestinal colic. There may be symptoms of loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.People may not wait to improve and die.

Disadvantages: After the onion is cooked, some nutrients including organic sulfide will be lost, which will discount the value of the onion.

Onions still eat raw or cooked. It depends mainly on personal habits. Some people with poor resistance should be cooked to eat.In life, there are many "anti -cancer" foods in addition to onions, in fact, these are not reliable.

1. Can raw garlic be anti -cancer?

Many people think that eating garlic can resist cancer because there are very rich anticancer substances "garlic" in raw garlic.

In fact, garlic, garlic, garlic in a complete garlic, is extremely low, and the substance will be completely decomposed after 5 minutes of cooked.Even if it is not cooked, put the garlic and placed in the air for 15 minutes, which will oxidize the garlic, causing the amount of garlic to reduce the amount.

To play a anti -cancer effect by eating garlic, you need to consume a lot of garlic, and the garlic itself has a strong irritation, which will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and eyes, but it will cause visual decline and gastrointestinal discomfort.

2. Can cooked tomato anti -cancer?

It is said on the Internet that lycopene in tomatoes can play a anti -cancer role, and after cooking, lycopene can be fully released.

This statement is also unbelievable. Some scholars have tested to lycopene in more than 3,000 male blood, and found that the amount of lycopene was not clearly related to the occurrence of prostate cancer.

At present, no food has been confirmed to have anti -cancer effects. We must hold the correct mentality in this regard. Do not blindly believe in a large amount of food.The true anti -cancer diet should be to ensure balanced nutrition and eat less "three high" (high fat, high salt, high sugar) food.”315 National Season””How to be a healthy elderly”

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