8 months of pregnancy, an intermediate test room: I would rather eat the hardships of studying, and I don’t want to eat the suffering of life

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Apply multiple times to abandon the exam

Hello everyone, I am 29 years old and I have just passed the intermediate level.You may think that I am a bit useless.But since I graduated from college in 2012, I have experienced too many changes in the workplace and the changes in family.I am still satisfied with my own personal person to pass the intermediate this year.

Let me briefly talk about your own research road. I have already passed the practice certificate when I study.In the past few years, I have been married, divorced, remarried, and my father died.

I reported 3 intermediate exams, but only in 2018 did I start the real preparation.After registration in 2017, I also learned that I was pregnant, which added a lot of motivation to me.Before this child arrived, I wanted to change my own lifestyle. I wanted to give my baby a role model, so that the baby knew that the mother was working hard.When I learned that I could query the results, my heart jumped, and I finally found the results after entering five or six times. I have passed. Although it is not a high score, I am satisfied.Experience shared with everyone.


I would rather eat intermediate -level suffering

Now I am preparing for the intermediate level, although it has reached the due date.I still want to try it once. Compared with the bitterness of life, I am willing to eat the suffering of learning.

I have seen such a paragraph: Why do most people prefer to eat the suffering of life and do not want to eat the suffering of learning?One netizen answered like this: the suffering of life is mostly repetitive.The suffering of life can be paralyzed by fatigue and entertaining. As long as it is still survived, the walking dead can pass and pass. In the end, it can be called passivation.But the suffering of learning is not repetitive.The pain of learning is that you must always maintain a keen touch, and to maintain a clear feelings of sober cognition, which may be called sharpness.

Seriously, I am willing to eat the suffering of learning, and I don’t want to eat the suffering of life.Because after graduating from college, I suffered too much suffering.I just graduated from my family to go on a blind date and marry a lazy derailed man. Later, divorced, and encountered the current husband.When life is about to get better, my father died unexpectedly, and this incident almost defeated me.Fortunately, my husband is a mature and stable person who takes me out of pain.Seriously, when you eat enough life, you will feel that the suffering of learning is not the same.

Life is a trip without a return journey, and you have it to lose it.Therefore, you might as well be bold, let go, and do what you want to do.2020 friends who prepare for the exam, let’s cheer together!


Intermediate certificate not only represents salary

Also represent the opportunity

Those who say that they are useless and complain about their low salary. Take a good look. If the financial person’s salary is divided into 5 levels, which level will you be at the level, it is very realistic and cruel. Take a look:

"China Family Development Report 2016" shows that after 1980, more and more people choose to marry people with similar education backgrounds.

There are fewer and fewer marriage models of "men’s high and women". It is getting harder and harder to achieve class leaps through marriage."Who are you, who you will marry."

The same is true in the circle of my friends. Some husbands and wives graduated from Fujin School, some husbands and wives graduated from Wharton, and some couples have Peking University and Tsinghua University.

The knowledge affects the horizon, the horizon determines the pattern, and the pattern affects the life.I am most afraid that you will do nothing in your life and comfort yourself.

This world is that some people keep working hard day and night, while others get up and find that the world has changed.

Every college student came from the school days. The experience of childhood, and the situation in middle school was a key experience in our university life.

The certificate is not the end, it is the return on you, and the starting point of the new journey.

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