818 Why did Li Yanjin be beaten, who did Li Yanjin be beaten?

Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?Unexpectedly, Kangxi’s notice was also an accident. Do you remember her … Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?At first, it seemed to say that the driver hit him, and he pulled Yu Tian to preside over her fairness.Later, the driver was beaten, and some people said that she and Makiyo had a group.

Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?Li Yan, a well -known artist, is well -known, and after participating in the nightclub Halloween party with female friends in the early morning of the 30th, he took a taxi and left with drunk. Because he was dissatisfied with the driver’s rapid brakes and stepped on the throttle, the two thought, "Driven," intentionallyRight! "The driver was upset and asked to get out of the car when the parking was stopped. Li immediately scolded:" Open me to the destination. "And stunned the back of the driver’s chair with a horse boot, and the two women and one man bite each other on the street and beat each other.Even the heels of the horse boots were also broken. Because the two sides were controlled, the prosecution invited Li Yanjing and his friends after the investigation, and the driver was ruled to live.

Why did Li Yanjin be beaten Li Yanjin?

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Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?After Li Yanjing was exposed, he cried at the press conference and said, "Why are I beaten on the ground, and I have to be handcuffed?"

And Yu Tian also added: "The entertainer is also a human! Why should I get a handcuff to drink a little wine?" She restored the matter and emphasized that she did not kick the back of the opponent’s chair at all.As a result, he was blocked outside the car, so he pulled the driver, but he was thrown on the ground.

Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?Li Yanjing broke out and conflicted with the taxi driver, and the two of them told each other to hurt each other, but Li Yanjing was also handcuffed and transferred to the local procuratorate.When transferring, Li Yan looked low, seemed to have something to say with a hat T and mask, but she still lowered her head, only shook her head and nodded, saying that she would find time to explain to everyone.

Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?Li Yanjing told the police that because the driver’s speed was slow and slow, and the emergency braking made her and her friends very worried and asked the driver to drive normally.Li Yanjing was not only dragged out of the car by the driver, but was also beaten. The heels of the boots were broken, and she had to fight back.

However, the driver named He denied that he did not drag Li Yanjin out of the car. It was really Li Yanjing and his friend drunk when he got into the car and scolded the driver with a three -character scripture.Think of being kicked, bitten, and beaten.

Why did Li Yanjin be beaten?The sexy Li Yanjin not only has a hot body of D cup, but also the hot personality is well known. Previously, there were richeers who wanted to raise her, and she was angry and could go to death.Li Yanjin and the taxi driver beaten each other. The two sides reported torture! Some netizens speculated that Li Yanjin had argued with the driver this time. It may be because of her personality, offending the driver wrongly, and being dragged out of the car by the other party.

Li Yanjin thanked everyone who cared about her on the Internet and exposed her injuries. She admitted that her attitude was not good and apologized for this, but she mentioned that this was the first time she was dragged by a stranger in her life andEmphasizing that I have not edited the film and clarify my innocence.

According to "Dongsen News", the artist Li Yanjing appeared on the social layout because of the incident of fighting with the driver. At present, the two sides have spoken each other.On the 30th, she flickered away from the District Court and was unwilling to explain more. At noon on the 31st, a press conference was held at noon on the 31st.Yu Tian was quite dissatisfied with Li Yanjing’s handcuffs, and issued a statement.

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